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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Congress and White House are two ends of the same, slimy snake of tyranny

Will Congress face the snake in the White House?

Remember the excuse the Senate leadership gave to invade Iraq? Put aside the fact that we know it was a lie. Rather, use their argument against them: They said Saddam was a snake and had to be dealt with. Why isn't that same standard applied to a real snake in the White House?

The American Congress has no legitimacy. They need a New Constitution lawfully imposed on them by the People: To compel them to do what they refuse to do: Lawfully assert power to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

Until Congress does at home what it was convinced to do in Iraq, Congress is simply the tail of this very slimy snake in the White House.

* * *

There's this big claim that we should wait and find more facts, or do something after the election. Hold on, until then, why can't they work on plans and share the plan to take charge? We can have that.

They don't want to do that either. That's a problem. There's a problem with the Congressional responses to the public. In short, they’ve forgotten their jobs. Bluntly, the public is getting the run around. Time’s up and time to call them what they are rebels against the rule of law. This is malfeasance. They’re not doing what they should do.

They should swiftly move to protect the Constitution. We saw the non-sense at the Hearings on the NSA: The media got the message wrong, and said the judges were saying something else.

Also, the Congress isn’t calling this what it is: A huge cover-up and failure of the Federal Government to check and balance power. They keep using non-sense to say otherwise. The “we’re at war” argument doesn’t work. Nothing justifies these violations. Nothing warrants the excuse of “do nothing.” Clearly, they want to change the law – that means one thing: They know they violated the law.

Time to call Congress on their non-sense. They want to delay. The same people who are the supposed advocates of accountability, don’t understand what they’re advocating: Inaction, delays.

The goal of this entire effort is to force Congress to respond now, not simply got through some orchestrations and illusions.

Some in Congress say they’re not sure what is going to happen. They claim the voters might get upset. That’s ridiculous. The job of congress is to lead. They got into office by convincing people of things. Yet, they are silent when it comes to convincing the public about the ‘really nice thing Called the rule of law.” That’s irresponsible.

Congress claims they don’t have the power and can’t do anything. That’s ridiculous. They can plan for the day when they do return to power.

Some say they have to gather more facts. Well, what’s that going to tell us? We already know there’s been high crimes and violates of the laws of war and FISA. More investigations and letters will simply be more assent to their schedule. You like being put off?

Time to fix this mess. I’m not talking about an election. Rather, we can lawfully craft a new Constitution. We can make them do their jobs.

Even Congress when it is out of power can still work on plans. They can still come up with a “plan to get a plan.” Not this crew. They are silent.

They can do specific things. Why aren’t’ they talking about that now? But this Congress wants to be silent, wait, and assent to non-sense.

Bottom line Congress: If you don’t assert the rule of law, then you will have the law lawfully asserted on you. If you don’t fix this mess, then you are the mess. We can fix this mess. It is clear that Congress – by their non-sense – is really asking Americans to provide the leadership that Congress refuses to provide. That can be done.

* * *

Time to call this American leadership on its bluff. It claims that if it asserts the rule of law – and votes to impeach – that they’ll lose the election.

Well, if that’s true, then who would want to be part of a system that refuses to impose the rule of law?

If accountability is a “bad thing” – their excuse – why are they bothering to show up; why not resign, why not have a new Member of Congress who will do what should be done.

That’s what needs to happen. The States need to have the power to lawfully recall Members of Congress when they refuse to assert their oaths.

This leadership needs to lead. That means calling your peers in Congress what they are: Rebels. Those who want to delay and assent to this rebellion need to be called what they are: Not about accountability, but about tyranny.

There’s no reason to be polite with those who abuse power. They have abused their positions; there is no need to show respect to them.

