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Monday, April 03, 2006

US black propaganda long targeted at Americans to stifle accountability for White House and Joint Staff war crimes

Black propaganda is designed to get you to look at something else, or blame someone else. The problem Americans have is the propaganda is being used to divert attention from the Constitution and the needed impeachment.

Caution is warranted: We've been put on notice black propaganda could soon be used to blame someone else for a Reichstag II. [Click ]

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Important update 8 April 2006: If you want to learn more about how the RNC is undermining the state level efforts to impeach the President, look here: Click.

The key is to notice how the non-sense propaganda gets thrown around to distract you from focusing on the core issue: What is to be done to assert the rule of law. If your leaders in either party want to find an excuse for inaction -- at both the state and local level -- they're willing to embrace black propaganda.

How your local leaders react and assert the rule of law is important. You now have seven months to digest what has happened in Vermont. Black propaganda has one goal: To divert your attention so that you believe you're doing the right thing, when you are in fact supporting the opposition.

Vermont took the bait because they were not focused on the rule of law. They were distracted.

Read through this example, and you'll see how the RNC completely turns things around. The issue isn't that the RNC does this; the point is that the DNC responds to this non-sense. Check this: [ Click ]

Now that you know about black propaganda, read this: [ click ] See how the White House has turned the situation around, and made you think this is from the UK? It's actually a planted story to make the public think that voting for impeachment is what the RNC wants.

"Yes, we want the bad news. It's good news." How Orwellian.

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Comment #26: Reed31463 said on 4/3/06 @ 6:51am ET pointed to this link and I thought I would comment in general terms.

Let's take a broad view of what the NSA and White House are already doing. Consider these many trends showing the black propaganda is already being targeted at Americans:

  • The MI6 Operation Mass Appeal used in the run-up to the Iraq war -- clearly a violation of the Smith Act, using false information to mobilize the nation for illegal war;

  • The Total Information Awareness [TIA] was "shutdown" -- but Gonzalez has confirmed the NSA data mining continues;

  • The 2004 claims that the illegal NSA programs had ended -- also untrue, they continue;

  • The other non-sense stories that appear about Iran [ Samples: click ], and a host of other articles on this blog that really don't make sense: [ Sample of black propaganda lately Click ]

    The point is that the "speculative claims" about what may or may not happen have already started, and continue. This isn't some speculate future thing that may happen; rather, it's part of what's currently being used to delay the vote on impeachment; dissuade Congress from asserting the law on American civilians for war crimes in Iraq; and destroy the Constitutional system of checks and balances.

    The point is that not only is the black propaganda well used in America, it's being used for one primary objective: To ensure the Joint Staff and White House are not held accountable for war crimes, violations of the US Constitution, and other unlawful conduct.

    * * *

    There's more. Black propaganda isn't simply used to mobilize a nation, nor protect its leadership. It's also used to wage war. In this case, the black propaganda is being used to support what the DoJ has openly admitted: US combat support forces are being targeted at American civilians. This is a war crime.

    The actual purpose is now clear: To mobilize the nation to wage war on those who attempt to defend the Constitution. It is clear this President is getting politically cornered. He shows no inclination to assent to the rule of law. As the Executive soon runs out of options, he will most likely have to resort to force to avoid accountability.

    The states need to be prepared to appeal to Congress for assistance, then move swiftly to seek lawful assistance from overseas, as outlined in detail here and in summary here. However, he will most likely not want to openly be the first to use force against Americans. Rather he will want to blame someone. Hence, a real possibility of another Reichstag, and the black propaganda for more red herrings: [Click ] We judge this planning is well underway, and fully coordinated within the Joint Staff, and is well "justified" to protect the leadership from accountability.

    They are war criminals.

    * * *

    The issue is what is going to end this non-sense. That is not a question. There is a way. We need to lawfully confront Congress with a credible threat of a New Constitution: Unless you end this rebellion, we will make a New Constitution that compels you to do so, or you will have committed a felony.

    Americans civilians are the ones who are the DoD black propaganda contractors. They have an interest in crafting this black propaganda. They are no different than the propagandists under Stalin and Hitler. Civilians can be held liable for war crimes, especially when they should know better what was going on. You can't argue that you were "just following orders" when those orders are not lawful, and you should have known that the goal of this black propaganda was to destroy the Constitution.

    The black propaganda shifts our attention. We hear excuses to take no action. Actually they have it backwards: They've provided not argument for us not to take action: Create a New Constitution. We can make a new Constitution and fix this mess.

    * * *

    Congress isn't listening. The Supreme Court is no help. We need to make them listen. Now. Let them know the same state level effort that is working impeachment, is also working to draft a New Constitution. It's ready. Congress is not.

    The trick is to make it clear: We are serious, and we don't have to wait until the election. We can do this right now. [Check the table of contents for what is possible and other information. ]

    Send Congress a wake up: We know they're not listening; they will soon have no choice. Otherwise they're looking at lawful jail time.

    * * *

    As far as the upcoming ruse to justify more distractions, use your head, be skeptical. Remember all the things that do not add up about Iran, Iraq, 9-11, or everything we've been told to justify inaction on the Constitution.

    They are war criminals. They will do anything to avoid accountability. Even wage war on them. They have already started.

    They need to end their rebellion and war against Americans, or they need to be lawfully compelled to do so. We do not have to assent to this attack on our rights or the abuse of power. We are free to make new rules to address the loopholes this leadership continues to exploit. We did not delegate them the power to find loopholes to abuse power or violate rights. Rather, they took an oath to plug those holes.

    We shall have to do their jobs. As always. They have no legitimacy.

    The rule of law shall prevail.

    They wished this.

    * * *

    Added 4 April 2006

    Comment #18: Reed31463 said on 4/4/06 @ 5:42pm ET raised a valid point.

    The House is already swaying. To ensure your lawful victory, the key is to continue your planning to lawfully revoke the powers from the Senate.

    Here is how to lawfully destroy the Senate, forcing them to assent to the rule of law: Click well before the November elections. Remember, the key isn't simply to wait, but to move on a parallel track: Compel the Senate to face the issues and have a trial.

    Bluntly, the Senate must be lawfully compelled to do their job with a credible threat of a New Constitution. Either they shall assert their power, or the link will show you how the Senate shall be lawfully transformed into something quite different. This is not speculative; rather it is something we the People may lawfully do outside Article V.

    Congress needs to know that you are not only serious, but fully engaged to redraft the Constitution to compel them to do what they refuse; and fully ensure that power is not again abused, nor rights violated.

    The Senate will only listen when they realize they shall imminently have their entire power based lawfully transformed into something that is meaningless. It is possible and well within the scope of possibility that the Senate, if they refuse to assert their power shall face these lawful transformations.

    Force them to choose: Between asserting the rule of law now or imminently having those non-asserted powers lawfully revoked with a New Constitution. The link above will show you how this can be lawfully done, and how the Senate can be forced to assent to the rule of law.

    The bottom line single message to Congress: There is no reason to wait another day on impeachment: [ CLick ] If they wait, they shall be lawfully destroyed as the Senate can be done. Here is the larger plan that continues to grind down the RNC : [Click ]

    Again, they wished this.