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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Asserting State Power against the Federal Government: What you can do

The list below supports this plan: [ Click ]

Some have asked what they can do. It's simple. Here's a list of ideas that will help you lawfully support this plan. Your job is to remind Congress they need to do their jobs, or we will revoke their powers and impose on them lawfully a New Constitution that will make them do their jobs.

Congress has to face the snakes in the White House. Otherwise, we the People will make the adverse inference that Congress and the White House are snakes. We can lawfully put on our boots, and lawfully compel them to assent to a new Constitution.

This is what you can do to lawfully make this outcome possible now. You do not have to wait until the election. Anyone who tells you to wait isn't a leader. They are a snake.

* * *

Some have asked about specific things they can do. The list is fairly simple. All you have to do is one thing: Figure out what you want to do, and then know how your work will fit into the big picture.

The list below is simply an idea. You are encouraged to discuss this with your private counsel and friends. This does not advocate unlawful action, nor should you consider this legal advice. This is intended for discussion purposes only and is not intended to guide you to a particular conclusion of what is or is not to be done.

* * *

This is a list of specific things that you can do to assist. The project is simple: To lawfully use state force against the Executive; and assert lawful power when Congress refuses to do its job.

The plan simply uses your local support in your state to engage with the Congress, then the Courts, and finally with the Executive. The plan is designed to work. The goal is to accelerate the timeline and show the voters well before November 2006 that the system is not responsive.

In the end, Congress will be shown it is as ineffective as the Executive. There is one simple reason: they are two ends of the same snake called tyranny.

* * *


The list below will be revised and updated. Eventually you’ll better see how the information below fits in with the overall plan. For now it is just a list. With time, there will be new things, and better connection to the original plan. Until then, know that there are many things you can do right now to assert your rights, prevent the abuse of power, and force Congress to do its job: Prevent the abuse of power and protect rights.

With time, you’ll get a better sense of how the list below fits in with which phase. You’ll also see that the information is already available. All that’s needed is a decision to impeach and provide the evidence to the Senate.

The goal here is to accelerate the timeline, and get Congress to realize they need to face the Snake in the White House. All the arguments that they’ve said about Saddam apply to the current snake in the White House: We need to put our boots on and do what must lawfully be done to solve this problem.

The issue isn’t whether or not the Congress should or should do this. The real issue: Congress will do it, or we will make them. They can either freely do it – as we gave Saddam the choice – or we can make them do it – as was done with Saddam, but we will lawfully move on the basis of the rule of law; Assert a New Constitution.

The list below will help you see what you can do today to organize what we already have, and support the larger plan that is well known inside the DoD and Executive Branch. They are no reacting to this plan.

* * *

The overall plan is how the States can assert power on the Federal Government, get information about the NSA program, and make it evident to the world that this Executive has no moral authority and is illegitimate.

Congress will be shown to have failed; and that they refuse to do at home what they did abroad. Rather, this nation has a legitimacy problem. It violates the laws abroad to kick around snakes; they refuse to follow the law to take care of a real snake in the White House – on that has already done what we were told Saddam might do.

The goal of this list is to show the nation that we have lawfully exhausted all options; and that the only option we really have is to draft a New Constitution. All other options have failed; and the existing players are simply moving to manipulate the public to compromise. By implementing the items on this list, you’ll see that the Federal Government has been given more than a fair chance. We need not waste time trying to convince them. It is simply time to lawfully thrust upon then a New Constitution.

As you review this list, know that this is going to be fairly easy to do. It may seem daunting. However, there are many other people who are working on this already. The only thing you need to do is keep the plan in mind, and see how the events unfold. Remember, the information you are getting is not novel. Rather, they are simply ideas that anyone could think of – even you. So do not be intimidated. Come up with your own ideas. You can do it. The list below is just a place to start. Think of your own ideas. You do not have to do what is listed below. These are just ideas. You’ll see how the list below fits in with the three phases. And you’ll also see how the Executive Branch is reacting to this: With more non-sense. They know they have no options. Their major problem is that they know that Fitzgerald is bearing down on them, and the People and States are mobilized to lawfully throw this snake where it belongs: Out of the White House.

The list below will help organize the actions for the three phases. With time, Congress will be shown to be unresponsive to the obvious evidence and violations of the law.

Changes are needed to the oath. Members of Congress need to be compelled to assert the rule of law; and that failing to do so will be a felony.

