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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sham Options: So-called 'outsiders' actually support the defective system

There's a ruse going around. So-called "outsiders" are providing options.

Small problem: They're actually part of what has failed, and they're merely affirming support for what has failed: The American legal system.

Three Links: How this is fitting together: Ref: Basis for statements below. Back up for abuse on FDL is here Click ] [ Reference: Line of inquiry into Taylor -- skim over it, you'll see there's a problem. ]

The American legal system has failed America and the Constitution. This non-sense with the current Administration has gone on for too long. Now the attorneys want to show up and say they've got solutions. Baloney. Where were they when this first started?

I've noticed more of this pattern lately. So called "citizen activists" are actually old school people from the legal community. What's striking is they're using methods that are deceptive, abusive, and they merely affirm illusions. They would rather support solutions, but when you did into what they're arguing for, it's clear they have no idea that they're actually supporting more of what is failed. The real solution is to call this mess what it is: A failed system, and no thanks to the legal community. Yet, I welcome open discussions and solutions. I do not support abusive people who mislead the public, or use methods that support the very abuse they say they're fighting.

* * *

Links: Ref: Basis for statements below. Back up for abuse on FDL is here Click ]

First is Fire Dog Lake's Christy Hardin Smith. A fine person, advocating change. She's a well recognized writer. Small problem. I looked through the Marion County, WVa records and she's not coming up. That doesn't mean she's lying. It means she's not quite what she would have us believe. She's actually not a "State-level" worker, she's more of a county level person. But she wasn't a prosecutor, she was an associate prosecutor, or APA. There's a big difference. A prosecutor is someone who's like a District Attorney. Smith never said she was.

The other problem with Smith is that she was working in the District level office at the time of 9-11, which means one thing: She and her colleagues were on the receiving end of the President's NSA-fed "investigative leads." In other words, under the prosecutor’s ethics guidelines, the prosecutors have a duty to provide information to the court when there's adverse information.

Fast forward to 2006 and the Yearly Kos. Guess who's on the panel talking about Plame, Iraq WMD, and the NSA issues. That's right: A prosecutor-turned fiction writer. I'm all for open dialog. I'm not for someone showing up and pretending to be a solution.

Short version: Where was Smith when all this NSA information was getting sent to local prosecutors for convictions? I'm sure we'll here more non-sense on that one from Smith and the crew at FDL. Beware of FDL, they do not take kindly to people showing up and actually listening and offering ideas. They would rather whine, and then go head to head with a Congress that isn't listening. More of that "hay, we're going t lead a charge, but not change what really needs to be changed."

The real answer is to draw the line on Congress and the defective American legal community and call it what it is: Failed. Time's up. Not going to listen to your non-sense. And your abusive conduct isn't inspiring confidence. Time to quit wasting time trying to educate Congress. We can lawfully act now. not wait until the election, and simply draw up a New Constitution. The apologists for the failed system want to wait: The same "denial trolls" that run the FDL website. Beware, if you ask them a simple question -- they refuse to deny something that a reasonable person should deny. Rather, they'll turn it around and make it about you. That's abusive, and more of what this Federal Government is all about: Abuse.

* * *

[ Reference: Line of inquiry into Taylor -- skim over it, you'll see there's a problem. ]

Second example of the failed legal system is another former prosecutor. This guy is in Vermont, his name is A. Jeffrey Taylor. Strange, despite the many years of inaction, suddenly he claims he's got the "big idea" about the Jefferson's Manual. That's a load of non-sense: He can't explain where he came up with the idea, nor does he understand the House rules. Yet, he's pushing for something that he says he doesn't think will work. Huh? Why the Rush? No answer on that one. Doesn’t add up. He also claims that he knew Vermont would have been first; OK, so which website did he find that on, and Which website told him the method had not been used yet? He has not answered. That's quite odd. Plus, he wants to take credit for the proclamation written. Big problem: The words were lifted from texts written thirty years ago.

Turns out he's on a local planning committee. Legal community in Vermont wants to take credit for the "legal research" and "big leadership the citizens can provide." Don’t take the bait on that one. The real people who did the research on the Jefferson's Manual had absolutely nothing to do with Vermont, and had no connection to the legal community in Vermont. Taylor’s story doesn’t add up.

Taylor's got a real problem. He's continuing to offer interviews. Yet, because his original story doesn't add up, you'll notice each successive interview has more inconsistencies. Vermont has a State licensing system using attorney professional standards of conduct. Either Vermont can get this guy to explain it, or this guy is going to drop some real doozies.

The point is: Watch out on these claims. The legal community would like America to think it is part of the solution. Baloney. They've done nothing. And any former prosecutor that says they have the big solution -- watch out: Where were they when this first started happening?

Chances are, if you ask a few questions they'll turn it back on you -- as most prosecutors like to do. Don't get defensive. Rather, throw it back on them. They're not a prosecutor any more. Their burden is to explain what they were doing with the NSA data when it came in, and why they're being just as abusive as those they want to replace.

The American legal system is part of the problem. Don't take the bait on their belated assertions of solutions or leadership. They have failed. The former employees are committed to what isn't working. Just as the former US government employees will cycle through to contractors, and support illegal federal government options, so too will former judicial branch officers and members of the American legal system cycle through into the "civilian sector." They haven't changed.

