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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

RNC Congressional leadership: The plan is in your face

Some have argued there is no plan, but impeach Bush.

The issue isn't whether or not there's a plan. The issue is whether the RNC is or is not going to lead.

Yes, the RNC. The RNC is still in charge. Their only defense is to say others don't have a plan.

That's not leadership. They have the majority, but still can't rally people to come up with a plan.

That's recklessness.

* * *

DNC has a difficult job to do:

  • Lead the country without any power

  • Create a new vision, while being clobbered at every opportunity

  • Still act as the loyal opposition without any credible challenge from the RNC

    So, you in the DNC who are tired: Give yourself a pat on the back, you're doing the job of both your party and the RNC: Doing the right thing, leading the country, but without any resources to do it.

    You are now well qualified to lead real resources.

    * * *

    Back to this RNC non-sense that there is "no plan." The committee members aren't all going to go away. Even if they lose an election, their thoughts still stay in the Committee Reports.

    Also, the Ranking Members have their own websites. They've outlined what they'd like to see.

    Who's the RNC to talk about "no plan"? It's clear what's going on: The RNC has no leadership; it simply points to "other things".

    If you want to find out "where the plan is" all the RNC has to do is look at the Ranking Members websites.

    The RNC's "big plan": Complain about "not being able to find plans".

    Hay, RNC: If you want to be a leader you have to lead, you can't complain that others are or are not doing what you have failed to do. That's not leadership.

    That's George Bush and the RNC war criminals.

    * * *

    Sure, going forward we can start whittling things down and developing a platform. But who needs a platform when your leader is burning the political stage.

    We don't need a plan. We need a new fire chief. One that knows how to keep his finger off the lighter, and on the water: To douse those in the RNC who want to get too close to the Constitution.

    The Ranking Members of the Committees have their own websites, and they've got ideas.

    All that's needed is some attention that. Will the RNC listen to what they've long ignored? Of course not, so don't waste your time trying to convince them. Simply keep posting your information on your sites, and let the voters see: You are awake, you are thinking, and have a plan.

    You only need one thing: Their vote. That's it. Let them see your plans on your website. Remind the public that the RNC has no plan, and you'll still do what you've always done: Put the plan right where the RNC could read it.

    Maybe the RNC will wake up. Maybe not. That's not your concern. Show your plans to those who want to see your plan. You've got one.

    Spend your time now -- before you take charge -- testing out which of your plans will or will not likely win; and keep exploring new backups and options to mitigate the risks.

    Yes, you have a plan. And it simply gets better.

    You're on the right track. The RNC is collapsing. The voters are ready to listen to the ideas you've always had on your website.

    The real problem is: The Voters don't have the information to decide whether your plan will or will not solve the problem: We have no idea what is or is not going on.

    That's not something we need to worry about. The voters will understand that you're doing the best you have with the minimal information you've been given.

    Don't be afraid to make adverse judgments, share your assumptions, and then proceed on the basis of what is known -- however scant it is. Simply share with others your "plan to get a plan" that you will implement when you have the information.

    Again, that's a problem the RNC has: They have no plan; and they have no plan to get a plan.