Members of Congress also need to be reminded that we need not wait until the election. We can – and will if needed – lawfully impose on them a New Constitution.

* * *

The list

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  • B. 603 Guide
  • C. Gonzalez radio
  • D. State impeachment guide, voter guide
  • E. Agenda lists for the constitutional convention

    Review the Just Cause Law Collective information on security

    Notice who is or is not responsive. Are they open to new ideas, or are they threatened by them. Notice the trivial attacks. They are threatened by novel ideas “not from them>

    Mange your time. Do not try to do all this in one day. There are others doing things as well. Think on your own. Work by yourself. Come up your own ideas. Then share ideas. Work together. Share your results. Then think on your own again.

    Take care of yourself.

    Monitor the cult-like behavior and toxicity of the Anti-Bush crowd. The DNC can be just as abusive as the RNC. No need to put up with any of the non-sense.

    Remember, you always have lawful options. Do not feel like you are trapped. If you are threatened, abused, or told something that makes you uncomfortable talk to your friends, write down what happened, and get help. Do not be silent.

    You have lawful options. You are entitled to better leaders. You are entitled to be heard and taken seriously. You are entitled to expect people to solve problems, be open to new ideas, and listen. You are entitled to have solutions to your problems.

    Summarize the ideas. Encourage others to see there is a way. Learn from the opposite: what they really fear and want. You may not agree with them. But there is common ground. To understand is not the same as to agree; you may disagree, but take time to listen. You will learn more.

    Remind Congress that there are standards in place that must be imposed and enforced now, we don’t have to wait until the election.

    Discuss with your friends how civilians can be held liable for war crimes. The laws of war apply to civilians – civilians cannot claim they are out of uniform; rather, the laws apply to contactors. It is not lawful to grant people immunity so that they may abuse.

    Your leaders have failed. They do not put their oath before the rule of law.

    Show others the DoJ and White House statements on the NSA are war crimes: they are using military force unlawfully against civilians. That is unlawful, illegal.

    Make indexes of what you are finding. Create summary tables. Summarize the abuses, misconduct, and signs of problems. Compare these with legal advisors on what the US laws are. Discuss Nuremberg, human rights, US treaty obligations, and the UN Charter.

    Contact your local, sate, and federal officials just as you did on the State proclamation for impeachment. Find out where they stand.

    Use the links from the 603 effort: There is a list of action items.

    Set up a blog to share what you are finding. Start a website. Most a comment. Let others know what you are seeing and the patterns of abuse you observe.

    Think of ways you can address the problems. Think about new solutions. If the system was started over from scratch, what would be better than what we have now?

    Contact candidates running for office. Encourage them to write letters to the national leadership and editors calling attention to what is happening. Consider the letter from Mr. Sheeler in Rhode Island.

    Contact the media with ideas. Discuss them with the editor. Let them know what you are interested in. If they don’t cover it, let others know. Talk about what they refuse to discuss or investigate. This is important to know: Are they being told not to cover things? It appears so.

    Write a new Constitution. There is a way to lawfully impose a New Constitution. There are samples around. The trick is to accept the problems as they really are – be honest -- and then figure out what would really solve that challenge. There is a way. Others have done the same, so you are not doing something that is impossible. Rather, you are building off what others have done long ago: Noticing reality and making things better. You do that every day, so don’t think this is an impossible task. It is rather simple – you are doomed to improve. It is impossible not to.

    Start a public discussion group on the ideas. Start a new thread in Kos, or on Yahoo or Tribe. Listen to the reaction and negativity: Organize it – find patterns, and you will see there is non-sense and excuses to do nothing. Apply the things the RNC has said to other issues and throw it back at them: IF this was the principle in Iraq we were fighting for, why is that not good enough at home?

    Draft an online petition for citizens to sign. See the Vermont petition. Write a proclamation for your local community and states to pass. Put this issue on your local agenda.

    Write a letter to your editors. Cite your sources, if you are copying other texts, say so: And let others know where you got your ideas or the original words. It is OK to copy – just make sure you copy only what is allowed. If you are doing academic research, you can copy anything. If you are making a comment on something, you can copy it. That is called fair use. But there are other things like Plagiarism that is not fair use. If you do not cite your work or where you got the words form, you may be in trouble.

    Get a proclamation. Look at the Washington District 34 example.

