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Monday, March 27, 2006

A New Constitution may awaken Congress

Congress is still asleep. Do we need to send them another wake up call

There are a few people in Congress who haven't quite figured out what is going on. Impeaching is in the air, and the 603 effort is making progress. Small problem: This wasn't supposed to happen until after the election. Despite this pressure, Congress still hasn't gotten the wake up.

In the many non-sense answers to the House Judiciary, DoJ liked to rely on law professors to justify ignoring the Constitution and FISA. Well, we can rely on law professors to suggest solutions.

Here’s the next surprise: We the People are allowed to create a new Constitution outside Article V. This means we can simply revoke the abused/non-asserted powers of Congress with a New Constitution: [ Click ] and here's how it's done

And there are more surprises: There’s a draft new Constitution to address all the abuses. We don't have to have a COnstitutional Convention, we can simply apply the lessons of that agenda, and put the New Constitution up for a vote: Well before November.

If Congress doesn't wake up, the same 603 effort is ready to do the same thing, but with a New Constitution.

Time to choose: Are you with the rule of law or this President's rebellion against the Constitution? If you don’t quickly decide, we will force you to put up with big changes.

It's still March 2006, seven [7] long months for us to finalize a New Constitution. Wake up Congress: We don't have to wait for elections to solve these problems. We can lawfully shove this New Constitution down your throat, and lawfully revoke the powers you're not assertion.

We have options, and We the People don't have to "wait around" until you "get around" to figuring out what to do. If you do not lawfully remove this man from office, we will lawfully revoke the powers you are abusing and refuse to assert.