You watch. Midway through the "big solution" or "big Plan" they'll drop the ball, get confused, and not understand what they're doing. They're going to go back to the old thing and defer to Congress, wait until the elections, and ask Americans to put up with the same non-sense.

The trick is to know this is happening, and get out of their way. Those who recognize what is going on are getting smeared and trashed. Watch out. They haven't changed. They simply want to lead those who oppose this non-sense, then manipulate them to commit to what has failed.

Those days are over. we need real solutions. It’s time to lawfully flush this defective legal community and former prosecutors. Ask them where they were when they really could make a different. Their only solution is to oppose something that they can provide no alternative to.

You got ratted out. You are still with the failed system and provide no viable solutions. That's no leadership. It's simply asking Americans to replace one set of non-sense with another. That’s manipulation. Game over.

* * *

Going forward, it’s time to call Congress on its non-sense. Some say they “don’t have enough facts.” OK, call them on their bluff: What’s their plan “once they do get the facts”? They should be able to answer that. But they won’t. The real problem is they’ve been lead to believe that if they assert the rule of law, they’ll lose the election. Well suppose that were true: Who would want to lead people who vote against the rule of law? Besides, people who are in power have the advantage: They’ve already got a majority supporting them; and they’ve been tested with debates. They fail to do what they got elected to do: Lead, and persuade others – even the voters – of the right thing to do. If you’re afraid of losing an election because you’re doing the right thing, then why would you want to stay in office? The answer is – you would rather have power than do the right thing. That shows America one thing: You’re a hypocrite. We can lawfully deal your kind – and make you do your job or find you have committed a felony. It’s called malfeasance. We can put that in a new Constitution and enforce that using rules and oversight that the Federal Government cannot control.

So, drive it back on them: Once they get their “big results from the investigation” – ask them what new information is it going to give us? Answer, it’s not going to tell us anything new: We already know Bush and Blair violated the laws of war; and w already know the NSA conduct is at odds with the existing laws.

Spending more time investigating isn’t a solution. Rather, it’s an excuse.

Again, Congress thinks it can delay. That’s a non-starter. There’s already an alternative Constitution -- that will make Congress do its job – in review, getting passed around. Congress can either accept it has a problem, or have the solution in posed on them.

Watch out for the failed legal community using their non-sense legal skills to manipulate the public into assent to what doesn’t work. You took an oath to protect the Constitution; you failed – it’s too late in the game to credibly argue your work is to protect that document. Rather, you’re simply putting your finger to the wind and trying to find which way the mob might be running. Game over on that.

I can only offer you one caution: The players that are most at risk of being ratted out are quickly trying to create the illusion that they’re the “big solution.” That might be true – but put that solution under the microscope; ask whether they are truly forcing Congress to do its job, or providing excuses to wait, and put up with non-sense. Your American Federal Government is broken for one reason: The legal community has failed to protect it. Rather, the lawyers have twisted the laws around to abuse power, and violate rights.

The legal community has a responsibility to put their oath before all things. If members of the legal community or American Bar Association really have some “big concerns” at this point – why weren’t you reporting the misconduct to the state bar disciplinary boards? They have a duty to report violations, which means reporting conduct and illegal support of unlawful Presidential rebellions against the Constitution. They filed no reports. Thus, they are just as guilty as those who are primary actors. That’s called a conspiracy of silence, inaction, and excuses.

The American legal community is the one that has the credibility problem. And the examples we’ve seen lately tell us one thing: They want you to believe it is something else. Watch out. These are the same layers that fed Congress lies to illegally invade Iraq, justify abuse and torture in Guantanamo and Abuse, and have remained silent as prosecutors about the NSA investigative leads they should have well known were illegally acquired outside the Constitution.

This legal system – and its personnel – have failed. We need to move forward on something that will solve these problems, prevent the abuse of power, and protect rights. This legal community has woken up too late. There’s no reason to pay attention to them. They’re simply grabbing at the power that’s about to be lawfully stripped away. Watch out, they are not willing to give up something that they’ve taken for granted. They’ll likely abuse those who dare call this what it is: A failure of the American Bar Association, state level oversight, and worthless peer reviews. IF it was a credibly system we wouldn’t have this mess. Rather, we’d have some honest lawyers who’d call this what it is: A mess, and the legal community needs a good, lawful cleansing with new leaders who are committed to their oaths, and a Constitution that mandates the assertion of oaths to protect that document.

In short, the same players that failed under the old Constitution want to do more of the same to avoid changes. That’s all the more reason to have changes: To force them to do what they failed to do: Their jobs. It’s all the same crowd in Congress, former prosecutors, lawyers, and the judicial officers who won’t let go of what has failed: The Constitution. We can make it better. It’s time to quit wasting time trying to Convince Congress or the legal community of what should be done: They are the problem and need to be lawfully done in and forced to compel with a new system that will compel them to do what they’ve been paid to do but abysmally failed to do: Protect rights, and prevent the abuse of power. Watch out: The ones showing up are just as abusive. Watch your backs, and get ready to find new options. You’re getting manipulated to sell out and compromise on what doesn’t need to be compromised: Your right to be free from abuse and have your rights respected. There’s no reason to fear finding new people to work with. You never have to put up with the abuse of deception, misleading assertions, or failures to take responsibility. We need leaders who will transform us into something that will really solve this problem, not people who are trying to manipulate mobs.