    Discussion Question Start a discussion on a topic, for example:

    How can the President assert the constitution that he ignores?

    If the NSA was giving all this information to prosecutors, didn’t they know the evidence was illegal?

    How can the “standard of evidence” which the President compels others to account for be applied, given his disregard of that standard at Guantanamo and during the domestic warranties interrogations and kidnappings?

    Have a discussion on the current problems. What is not working, what’s desired. How can the solution be crafted in light of the Yale paper.

    Encourage others to identify what the problems are. Look to solutions what remedies are possible or required in the system of governance. What would be a better way to prevent the abuse of power and protect rights with the Yale approach.

    Identify the historical examples/us precedents for this approach. Discus and look into what is going on in terms of what is violating these standards of conduct. Compare the conduct to Nuremberg; or how the US treated British Prisoners.

    Discuss what can be done to fix what is not appropriate.

    Find friendly Senators and Congressmen who question the Bush approach. Show how the congressional statements supporting “delay” and “more investigation” are frivolous. Rather, we can lawfully act now. The job of the House is to charge; the role of the senate is to review the evidence. The House may not do the senate’s job; and the Senate may not dissuade the House from doing what must be done – charge this snake in the White House what he is – the snake of tyranny.

    Look at the ranking committee websites. Notice their thoughts. Encourage them to organize their information so that the public can better understand their plan. Let them know you are looking at the ideas and provide them feedback: Is the information clear; what do you think a solution would be; do you have comments. Share your reaction to their solutions and plans.

    Outline for your friends what your objectives are. Identify what you think “success” is. Let others know what you think needs to be done. Let others know that the RNC has no plan to do what it says it does – it talks about the rule of law in Iraq and holding Saddam to standards – but they will not do that with this snake in the white house. Why is there a difference? Why does the RNC like to go after foreign snakes, but not ones in nearby? The RNC has no plan other than to say, “Nobody has a plan.” Indeed, there is no plan to get a plan. Why can’t the leadership do that? Ask them – if we are going to wait and do noting, do you plan to spend the time you’re waiting developing a “plan to get a plan” or are you just going to give us the run around, blow us off, and another excuse? The answer is: they have no plan to get a plan. They are blowing off -- ignoring -- Americans. They are engaging in malfeasance. That is a crime. Document what they tell you. Let others know: Congress can be found in rebellion and we can impose the rule of law on them.

    Take note of what the comedians are saying. They say that there is truth in humor. The John Stewart Daily show is probably the best source – for now – on what is really going on in America. He tells it like it is. With time, he may or may not. Don’t think he’s the only answer. Rather, for now he’s simply what we all hope to do – tell the truth, solve problems, and fix this mess. We might as well laugh while we’re working. There is a solution to the nonsense he is raising.

    Notice the Principles the US and Congress impose on others around the globe, but refuse to impose on themselves or at home. They talk about the rule of law in the Philippines, or what people should do to respect others in Afghanistan; or how people in Iran should or should do something: Where is America on that score? Notice the contrast. When American talks bout the Constitution, abuse abroad, notice there is a contrast to what they actually do at home; they have no regard for the constitution; the leadership is afraid to impose their oath; the leaders are not leaders – they are afraid of losing power, not of losing their liberties. That is backwards. Who wants power when you have no freedom to enjoy your rights? They should lawfully be made to fear that their liberty will be lost of they do not do their jobs and protect the Constitution. Americans talk about abuse abroad, but they will not let inspectors see the abuse in Guantanamo. They say the prisoners will be out ‘recreating/” That’s a cover-up. Americans ignore the abuse under the "patriot" act, the NSA, and the snake in the White House. They have double standards on the laws, statements, enforcement, and accountability. The Americans impose standards on people around the globe, but refuse to impose that standard on the real snakes in the White House.

    What the US claims about the world is something that should be applied to Americans. The standards, obligations, leadership, and issues of control – these apply to the US government. The same things Americans claim they are fighting for in Iraq should apply at home: Principles, evidence commitments, obligations, and standards of conduct. There is a curios contrast between what the US should do – but is not doing – at home.

