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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Reichstag II: What can America say about the detention camps?

A government that runs out of options will use force. The issue is whether they can blame that on something else.

We judge there is a plan in place for another Reichstag-like event. The way forward is to ensure we've woken up from Sept 2001, and are prepared to discuss this possibility now.

Others have already considered this. Many years ago. Consider this link: [ Click ]

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One of the difficult things we’re going to have to consider for is the likely use of American combat force against innocent civilians. I’m not talking about the use of the NSA as is already illegal and a war crime.

Rather, it’s the sad fact that this government has run out of options and shows it is willing to use force when backed into a corner. The way forward is to know that tyrants will abuse power. This government has run out of options. Americans know there is no legitimacy.

We judge it is likely they will do another 9-11, only this time the goal will be to blame the attack on Americans. The problem is that 9-11 didn’t work. We’ve found out. We judge it is likely they’re getting ready to do another one. They key will be to on the look out of the factors that contributed to 9-11, and anticipate when the government will use this event as a crackdown.

The crackdown will have one goal: To dissuade the people from asserting their rights, and their lawful attempt to prevent the abuse of power.

When you review what this incident might look like, you’ll see some eerie seminaries to 9-11. In order to make a Reichstaag0like event work, they’ll have to have false evidence, false accusations, and false confessions.

The key will be to monitor how effectively the legal profession responds. Given what’s happened with Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, we judge the American legal profession will do nothing. Rather, they’ve more likely crafted language related to martial law than in ensuring there is prudent fact finding to ensure the real culprits are found.

In the wake of the likely incident, you’ll want to look closely. You’ll see some strange similarities with 9-11 and violations of the law.

  • Evidence is not prepared or safeguarded

  • Independent media is not given access

  • Government officials are not responsive

  • Prisoners are not treated well

    The trick is going to be to keep a calm head, and realize that someone is being too quickly smeared.

    But take a step back. How could this entire event occur unless the NSA caught it? Remember, they faked the voice recordings over the Iraqi Generals talking to the officers. They could do the same again.

    * * *

    The American legal community is not leading the way to protect this Constitution. They remain troublingly silent on this dictatorship. They need to show they've learned the lessons of post Sept 2001, and are ready to proactively ensure the rule of law, not rule of non-sense prevails.

    To date, the lessons are not impressive:

  • No plan to ensure that prisoners were timely supported

  • Excessive delays in asserting the rule of law

  • Failure to get your legal peers to discuss what was well discussed prior to 9-11 -- the planning for that activity in DoJ -- without a balanced amount of planning for the civilians

  • Recurring abuses which retroactively have to be litigated; a better approach would be to prospectively strengthen the Constitution with something that will make this type of event far easier to detect and preclude the government crackdown to begin with

  • Repeated government abuses of power, but a glacial response to those abuses in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and the NSA. The Legal community needs to get on board with a New Constitution: What will solve this problem with the abuse of power and violation of rights. The system is broken. The current Constitution has failed to protect rights and prevent the abuse of power.

    * * *

    We judge there is a likely plan in place to justify a US crackdown. The show of force will have one goal: To dissuade the public from holding the government accountable. Whether this plan is actually implemented remains to be seen.

    But the time to think through this is now, and plan ahead to monitor whether the events in the wake of the possible incident are related to bonafide threats, or more manufactured non-sense.

    Again, the problem is going to be that the entire event is then used as a basis to do nothing else. This is going to be a problem. So, in advance get commitments on timetables and agreements that include the possibility of such an event and explicitly state, “Even if there is a disaster, can we count on you to honor your commitment to focus on this requirement; or are you not going to bother?”

    If they won’t commit now to, “Yes, I promise to do what I can – “ I wouldn’t bother interacting with them. It shows they aren’t willing to commit to something even when they have the time to develop some backups and workarounds. That’s not the kind of people I want to be associated with. So ask them, where do they stand, have they thought about it, and how are they going to ensure that the investigations are credible?

    * * *

    Let’s play imagination game. Something to think about is – what if Congress does nothing about impeachment; and the US does spiral into a dictatorship. We’re going to have to think about some things like prison camps. They’ve already got the contracts passed, and they’re ready to build them. There are sites selected.

    Here’s the issue: Let’s suppose you’re in one of those camps, what are you going to wish had happened today? That’s what you need to think about. You’re still free. At this point, we have no idea whether this will or will not actually happen. The point is simply to think through this in advance, and then lawfully do what you can do to protect the Constitution.

    Ask this question: “We wish we could have spoken to someone from 2006 about what we know now to prevent this. This is what we would say.”

    Your job is to answer: What do we do now.

    Remember, the goal here isn’t to make you do anything. The goal here is to make you realize you’re still free. And there’s something you can lawfully do to make sure you are still free, your rights are protected, and power is not abused.

    Don’t wish later. Think now.

    * * *

    From inside prison what might you think of?

  • A. outlaw the detention and holding without warrant mass roundups?

