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Monday, March 27, 2006

US Government On-line Training: What happened to the Constitution and laws of war?

Added: 27 Mar 2006, 11:07P EST Important diagrams showing phone company traffic to NSA prior to Sept 2001, and problems with DoJ story over NSA illegal activirty [ Click ]

The American government has a problem. The on-line ethics and legal training has failed, look at the results: War crimes, stupid DoJ Staff Attorney comments to "justify" illegal NSA activity, and a host of corruption far too long to mention.

Leadership means standing up and leading. You can't simply tell people to "figure it out" -- you have to show them.

The War criminals in the White House are poor examples. We should not be surprised why the US Government employees are confused, or commit war crimes: The example of the leaders is at odds with the Constitution and laws of the land.

Thomson provides online training to military and government personnel. This remark in no way comments on the sufficiency or adequacy of this mechanism, the results speak for themselves inter alia :

  • A. Illegal war in Iraq and abuse of command authority in torture cells;

  • B. Non-sense spewed forth by the Congress and Executive to ignore the laws of the land;

  • C. Unchecked violations by those who swore an oath to protect the Constitution;

  • D. Widespread contract violations, and defective performance in the DoD contracting offices; and

  • E. A complete breakdown of the system of checks and balances in the American Federal government.

    This is unprecedented in western civilization. Can anyone argue that on-line training is an improvement?

    What's needed is some follow-up: Why are we having so many crimes, and reckless negligence when it comes to White House and the Secretary of Defense office?

    Look around you. Do you really have some respectable leaders who inspire you to do the right thing? No, you simply look at an online training course, and they give you things to read.

    That's not training. Training means being challenged with real dilemmas, and committing to do the right thing, even when the DoJ staff attorneys say, "War crimes against American civilians, no problem!"

    * * *

    Let's review a few of the courses that Thomson might wish to discuss with Congress -- read, "Get ready for a subpoena for a Congressional inquiry into why this online training is producing this disaster we have called a dictatorship":

  • 1. Online training: Does it really work when you want to commit unlawful war; or does it really take a real man to pull that one off?

  • 2. Online wiki updates: Do the DoJ General Counsel's office have a handle on what their staff attorneys are doing on line, and does the training explain why the responses to the House Judiciary are abysmal?

  • 3. 5100.77 Laws of War Program: Hay, if you don't like the laws, ignore them; nobody in Congress will do anything -- they like to do nothing when the Executive lies to the Congress and commits fraud upon the DC Court of Appeals prior to the formal combat operations in Iraq.

  • 4. Is online training sufficient -- or do government employees need some pre-emptive training on some pre-emptive risks they may be pre-emptively sent to a labor camp for violations of the law?

  • 5. Online training for the officers of the court: If you get a job for a position where you’re not qualified, how long can you fake it before your peers figure out that you're a buffoon?

  • 6. Constitution -- hay, there's an idea -- how about an on-line training program to talk about whether or not on-line training about the laws of war and Constitution work; or whether we should skip over that?

  • 7. Multiple choice tests on line: Does it really measure whether someone "get's it" -- or is it better to force government employees to have a barking dog in their face like we saw at Guantanamo?

  • 8. Thinking and ethics: If you can't get your employees to do the right thing, is it OK to lie to the auditors about he "really kewl training" you got, but ignore that training when sent into Iraq and commit war crimes against innocent civilians -- or for that Matter, sent to Ft. Meade to commit crimes using the many unlawful NSA programs which routinely violate the US Constitution?

  • 9. The oath -- if you can't be trusted to adhere to your promise to do what is right; why should Americans honor their commitment to honor your authority?

  • 10. Reciprocation: If JTTF and NSA like to ignore the laws of the land; why should Americans respect the "supreme" law which NSA ignores -- the Constitution?

    * * *

    Here's a clue: The Constitution isn't what We the People "have to follow." It's a document the Government is supposed to use. It's your promise: You promise to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power; and then we'll recognize your authority.

    If you fail, then we don't have to recognize your authority.

    That's where we are today, on 27 March 2007: You defy the Constitution, so we may lawfully defy the powers that you're abusing. You have no legitimate basis to assert anything -- you openly ignore the laws, and then compel others to believe you are for the laws.

    You can't make up your mind because you can't figure out what the voters might do: "Gee will they or won’t they hold us accountable for ignoring he laws of the land?"

    Maybe you can create a "really kewl" online training for that: "How to convince Americans that you're for something you actively undermine." Hay, they got a course already: It's called, "What Hitler did: Or have you forgotten already?"

    * * *

    When a free people are deprived of any confidence the Constitution is followed, then we the People may lawfully revoke those abused powers and craft a new document.

    I'd like for the on-line training crews to provide a credible basis to believe that ethics can be trained; and explain how the training results and reports of "things are great" can be squared with the self-evident results to the contrary: War crimes, violations of the law.

    What's a better model? Do we need some face time? Where are the real leaders? Or are we going to have the world believe, "We don’t have leaders: We just stare at words on the screen but ignore them."