    Compare and apply the lessons of Iraq to Iran. Why should we believe Bolton? Why is it obvious given there are no facts? What the problem with having alternative fuel? UK ran out of North Sea natural gas and is kicking itself. So is America. Why the hypocrisy on an energy plan for a nation -- where’s America's plan? It has no plan -- only vague notions of invasion. That's recklessness. Bush knows he's failed and a war criminal. Why did the US oppose nuclear power I n2006, but in the 1970s Cheney supported a nuclear program in Iran; why the change? Where’s the NSA data showing Iran is doing something wrong; why was the information on the laptop made up; who is investigating the fabrications as they should have done with the Yellow Cake in Nigeria; who does the White house plan to smear over revelations over the truth in Iran?

    When you enter a chat room or discussing group supposedly “concerned” about the constitution – ask why they refuse to discuss it. Are there people there who refuse to respond to simple questions? Do they turn things around? Do they make up lies about was or wasn’t said? These are abusive people. Let others know. Do not be silent. They are not fit to lead.

    Monitor the coverage with the NS. Notice the false, misleading reporting what the Judges said at the NSA hearing on Friday. Some are saying that the Judges said there was no problem with what the President was doing. This is a lie. The judges didn’t say anything of the sort. Rather, they said that the FISA court – not eh congress – should be the mechanism to make judicial decisions. Congress didn’t like this. Neither did the President. Boo-hoo. That’s their problem. The Congress is lazy. They are not judges. They are stupid. They are not fit to lead. They make excuses to do noting. They will not provide a “plan to get a plan.” They whine they are not in power, they want to do more investigations, they are afraid of forcing a vote to find out where people stand. The People can force a vote with a State proclamation.

    Notice the revelations about the NSA. Monitor the President’s excuses. What new ways is he coming up to violate the law. He’s using the National Guard to engage in Domestic Intelligence gathering. How many new exceptions to the Constitution is he creating; and how many exceptions is he using to let businesses do what Government is prohibited from doing. They are making new rules to privacy laws to let companies make money of your privacy. That is wrong. Let others know that the law is there to be responded; not something to get knocked down through a lazy Congress. They do not think. They rubber stamp, just like they did with the patriot act after Sept 2001. Call Congress what they are: The problem, and the other end of the snake that it is in the White house. We can put our boots on to lawfully stomp this snake as was done in Iraq.

    Identify the principles foreign countries are responding to. Notice what countries are outraged about Guantanamo. Which nations in the UN are asserting the law over the nonsense.

    Identify in the open media new reports of foreran governments willing to question what the US has done in Iraq. These are principles that they will raise at the UN. Are they applying the lessons of Iraq to Iran; or do they want to rush to war again based on non-sense? Where are the voices of moderation; why is there a rush to act in Iran, but no action against the snake in the White House? Why are they supporting the illegal abuse of power and violating of rights against those who are doing what they’re allowed to do: make decisions in their own land.

    Find out which topics the media refuses to touch. Why are they not covering this topic? What have they been told? What was said, what were they threaded with, what was the implied benefit if there was no information or converge on that issue?

    Learn about black propaganda. This is information that people create, but make you believe it is from somewhere else. There are people pretending to be in the DNC, but they are actually in support of this rebellion. They do not respond directly when you ask them if they are in the RNC. Rather, they will accuse you of accusing them of something. They do to distract attention from themselves: They know they have been caught, and are liars.

    Show government officials fail to meet the standard imposed on other people. Remember to use "lawful" and "nonviolence" when you discuss what is to be done – otherwise they might say that you are doing something else.

    Notice the nonsense in the media. Show stupidity the non-sense and see how it is linked with the White House goal of discrediting opposition, slowing action, and getting the DNC to fear taking action. The White House hopes to dissuade action, avoid accountability, not respond to questions, provide no information or access, not respond, not engage in any lawful reviews, and keep the issues and audit results out of court. Do the opposite: Make it happen, accelerate the timeline, make adverse inferences, and impose on them a New Constitution that they cannot avoid.

    Notice what the government is doing overseas – and how it relates to their effort to dissuade action at home. They will make up stories about “foreign problems” with the hope of making Americans fearful of something here. It is non-sense. They do this all the time. They have one goal: To dissuade you from imposing the rule of law on them.

    Alert others what is going on with the abuses. Not just in the blogs, but in America. Encourage others to share anecdotes of government abuse: Share lessons of what the DHS and DoJ are doing in their warrantless kidnapping and domestic interrogations. These are illegal, they are going on fishing trips, and they do this to intimidated people. If you are picked up ask them questions: Find out. They will no respond. Make their non-response the issue. Remember it is always about them. They will threaten you. Smile back. They hope to ruffle you. It is they who are scared. They know they support war criminals. They feel guilty. They are ashamed. Their training said one thing. Now they are violating the law. They could be found guilty of 42 USC 1983 claims. Talk to this about your attorney. And prepare to share with others what you learn. You have the power to compel evidence and to do fact finding. They are dogs. They are lazy Americans who commit war crimes in Iraq.