  • B. what new Constitution is needed – in advance – to hold members of Congress liable for appropriating money for what turns out to be a bogus excuse to round people up -- and something they should have known was possible?

  • C. What do American combat forces need to be trained on and forced to promise should be they issued orders to violate the US Constitution, and target American civilians with combat power?

    What’s needed is some thought on what will be done to intimidate and stifle the opposition. The goal of the Reichstag-II will likely be to get Congress to do nothing about the abuses.

    * * *

    What you can do:

    Ask the American Bar Association what lessons they have from Guantanamo, Iraq WMD, and the illegal invasion of Iraq to swiftly move to ensure that the Constitution is protected, and trials are speedy; and that Habeas corpus is vigorously debated. One option might be to force Congress to vote against the Constitution right now – and force them to take a stand. If they refuse, we’ll know where they stand. Draft a bill that will force Congress to vote whether to outlaw the Constitution. Their actions say they have; are they willing to vote on it?

  • Ask the government about the pre-planning for the sites

  • Ask them what the criteria will be to round people up

  • Discuss with the public and open media what plans they have to ensure that those detained are not abused

  • How will the Red Cross be involved; will they be denied access; how have Red Cross requests for access to these plans been thwarted

  • What method will be used to ensure that those detained – who may or may not be abused – are not out “recreating” when the inspectors arrive

  • What has to be done now to ensure that the US government does not have the green light to commit the same abuses on Americans has it did in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib; how will the current prison abuses in US prisons be better deterred; what changes are needed to how prisoners are currently operated; why should we believe that during a mass roundup that people will be better treated than what we saw in the Post Sept 2001 event

  • What information will be given to officers to ensure they maintain discipline

    We can expect that in the wake of the possible event that they’ll use the confusion of that incident to permit a free for all. Namely, the same lack of discipline that we saw in the wake of Sept 2001 should be expected.

  • What will be done to document this abuse

  • What kind of training is needed now to ensure that people are civilly dealt with

    The pre-planning for this incident will likely include methods to black out the media, restrict travel and access to the location, and spread favorable reports of combat troops in America.

    Yet, given the position of the White House it is not unreasonable to conclude they could use force on the basis of a pre-text. They did attack their own offices in the 2004 election.

    * * *

    What’s worrisome is the speed at which US troops will blindly obey unlawful orders. We’ve seen this with Iraq and the WMD issue; also with Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

    We judge that the same plans are in place, and Congress has failed to inquire into them. Rather, they are most likely called, “operational secrets.”

    There is no reason to trust Americans. They do violate the law. They cover things up. They are barbarians when it comes to civilized use of power.

    What’s needed is some discussion of what will lawfully be done to ensure that this power is not abused, as was done in the wake of Sept 2001.

    There is also the issue of contractors. They were instrumental in supporting the illegal war in Iraq and the unlawful NSA activity currently supporting the FBI and DHS unlawful activities.

    What’s needed is a better reading of what training is needed to make it clear to all government employees that this kind of conduct is a crime; they have a duty to report it; and even civilians can be held accountable for war crimes against Americans.

    The problem is that it takes a while to embrace what is going on: Americans are actively planning and setting up these camps; and they will be doing this to other Americans: Planning abuse, violating laws, ignoring history, and moving quickly without thinking.

    The American excuse of “we didn’t know” is non-sense. Money is being paid to contractors to volatile the US constitution and laws. It is also well known that rights are being violated and power is being abused as the laws of the land are ignored.

    Americans like the Germans before WWII are going along with this because they are being paid to plan for and support illegal activity.

    There needs to be some jurisprudence: What is to be done to remedy this. And what range of excuses and non-sense evidence needs to be vetted before we throw away Habeas Corpus. The lesson of Guantanamo is clear: Americans will ignore the law, and engage in war crimes. They are fully prepared to do another Reichstag. The issue is whether Americans are going to be in a position to prevent the abuse of power, or whether they’ll say again, “We should have listened.”

    The problem is that Americans who have taken an oath have already violated the law and abused civilians in America: This is the heart of the NSA activity. What may or may not have happened in Iraq, Guantanamo, or Afghanistan is a fair warning of the confusion that will be exploited stateside.

    * * *

    There are things you can watch out for and let others know

  • Increasing use of non-sense to discredit credible leaders

  • Non-sense stories to the military about the “domestic threat”. American should ask why American military personnel are being targeted with messages that should be aimed at those working in Iraq

  • Review whether there are or are not legal contracts in place; what kinds of immunities have been granted to those who are designing them; and which contractors are doing this planning. It is not lawful to grant immunity – nor should anyone rely on that immunity – to plan for and support war crimes. It is our view that any agreement to keep silent about this activity, even the solicitation of the plan is not lawfully enforceable.

    A reasonable person who is involved in this planning should know that it is related to illegal activity, and not credible evidence.

    America’s job is to remind the government: Don’t dare do another Reichstag – we know your game, and we’re fully prepared to lawfully do what is required in advance to ensure that you do not exploit more hysteria you create.