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Saturday, March 11, 2006

US Navy's NCIS linked to wiki updates on racially offensive content

The United States Navy and personnel in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service [NCIS] have been linked with racially offensive websites.

The problem: US Navy personnel are adding content to the wikis using official government equipment, at at time when the President tells us NCIS is busy "investigating" abuses.


We have previously reported on DoJ personnel using Washington DC official Justice Department Computers making updates.

Rather than delete the racially offensive information, Navy personnel made substantive changes to improve the readability.

During a time when the President claims the nation is "too busy" to investigate the NSA unlawful actvities and the black sites, Navy personnel have enough free time to use official government computers to read, update, analyze, and make comments about unofficial web pages. [Scroll to end: Click ]

It remains unclear whether NCIS personnel "Matt Babcock" remains assigned with NCIS, however, you'll notice that the IP numbers on the wiki updates trace to computers inside NCIS. Greg M is with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

Matt and Greg have been linked with wiki updates on the "Gay Negro Club" and updates on political content of Ohio's Ney, linked to Diebold.

It remains unclear what relationship the Navy has with these clubs, or why official government computers inside the Navy are used to make these wiki changes related to domestic political issues.

* * *

What makes the President's assertions most absurd is that at the very time that investigators claimed there was no information for the public to review, nor anything that would satify a Brady request, NCIS personnel were creating online information that would prove the President was lying.

What makes today's revelations most shocking is the Navy's active involement with the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib investigations. NCIS is the service which claimed in the wake of the Iraq war that there were insufficient personnel to conduct investigations into war crimes.

It is disturbing that NCIS personnel and the Department of the Navy cannot be trusted to use offiical government computers for official matters.

But sadly, the Navy appears to have shown its true colors. We can report that Navy personnel inside NCIS and the Naval Undersea Warfare center have updated racially offensive information.

The website updates also include political information.

It remains unclear whether these "non-official" updates have been officially sanctioned; or why the President continues to claim there are insufficient personnel.

As with the DoJ, the President appears to be unsupported by the facts:

  • Personnel have enough free time to engage in unofficial business when we are told they have no time to conduct war crimes investigations;

  • Official government computers are used to engaged in activities unrelated to what the President says is a high national priority; and

  • Scarce resources inside DoJ and the Defense departement -- at a time when the Congress says we have to move onto "more important matters" -- are engaged in matters relared to racially offensive content and political matters.

    This is more than a leadership problem. It is one of discipline.

    We cannot trust the President to tell us the straight story. He says there insufficient resources to do what must be done.

    The real problem is the insufficient integrity to ensure the President and government officials do what they promise to do: Follow the law.