    If America's government employees want to ignore the laws and abuse power; then Americans may ignore the same Constitution you ignore.

    Let's have some training on the Constitution and how citizens can freely create a New Constitution in a way outside Article V.

    For the buffoons in DoJ who need a refresher course -- since they're too busy to do official business, and like to surf the internet looking at "other stuff" -- the clearly established rights -- which cannot be violated, now matter how many excuses you give -- are called the [wait for it] the "Bill of Rights.

    DoJ's stupid attorney general's office -- full of idiot-staff attorneys -- likes to rely on university professors for ideas on how to violate the law Ref ; surely we can rely on a Yale University to provide some guidance on how to fix this mess:

    Sure enough: Guess what -- here's a paper explaining how to make a New Constitution outside Article V, and we don't need to choose delegates or have a Constitutional Convention. Here it is [ Click ]

    In other words, since you trashed this Constitution, we can put a lid on it, and start fresh with a New Constitution. Indeed, the new rules will make your jobs harder, and further dilute and revoke powers which you are abusing. You can't be trusted to lawfully do what should be done: Check power, prevent the trashing of the document, or do your jobs. Rather, you like to violate the Constitution and absurdly argue you're saving it. You're idiots.

    Using "common sense" which the DoJ has a hard time doing, a reasonable person in DoJ would have figured this out. But not this crew. They didn't pay attention to the Magna Charta and what happened to King John: We can do it again for you -- solve a problem that you have and make new rules.

    You don’t get to vote on this. It’s already happening.

    Rather, we can just write a new one and force you to take an oath to that. Here's how: [ Click ]

    * * *

    So which is it: You going to lawfully assert our power and train people how to do that; or are we going to have to lawfully revoke your powers with a New Constitution?

    Pick. Either way the rule of law is going to prevail.

    Say it can't be done? Too late, it's already started. Your NSA has failed you again, and you have no idea who is involved, what drafts have been written, or who is involved. Do you like being left out of the discussion; do you like to have your authority ignored?

    Tell your Joint Staff and theater commanders to think about their oaths of office and the Constitution. That Constitution is at risk. Not because of a domestic threat. Rather, because you have ignored it, and we're going to make a new one that will fix this mess that you have exploited.

    Tell you NSA contractors we know about the discussions with DoJ to give you immunity. It's not going to happen. You have failed to follow the law. No reasonable person could have relied on the exceptions to the FISA requirements. There is no legal foundation for you to escape prosecution. No amount of whining to the DoJ is going to work. The copies of the memoranda you've sent to DoJ are outside NSA control. We know what's going on. You have no defense. Civilians may be tried for war crimes, especially when they should know better as does your general counsel.

    Even the most stupid bloggers know what is going on in America: The Federal Government is worthless, broken, and at odds with the Constitution.

    * * *

    Maybe you'll want to create a "training program" of "what to do" when you have your powers lawfully revoked, and your "online training" can't keep up with what's happening: American citizens are free to start with a New Constitution.

    You didn't read that on-line. It's in the air. And Americans are going to assert the rule of law back over the worthless American government employees who prefer to play on line than play by the rules.

    Americans are contemptible creatures. Watch your back. If there's a law, there's an American willing to violate that law. They do it in the White House. Your President is reckless and negligent.

    Americans know why you are war criminals: Your President learned about it online: "Nobody will find out."

    Too late. We know. And this President is going to be impeached. Seven long months to lawfully grind your worthless RNC party into the ground and continue to remind Americans what the NSA is doing: Violating the 4th Amendment, and illegally using military force and technology against civilians in violation of the laws of war.

    Americans have no hope. Your online training cannot help you. And the rule of law shall prevail.

    Give up now, and retreat from your rebellion against the American Constitution. We’re making a New One. And you’re not going to have any say on it. Either vote up or down. But the word aren’t going to change based on your inputs. You’re left out.

    How did that happen?

    Americans: There is no reason to recognize the power and authority of those who abuse their power and defy the laws of the land. They are war criminals. Either the Congress can compel this Executive to assent to the law; or we can lawfully revoke the abused powers with a New Constitution.

    Pick: Assert your power, or lose it.

    We the People are in charge, not you. You were never delegated the power or authority to defy the law or ignore your obligations. Rather, we have the power to revoke and banish this government now that it continues to destroy rights and abuse power.
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” – Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence [ Details ]
    You may have screwed over the Iraqis -- ignoring the laws of war and violating their rights in a distant land -- but you made an error in doing the same thing with Americans. In their homes. In the Continental United States.

    We speak English. We know the laws. We have learned from your abuses in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. We didn’t promise that we’d put up with your abuse of power and violation of our rights. Never.

    We don’t have to put up with your bullshit. Rather, it’s your job to put up with the “bullshit” called the Constitution: Before a court of law, in open court, you’re going to have it lawfully shoved down your throat. You don’t have a choice. It’s your job. You took an oath to “put up” with that “bullshit.”

    You have awoken the soul of a nation. We are 300 million. You are merely a few handfuls. You are outnumbered. You shall lose. The rule of law shall prevail.

    You wished for this.