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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good night, good luck -- Clooney's passion, Fire Dog Lake's legacy

Clooney's got a new film out. Well it's been out for a while. It’s curious to contrast what Clooney hopes to accomplish with what's actually happening.

Some ex-Hollywood and ex-legal types are invoking the image of Clooney to simply justify more abuse. Clooney is still with us, yet his legacy has already been turned upside down.

How McCarthy-an. It will take a while to clean up the stench oozing from Fire Dog Lake. They're run amok, and they hope to assert the rule of law -- just don't talk about the Constitution.

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George Clooney’s film "Good Night, Good Luck" captures the story of legendary reporter Edward R. Murrow in his effort to target the McCarthy abuses.

What's striking about the subject is the response to attempts to discuss the issues on Fire Dog Lake -- the issue of the Constitution -- they shoot the messenger.

You'll see the transcript here. [ Click ] You see anything in there warranting the Fire Dog Lake abuse? Of course not, beware -- they don't really want to talk about what might be a solution. They'll make a new name for you. Take your pick.

* * *

The very abuses which Clooney captures on film is put into full force by Jane Hamsher and Christy Hardin Smith on Fire Dog Lake. They would have you believe that they're for a noble cause.

Rather, they've forgotten what they're trying to do. They assent to abuse. They also outrageously make up non-sense. How much longer are they going to try to “convince” Congress of what Congress will not do: Follow the law.

You’re wasting your time. The answer is to lawfully threaten Congress with a New Constitution: Either do your job, impeach the President, and let the Senate review the evidence – well before the November election – or we’ll lawfully impose a New Constitution outside Article V. [ Here’s the Yale Paper that permits this, outside Article V without Constitutional Convention, and what Congress can face as an immediate, lawful threat: Do your job, or we will lawfully revoke your power Click ]

* * *

What's most bizarre about Fire Dog Lake is the whining. They continue to claim they are frustrated, fearful, looking for options. If you show up with solutions, they don't want to hear it. Wow, like Congress. See a pattern? Congress and Fire Dog Lake are not serious: They want to create the image of seriousness. They're hopeless.

They've now got a new smear term, in harmony with the McCarthyism in Clooney's film. The term they will use is "helping troll." You'll have to ask them about it. The definition changes. It depends on whether people are or are not doing what Clooney's film is about: Smearing.

The contrast is striking On one hand the Fire Dog Lake community likes to post pictures of Clooney, but they don’t want to talk about the issues Clooney wants to spark a debate on: The Constitution, what's going on today, and what do we do.

No, not just the goofs running Fire Dog Lake. Rather, they've let the board descend into the same non-sense we've seen and well documented on the Conyers blog.

Fire Dog Lake, why don't you go see the film. Talk about it. Tell America what you really believe: Hopelessness and insecurity. Not too hard for the dogs standing at the edge of the burning lake.

Next time you post a picture of George Clooney, put an X-through it -- it will tell America what you think of Hollywood and the legal community -- and
Clooney's effort to spark a debate about the Constitution.

FDL "Community": "Pathetic Trolls."