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Friday, March 24, 2006

White House slaps Vermont; will Vermont slap back with a proclamation for impeachment?

Update 25 Apr 2006

US Congress House Rules Section 603 permits state proclamations calling for the House to impeach federal officials.

  • A. Rule 603: What it is: Detail on Section 603;

  • B. Finding Section 603: In House Rules see ee this phase kw=[ SEC. LIII. -- Impeachment ] page 313-330;

  • C. 603 News: State proclamations for impeachment VT, IL, CA: Updates, news, who's working it, how to find their blogs.

  • D. Lessons Lessons from Vermont for Illinois and California [ here ]

    * * *

    Vermont State leadership and its Congressional delegations sent an indirect, but clear rebuke to the White House, call into question the AP firing of a Vermonter. [ Click Backup ]

    Vermont, you have my full support in lawfully retaliating against the White House by passing a 603 proclamation calling for Bush's impeachment.

    What is truly disgusting about the cess pool inside the White House is their arrogant contempt of the law. Whether the AP does or does not reinstate the report has little bearing on the issue.

    It is clear the White House is silencing dissent and needed public discourse on the arrogant abuse of power and violations of the Constitution.

    Bush needs to be impeached over his war crimes, and reckless handling of the American Constitution.

    He openly defies the laws, and his signing statements have no legal foundation.

    Vermont, it may take some time, but know a few weeks ago you were reminded of a tool the states have. House Rule 603 gives you the power to issue a proclamation on impeachment: [ Details of what is ready to go for Vermont and the Nation: A Vermont proclamation calling for impeachment, under House Rule 603.]

    Whether you do or do not is not the issue; the issue is whether the White House should be surprised when you do what is well needed.

    I trust the citizens of Vermont will know that regardless what you choose in re impeachment, you remain in the thoughts and prayers of Americans. There is no excuse for this arrogance.

    The White House well deserves a formal response by way of a Vermont State proclamation calling for the US House to Impeach the President. The White House has wished for this.

    * * *

    What you can do:

    A. HEARING: Tell your friends about the upcoming Senate Judiciary hearing on Censure, 31 March 2006 [ Detailed information on time, location Click ]

    B. ACTION: Encourage others to review this action alerton censure [ Click ]

    C. FLYER: Share this flyer with your friends, elected officials, and talk to them about House Rule 603: [ Click ]

    D. MEET with others to discuss this issue -- what is to be done about Bush's dictatroship -- on-line: [ Click ]

    E. REVIEW what others are doing [ Poll: Click ]