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Friday, March 10, 2006

Constant On Air -- Insta-Giants


Thank you for your continued interest in the content; and to the frequent visitors.

I thought I would direct your attention to another source of information about the type of thoughts behind this blog.

Also, perhaps you are interested in hearing some discussion -- rather than just reading this blog; if you'd like to hear a discussion about this blog-style, or the information related to this site, you're in for a treat.

You can read and hear about some of the comments that are resonating in the blogosphere and in the open media.

You can do a kw=Constant in the comments to get an idea of which type of comments are resonating.

It doesn't apper many realize who they're quoting: This author.

* * *

Show: Radio Open Source [ Click ]

Audience: National Public Radio Open Source, and worldwide on internet

Where to find the discussion: About 30 minutes [33:30] into the show, you'll hear some discussion about these remarks. Here's the Show:[ Click and here is the mp3 file for your hearing enjoyment: Click]

Here's the profile others had to work with: [ Click ]

* * *

I had been reviewing the NSA-UAE deal, and was thinking about things. The actual length of the UAE-NSA discussion is in the triple digits -- more than 100 pages: The entire content of my full remarks -- the basis for the posting on Open Source is here: [ Click ] and also these topics listed in the profile [ Click ]

To be clear, I didn't spend much time writing my comments: I simply wrote -- as I did when I wrote "Beware the Leader" -- from the heart.

Bluntly, the written comments on Open Souce were the summary. LOL

Best wishes!