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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Impeachment: There are ways to force Congress to act

Congress needs a wake up call.

Thank you for visiting this topic. I wanted to share with you what is going on behind the scenes. Some have said that "nothing can be done." Well, there are three arguments why impeachment is possible.

1. New Constitution

It is possible to change the rules, and let Congress know they need to act. We can threaten Congress to write a new Constitution -- forcing them to do their jobs, and stripping them of their power. Here's what a former Supreme Court clerk, now a professor at Yale has to say: Click: "Yes, it's possible to change the Constitution outside Article V." Yes, there is draft language for a New Constitution to address the failed Congress over the NSA, failure to assert power, and the assent to this non-sense: [ CLick ] The point is that we’re not starting from square one, and this approach is viable.

2. Constitutional Convention

We can also work at the State level. We can have a Constitutional Convention -- forcing Congress to wake up and realize the States are serious. There is an agenda already, with draft changes to the Constitution: [ Click ] The Congress may choose to do nothing; and the States should know they have options.

3. States force Vote on impeachment

There is a way to go around the RNC Controlled Congress. This approach cannot be buried in the House Judiciary Committee. We can have State Proclamations for impeachment -- which will force the Congress to vote up or down on impeachment. Here's a sample of the 603 efforts [Click ] Here are the successes to date on the 603 effort, note the progress in NH, MN, and RI [ Click ] This has been done in the last 7 weeks when the idea was first discussed. The point is that it only takes one state to do this – and the single resolution will force the House to commit publicly on what they will do.

A solution is possible

The point isn’t to get a final solution –rather, the goal is to wake up Congress and let them know that they have a higher duty than the RNC. Regardless what they do, the public will know that despite the possible options to force this Congress to act, the national leadership chose in April 2006 to do nothing. The voters will have seven months to digest what is going on – that workable solutions are getting ignored; and we are not getting Congressional assistance. That’s something the voters need to know: There are solutions, but this Congress isn’t willing to assert its power: They are not protecting our rights; and they are not ensuring that power is lawfully used.

All this can be done now; we don't have to wait until the November election. Rather, whatever Congress does despite these options is the incentive for the voters to say, "We can fix this mess; and Congress has failed to act -- even when threatened with lawful changes to the Constitution."

We have seven months to listen to the excuses to do nothing; meanwhile the planning continues to fix this mess. Are you tired of the excuses; and do you really want a solution to this failure of Congress to check the unlawful abuse of power and violation of our rights?

Thank you for your consideration of these solutions, and your responses and reactions.

Very respectfully . . .