Sometimes to convince others, you have to accept some of their non-sense. Let me give you an example. We know that the Iraq invasion was non-sense. However, the counter argument which is applicable is this:
Some suggest that accountability is bad. If that is true, how can they claim any foundation for what did or didn’t happen in Germany or Iraq? Supposedly it was about accountability – why can’t that accountability happen at home?
Clearly, this argument is based on the false premise that we went to Iraq for accountability; but that’s the premise they start with – the point is to build of their faulty premises and then apply that back to the United States: Why is the same accountability not put on the President, and Congress? They have no answer because their original premise – the basis for the Iraq invasion – is flawed. They will yell at you to distract attention, “It’s different.” Sure – it’s different: Last time it was Nazis in Germany, now it’s Nazis in the White House.

* * *

The DNC leadership needs to be called on their bluff. They say, “Lets investigate, we should find facts before we impeach on censure.” OK, put aside the argument that we do or do not need to investigate, or whether we already know the facts and have evidence, but do what we did above with Iraq and the White House accountability.

Start in a new position: They say they want to investigate before they take action. OK, then they can share their plan of what they will do once they have those facts.

Put it like this: “Once you get that information, what do you plan to do with it?”:

  • A. DO you have a plan?

  • B. What are the options in that plan?

  • C. What range of responses and evidence do you expect?

  • D. What types of inquiry do you anticipate?

  • E. How long will it take?

  • F. Will we get new information?

  • G. If we already knew this now – that he’s violated the law – why aren’t we simply charging him with what we know, and let the Senate dig through the evidence?

  • H> what can we do now to put this plan together, and ensure that the Senate has the information to make a decision?

    The real answer is that the House leadership – unlike the Senate – wants to do the senate’s job: That of reviewing evidence. That’s not lawful. Time to call the House leadership on the carpet to explain why they are trying to usurp Senatorial power.

    The real answer is: We do not have to wait. We have plenty of information to provide the Senate. The real problem is Congress is giving non-sense.

    * * *

    Congress needs to be reminded that they are leaders. They are in office. It is their job to lead voters. The Congress needs to explain to the voters: “Voters, we are against this rebellion.” They won’t do that. We have to make the adverse judgments that the Congress is with the rebellion.

    Also think in terms of Iraq. There was a big rush to take action based on non-sense. But today, we have facts, but Congress is slow to move. Put it back on Congress: Why the speed to act on non-sense over Iraq, but slow to move on a bigger threat to our rights at home? That makes nonsense.

    Congress talks about being in charge. We need to ask Congress: Why would they want to be in charge of voters who supposedly will “not want the rule of law imposed.” This argument is non-sense. Congress cannot explain why they want to be in charge of those who support lawlessness.

    Rather, the way forward is to get Congress to lead, and show that the rule of law is what their oath is. If it is a “big problem” to do their oath – then Congress obviously needs help: They need to be able to find an excuse to do their jobs: Their oath isn’t good enough. Thus, we have to presume that Congress is really saying, “We need a law that makes us do this – that way we can go to the voters and say, I had to do this, I had no choice. It was the law.” [Never mind the fact that the law has been violated; and that’s their job anyway. The point is just build on their non-sense and show why they have to do their job, and that if they don’t we can change the Constitution to give them an excuse to do what the voters “don’t want.”]

    Congress really can’t explain why it is giving deference to those who want to vote against the rule of law; or those who do not support the rule of law. If there is a threat of a loss of something gif someone does what they should – then that is called extortion. Why isn’t Congress turning this issue back on the voters who are supposedly “calling for lawlessness” and forcing the Voters to explain: Why are you extorting congress to assent to lawlessness by using threats of loss of something?” If Congress isn’t willing to stand up to this supposed extortion we can only conclude one thing: There is no lawful basis for Congress to assert there is any extortion. Rather, Congress simply is afraid of asserting power.

    Then we need to figure out how to make them. We need a New Constitution. One that will at times like this force the Congressional leadership to assert their oath; we can combine the Congress into a Single Branch, and knock down the walls between the House and Senate: That way the Congress will act as a singe voice, and move quickly to assert the rule of law. If the choose otherwise, and assent to a tyranny, then we should do the opposite – and erect a third or fourth step that will slow what non-sense we have in the wake of Sept 2001.