    Discuss with your friends in your community and state a civilian oversight board for federal officials. Federal agents are just like you. They are just people. But they sometimes have to get reminded about 42 USC 1983 and war crimes. It is not nice to wage war on Americans. Talk to your lawyers about setting this up. The local police, JTTF, and CIFA will whine that this is not nice. You’re right: They were not nice about the rule of law, so we do not have to be nice about the rule of law: They get what they refuse to do – obey the law.

    Encourage your state officials to continue expanding their investigations of the Federal crimes and officials. This is happening in your neighborhood. Get your state to remind federal officials that there are 42 USC 1983 claims; and that the states can compel discovery and evidence hearings from federal agents who support war crimes, rebel against the law, or unlawfully abuse American civilians with warrantless surveillance, domestic kidnappings and abuse of power.

    Human rights violations is a violate of you r state law. Federal official can’t violate the laws in your ate. One trick is if there is a violation, the Federal officials will take the case and then do nothing with it. Always make sure you let others know and get others to share what they have seen. They may suppress evidence of cries, but the word will get out. They may suppress the evidence with a media blackout, but they like to talk. Americans like to brag about the abuse they have committed on mothers when they are near schools. Share this with your friends: what the DHS officers do when they yell at you; and that their Office of Professional Responsibility refuses to ensure the conduct of their DHS and DoJ agents is professional. They are scumbags. Let them know you know about this; but make sure you have a lawyers put the paperwork together.

    Talk to your lawyers about 42 USC 1983 claims. Talk to your lawyers about war crimes in the Unite States. Find out which states have laws that compel evidence from federal agents, and know how this information can help in a 42 USC 1983 claim. Your attorney went to law school and passed a very difficult test; Most government employees have a hard time reading the Constitution. Learn about attorney malpractice.

    Keep track of what things the Congress may outlaw. They want you to be quiet about the NSA. Why? The NSA is violating the law. We should be able to talk about the violations of the law. Start doing this before they outlaw it. Then you will have precedent. They can’t stop you from talking about something that you’re already talking about. Talk to your attorney about ex post facto. Get the media to cover the issues that are going to be targeted and censored. Encourage foreign media to cover these topics.

    Talk to government officials. Ask them why they are snakes. Ask them why they rebel against the rule of law. Ask them what their plan is to get a plan. Ask them why they like to join an unlawful rebellion against the rule of law. Ask them why they want to delay. Ask them why we should not have a New Constitution. Ask them when they plan to impeach. We can run the country, impeach, and do 42 USC 1983 claims. Plus put prosecutors in jail for committing perjury. All at the same time. Not either or. Rather, the law applies at all times to all people. Ask prosecutors about the investigative leads they were getting from the NSA – do they plan to let the innocent know that they have been held on illegal evidence?

    Ask them about the National Security Letter response. What are they told to ask agents. What are things that the agents need to answer? Why aren’t the agents doing this? Which new laws is the executive ignoring? Why should American have respect for the American Government – they have no respect for the rule of law or Americans.

    Find out what the government is unlawfully doing. Throw it back on them: Why are they doing this; when are they going to stop; who’s looking gat i.

    What’s the information, ask questions, interrupt them and ask them about the constitution. Why are they not talking about the rule of law? Why aren’t they doing their jobs; why are they violating their oath; why are they whining about getting paid more when they don’t do their jobs; why are they supporting war crimes; why are they appropriating money for war crimes; why are they changing laws to permit things – that means they’re supporting illegal things.

    Why are they joining the rebellion? Do they know what the 14th Amendment says about the rebellion and that they could lose office?

    Ask them why they want to enforce something that they ignore; what’s stopping them from educating the public as to why the rule of law is needed?

    Ask local officials about 42 USC 1983 and their insurance liability limits on their malpractice and directors liability insurance – why do they have insurance if they simply refuse to assert the law? Who needs insurance if they don’t do anything? Ask them about what they talk about in executive sessions – are they secret plans to agree to do nothing – what about their oath of office and loyalty to the Constitution?