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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

USS White House: Repainted life vests. Same Icebergs dead ahead.

The White House used the DoJ responses as a trial balloon, but finds itself on the wrong side of a waterfall.

Within hours of releasing the DoJ Reponses to the House Judiciary Committee, the White House counsel threw that work product to the wind.

NRO reports the White House's NSA defense shifted from the AUMF, to Article II.

However, by asserting Article II, they're admitting they're not lawfully able to assert Article 1 Section 8, the power to make rules; nor can they assert Article III, the power to adjudicate.

But that's what they're doing.

Do you think Congress will notice? Don't bet on it. They have enough trouble reading the Constitution, much less comprehending reality.

Fortunately, we have judges who are paid to do that. Yes, those who are not legislators or war criminals.

* * *

The White House strategy may be confusing: Why are they asserting something that isn't consistent with what they've previously said?

Why start now?

Indeed, they're tired of their arguments. What better time to spew forth more non-sense than now: When the public is least amused with the old stuff.

Start laughing at them louder. It will help drown out their drooling.

* * *

What's this President's strategy? If you cannot prove you're doing you're job, simply assert it, and make the world prove otherwise.

Sorry George, you should've said that in December 2005 when this first surfaced, not four months later after all the other non-sense.

Seven more months until the election; and then two years after than to gather more evidence. That's a long time to be on the wrong side of the law, especially when everyone knows it.

It's only going to get worse for him. He's already a disgraced war criminal.

* * *

His Article II argument fails again:

  • 1. Commander-in-War Criminal: President doesn't have the inherent authority under Article II to violate the Constitution;

  • 2. Rule Breaker in Chump: He also can't write new rules or make new exceptions to FISA. That's Congress' job. Article I Section 8 is not Article II;

  • 3. Oath Oaf: We didn’t grant him the power to violate the law: He has no inherent power in Article II Section 3 to not enforce the law;

  • 4. Dumb Judge: We didn't grant him the power to self-pardon -- Article II is not the same as Article III;

  • 5. Admitted Sinner: If he calls the military use of NSA power a combat support operation, then he's admitting what he's doing is a war crime against American civilians.

    Hmmm. . . no defenses and more problems. That's a bad thing, right? Lately, Congress isn't sure. Argument five [ 5 ] might actually work. It appeals to the religious: They'll pray for their Commander in Sinner, and twist some rosary beads. For better measure, sacrifice a few sacred political cows.

    Oh, wait, we spoke too soon: Andrew Card is gone. Who's stupid enough to join this flock of war criminal sheep? If you're been living inside the bubble and have no clue about reality, you're a perfect nominee.

    You might be the next Chief of Staff, or the Joint Chief of Staff, or leader.

    * * *

    How's that for an RNC political platform: "All the ones who knew better are gone; and the ones left behind are . . . well, left behind. Like lost sheep."

    Think of Fitzgerald as a very cunning wolf. He has sharp teeth. He likes sheep.

    Curiously, these sheep are especially foolish, chasing the wolf hoping their torment will end.

    But Fitzgerald is not ready to dine. He has already had a heavy meal. He is patient. He knows where the juiciest meat roams free: In a round, oval meadow.

    * * *

    This White House does not have enough political-sandbags to protect them from this political storm.

    This means they'll do the least expected, exactly what they did in Katrina: Face the storm, do nothing, and then scream, ''We're doing a heck of a job.''

    With this Congress, it might just work. The RNC has nothing to worry about. They may have no hope, but they’re not as hopeless as Congress.

    The wolf patiently waits in the finest life raft, where the prize sheep plans to hide.

    That familiar sound is the sound of ice. It does not change. No matter how much you pray.

    It started with one snowflake. It is now the fiercest iceberg known to man: Justice.