    There are options. The right answer is to proven the abuse of power and protect rights. This Congress is “afraid” of that. Well, we need to make Congress afraid of the law more than they are afraid of the so-called “lawless-loving voters.”

    * * *

    The issue is: Why isn’t the DNC leading standing up for the rule of law; and how could they dare do anything else? What does this inaction say? It says one thing about the DNC. They would rather get their power than assert their oath and law. This is the same problem as before.

    The voters can be convinced that the rule of law is with the oath. But this Congress would rather make excuses to assent to the Rebellion.

    The fiction to embrace is that by doing nothing or playing nice, things will improve. This is non-sense. By playing nice, things have gotten worse and the weaknesses have been taken advantage.

    The Congress needs to show the voters they have heard them: They will change, or embrace a new set of law that mandate the oath. But they will also need to say, “We accept that the laws are not enough; we need a new Constitution.”

    Like the lawyers and former prosecutors, Members of Congress are not for a principle. The are for power. They would rather have some power – and not protect rights, or stop abuse of power – than to have to do their jobs, and convince their voters that protecting rights and preventing the abuse of power is the right thing to do.

    They have compromised on their oath. To get a little power, they are undermining their legitimacy. The voters see this. We can write a new Constitution.

    * * *

    This Congress is not for any principle. They would rather have some power, and let Americans lose their rights, than assert power and possibly have a confrontation. Because Congress is weak, fearful and don't like to confront, they are assenting to the abuse.

    Look at what they do, and say. They scream at others around the globe about human rights, the rule of law, and accountability. Yet, were his that standard at home? They are silent. All the more reason to remind them of their hypocrisy.

    Remember what the RNC said about Iraq and Saddam. But aside the issue that we have no WMD – just focus on what they argued: They said, “Sometimes when there are snakes in the rocks, you have to put your boots on and go get it. It’s not going to be pretty but that’s what you have to do.” The same argument applies to this snake in the White House: We have to lawfully do what must be done.

    Anyone in the RNC or Congress who took any position on Iraq needs to realize what we have: A snake in the white House. We mobilized based on non-sense against the snake in Iraq; surely with the law and facts on our side – this time – we could do the same thing at home.

    Curious, the nation mobilized for non-sense abroad, but refuses to mobile to prevent the abuse of power and protect rights at home. We did what was unlawful abroad to give us the power to abuse power at home? Yes, that absurdity is what they want us to embrace.

    Congress and the RNC specifically cannot explain why their arguments about Saddam do not also apply to this President. He’s a snake. He should lawfully be dealt with as any snake should be dealt with. The standards imposed on Saddam should apply to this snake: Deadlines, agreements, lawful consequences, and the assent to what he agreed to.

    The RNC and DNC cannot explain why asserted non-sense and made up evidence is more important in Iraq, but real evidence and abuse is not to be dealt with in America.

    America gave Saddam a deadline based on non-sense. American can give Congress and the White House a deadline based on facts and the rule of law: Do your jobs, or we will continue to mobilize to have a New Constitution lawfully rammed down your throat to make you meet the principles and standards that you supposedly imposed on Saddam Hussein

    You can’t have it both ways. If you really want to do the right ting, time to face the Snake in the White House. The time for fact finding is over. The time to impeach is now. The time for the senate to review the Evidence is at hand. Unless you act, we will continue to draft a New Constitution to force you to do what you refuse to do – and lawfully revoke your power you will only use to abuse.

    You have failed. America knows it. And you leadership is worthless. Your excuses are absurd. You have no vision. And you would rather give excuses to assent to lawlessness, than lead and on what you promised: To protect the constitution from domestic snakes in the White House.

    Get off your rear ends. Otherwise we will lawfully compel you to move.

    A New Constitution will give We the People better boots to stomp on the snake of tyranny.