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Saturday, April 01, 2006

States monitoring Federal Government

Some wonder what is to be done. Simple: Start doing to the Federal Government what they're doing to America -- Lawfully let them know they've antagonized the wrong people: Americans.

Are you tired of the abusive federal government? There's something that can be done. States can start passing legislation that will compel the Federal government to meet certain legal obligations. The States do have the power to do what the FISA court has done -- ban specific people from a state that are illegally operating in defiance of the law, especially in situations where they refuse to follow the rules.

Too late, here is a sample bill: [ Click ]

If the Federal Government will not respect human rights, the local and state officials can pass ordinances that make it illegal for anyone in any state to interact with, communicate with, or cooperate with those the locals deem to be traitors, war criminals, or have violated the Constitution.

If the Federal Government will not enforce the law, the local officials and state legislators can pass laws forbidding any citizen to interact with those who are violating the US Constitution, not asserting their jobs as Members of Congress, or doing anything that unlawfully supports war crimes or illegal NSA activity.

States can monitor the federal government. States can share information.

States that Contracts with the federal government should review them:

[....] Which of your activity is unlawfully supporting the illegal NSA activity and other abuses by this Federal Government?

[....] Can you identify which federal agencies are not enforcing the law?

[....] Has your state legislature made it a crime for your local officials to cooperate with those who violate the US Constitution, abuse human rights, or refuse to cooperate with States in gathering evidence about misconduct or ensuring that Federal laws are enforced?

[....] Is your state monitoring the abuses by the federal government?

[....] What plan does your state to pass legislation compelling federal agents to appear as witnesses in 42 USC 1983 cases, allegations of war crimes against Americans, or for violating the US Constitution with the illegal NSA spying?

[....] Is you state sharing anecdotes with other states?

[....] What system does your state have in gathering evidence about Federal Government violations of the law?

[....] Is your local community working with other communities to share lessons learned?

[....] Are you working on a plan to protect your Constitution?

* * *

The point of this is for the states to assert Article IV and Amendment X powers under the Constitution to assert power and ensure that their Constitutional systems are protected. If America’s Federal Government will not assert the rule of law, the States can make it a crime for anyone to interact with those who are in rebellion.

The federal government cannot argue this is a “restraint” on the First Amendment: The Federal Government doesn’t recognize the 1st Amendment – so how can a lawful state action that violates the same laws the Federal Government violates be a violation? It’s simply reciprocity as permitted under the laws of war.

The DoJ has refused to rescind its assertions that the NSA is a combat support tool; thus, the NSA is unlawfully being used against American civilians, and this is a war crime. The laws of war permit people to lawfully reciprocate by violating the same laws which they had violated.