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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Constitution Revokes Senate Powers

This outlines the specific powers the Senate will have revoked; and the new rules which will compel the senate to assent to other reviews and bodies.

The Senate refuses to wake up. They have a job to do. They refuse to do it. This is a matter of malfeasance and criminal law. Yet, this lawful sanction is not enough.

Yet, they do not stop there. Rather, despite clear guidance in the Constitution they do what is at odds with the Constitution. Clearly, the potential consequences on Members of congress and the Senate are meaningless.

The way forward is to strip the Senate of the powers they have abused and not asserted.

The senate does not have absolute power to ignore the law; rather, they remain subject to needed oversight.

They have taken advantage of our trust.

This nation crated the senate on the assumption that they would do what is right. Rather, it is clear they do what is wrong.

What's needed is a mechanism and body that will lawfully oversee the senate and compel it to do what it refuses.

The Senate has los the exclusive power to do what it has done -- to assent to rebellion -- rather, it must answer to another body, and those who fail to do their jobs are subject to prosecution.

You no longer can float around the Senate pretending to be Statesmen, rather you are rebels. And you shall be treated as such.

The Senate is hereby transformed

All Senators shall be required to have an interval between each term. All Senators are barred forever from raising any campaign funds while in office. During the interim between terms they may raise funds or be tried for the felonies listed below.

No Senator who has been convicted of a felony may engage in any legislative activity or do any business.

All Senators after they have accused and tried of a crime, but not found guilty shall be immediately removed from office if ¾ of the state legislations or state assemblies vote to remove the Senator.

Fourth Branch of Government

Rotating system of tri-partate leadership on the NSA activities. Information randomly sampled using an NSA-like capability directed at the Executive.

Judicial and Legislative officers assigned to program office and Cabinet departments, impendent reporting, and full audit rights without notice.

Each Executive department shall have two other leaders – one from the judicial branch and legislative, each with separate reporting. They shall report to an independent branch other than Congress for investigations and prosecution. Senate does not have exclusive power to oversee executive.

Program shall be tri-led by three program managers, all with different reporting responsibilities. Program teams will have auditors assigned to the team, and be regularly cycled through to avoid familiarity. Congressional liaison will be on the program team, they will have a separate reporting channel. They will monitor the day to day activities, and all notes will be owned by Congress. They cannot be destroyed. Bounties will be provided to those who provide information on secret meetings.

Senate Shall Have No Power

Senate denied power to oversee, and this power delegated to the States.

Additional Staff Support for the States

Strip oversight responsibility from the Senate to the States.

Transfer rule enforcement to the States

Transfer authorization to States.

The States shall be given the power to have an NSA-like mentoring capability direct at all NSA contractors and executive branch. Sampling will include methods to validate that the reports Congress is getting is consistent with actual conduct.

Increased staff, bounties for State Staffers to report programs where program activities and outcomes at odds with laws. Use of NSA-like monitoring system within the States control and access to randomly sample Executive activities.

NSA-like monitoring system to sample, verify data to Congress.

Bounties for reporting illegal conduct. Congressional and state notification on program redesignation, manning reassignments. Senators face persona liability for failing to investigate, or suppressing information related to indicators of illegal activity.

Senate protection to those who provide information; felony on senator if they know of in formation, but fail to grant protection.

War Crimes Liability on Senators

War crime for Senators to craft language permitting war crimes; and not removing themselves from the rebellion against the Constitution.

War crime for senators to illegally appropriate funds for illegal use of military force

War crime for Senator to appropriate funds for war crimes by civilians

Senators can be tried for war crimes for appropriating funds for war crimes against Americans.

Constitutional Supremacy Provision

Felony for senators to permit violations of the constitution.

Felony for Senators to write language conferring power or granting exceptions to Constitution.

Felony for Senators to grant Executive powers outside Constitution

Felony for Senators to draft or approve legislation conferring illegal exceptions to the Constitution.

Senate is not there for any other reason but to challenge the Executive

Felony for a Senator for failing to assert power and ensure that conduct is lawful, investigated, and sanctions imposed.

Felony for Senators not to challenge Executive on pattern of conduct.

Felony for Senators to not assert power and challenge Executive.

