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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Constitution: Outlawing loopholes in Senate Bills

This is an index. It is designed to show you how the Senate will change if they fail to assert their power and end this rebellion against the Constitution.

* * *

This is an index. It shows you how the various blogs fit together from start to finish.

Additional information will be added to clarify what can lawfully be done immediately to compel the Senate to assert power, or have that power lawfully revoked with a New Constitution.

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Important Background Material

Here is what can be done to draft a New Constitution outside Article V [ Click ]

Also, when reviewing the Senate Intelligence Bill for additional signs of illegal Executive Branch activity, you may also wish to consult this Guide to the NSA Illegal programs: [ Click ]

Range of illegal White House activities using the NSA: [ Click ]

Keep the larger plan in mind: [ Click ]


[1] The Senate knows impeachment is inevitable, but they deny reality. We can lawfully threaten them with a New Constitution if they do not assert their power to protect this Constitution. [ Click ]

[2] Philosophy of a New Constitution [ Click ] ; Frivolous reasons not to assert the rule of law with a censure [ Click ]

[3] Examination of Senate intelligence Bill: This one identifies the loopholes in the Senate Bill Click; Another look: Click

[4] Recognizing the abused powers:[ Click ] Then we make rules which prohibit these [ Click ]

[5] New Constitutional language transforming the Senate: Then we apply these rules to the New Constitution [ Click ]

[6] Recognizing rights of the people: The Senate may or may not exist under a New Constitution [ Click ]

* * *

You can see that it is easy to point out what the problems are; and equally easy to develop a solution.

This Senate refuses to do either. Rather, it pretends that nothing will happen.

The Senate has failed.

We can lawfully craft a New Constitution to transform the Senate to force it to do what it refuses to do: Protect the Constitution.

They wished this.