Felony for Senators to not challenge Executive.

Felony for Senator for failing to challenge Executive for asserting legislative powers; felony for unlawfully delegating power to Executive to make exceptions.

Felony on Senator for failing to assert power against Executive.

Senators are stripped of absolute legislative immunity

Senate is stripped of all legislative powers; they exist solely to rubber stamp and lead oversight questions. The Senate does nothing other than validate the information the Executive Finds. They have no real power, but all the responsibility in there is a problem.

The Senators have no real power. Rather, they are charged with conducting kangaroo investigations, and when they fail to do real audits they are tried for crimes against the State.

Fact Finding

Senate lawfully compelled to investigate, gather facts, and provide summary report to House in 90 days for impeachment.

Felony for Senator to fail to assert oath, and force a full accounting of the unlawful abuse of power

Felony for a Senator to not challenge consolidated power.

Felony on Senate if they fail to investigate; or ensure that fourth branch of government timely supported with information.

Make it a felony for Senators not to compel the Executive to certify that the list, report, certification is complete, accurate, and submitted under penalty of perjury.

Senate faces a felony for failing to ensure training sufficient to meet requirements of the Statute.

Felony for senators not to compel public responses to inaction

Felony for Senators not to ensure conduct, programs, and activities are lawful.

Senators face a felony for not credibly increasing audit scope to effectively oversee programs.


Senators shall face sanction of a felony conviction for failing to ensure that the program funding is for a bonafide reason.

Felony for Senators to continue funding a program with unanswered questions on data sharing, or with program language that does not expressly prohibit and make illegal the end results. The issue is not to sanction the mode, but to sanction the result: The violation of rights and abuse of power.

Senators shall be convicted of a felony for appropriation funds for programs loosely described, or permitting loose transfer of funds. Language shall include exploit language that the funds may not be used for any illegal purpose; and that no executive order may direct anyone to violate the law, nor create a ruse designation or exemption permitting violations of Constitutional rights.


Felony for Senator to appropriate funds for illegal things.

Senators face a felony for appropriating funds for illegal programs

Felony on Senators for appropriation for unlawful activity

Felony for Senators to appropriate funds for illegal or non-explained programs.

Felony on senators for appropriating funds for illegal things

Felony on Senators for appropriating funds for illegal activities, especially when the activity is not reasonable related to “counter terrorism”

Felony for Senators to appropriate funds for things they have not been told about in detail.


Felony on senators who fail to ensure language expressly prohibits expenditures for illegal things

Felony for Senators to write language giving Executive department power, right, or discretion to violate the Constitution. Must include express language imposing consequences on individual actors.

Felony for Senators to not narrow language, or include explicit clauses banning unconstitutional conduct.

Powers Explicitly Denied the Senate

The Senate shall not have the power to speak on matters related to Censure or Impeachment. They may only vote.

The Senate shall not have the power to speak on matters related to the law. They may only vote on the law.

The Senate shall not have the power to speak or debate on matters of treaties. This power is an exclusive power of the States. The Senate only has the power to ratify what the States have adopted. The Senate may either approve with comments, or approve.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to discuss legislation that violates the Constitution.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to debate the Constitution. The court is the source of authority on what the Constitution says. The Senate does not have the power to deceive or debate what the Constitution means; rather, they have a duty to assent to the Constitution as it is written; they do not have the power to find new language and loopholes to defy the Constitution.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to pass legislation for unlawful things. The Senate shall have no power to write any law that permits or endorses violations of the Constitution; nor can the Senate pass any bill which permits exceptions to the Constitution at the discretion of those not explicitly granted the power to do so.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to debate ways to circumvent the law.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to craft language which creates exceptions to the Constitution.

It shall be unlawful for the Senate to permit any Executive Order be a foundation for action at odds with the constitution.

It shall be a felony for a Senator to craft language or contribute to clauses in a bill or sponsor any bill that has any phrase, language, or rule which permits or allows to d what is at odds with the law.

It is a felony to pass rules which create exceptions to the bill of rights

It shall be a felony for a Senator to suppress investigations or facts or results of audits related to evidence, misconduct, or other violations of the Constitution.

It shall be a felony for any Senator to designate programs to be one thing, but the activity actually violates the law.