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Monday, April 03, 2006

The inevitable impeachment -- why wait another day?

Conyers shares some news, and it's only April 2006.

The Congress will eventually impeach. The issue is: Why aren't the RNC members willing to put themselves before a sinking ship?

* * *

Think about what’s happening.

Even though there are still seven [7] months until the election, the RNC has thrown in the towel. They know two things: That they will lose control of the House, and that the President will be impeached.

Yet, despite this certainty, they plan to deny this for the next seven months.

This does not inspire confidence. Rather, it makes us wonder: Why is Congress unwilling to face the inevitable – the facts and the rule of law will triumph.

* * *

Consider for a moment what continues to happen. Despite this certainty – that the House will turn against the President – there remain multiple plans in place to deny this. Not prevent it, but to deny its inevitability.

Yet, look at the Congress as it stands. The RNC is in charge. What does the RNC plan to do? They cannot continue to justify inactions.

Rather, as the voters understand that the RNC will lose control of the House, not just the agenda, the question is going to be: Why did the RNC not lead, and ensure they led the process.

At this point, it is clear: There are not leaders, but a few who know the rule of law. The rest of Congress refuses to embrace what the RNC sees as inevitable.

The issue is: Why does the country want to waste more time? If there are no facts, and the President is innocent, surely the nation would be best served if the impeachment were quickly resolved and done with.

But this RNC wants to drag this out. They know the inevitable. What are they afraid of: That the facts will be overwhelming?

* * *

The real issue before us is what will happen to the RNC in the Senate. The longer the RNC delays, the more certain the nation will be that the right majority – the numbers required to convict and remove the President – in the Senate, is the DNC.

There are seven long months between now and November. More evidence, more abuses, and more capable investigators gathering evidence.

The RNC would have us believe that we will simply glide along. But this is not the case. The problem for the country – is that despite the inevitable, the RNC continues to not lead. All the more reason to question the Senate.

The founders had a notion that the Senate – because of its stability and six years in office – would be better informed, more rational, and less affected by the emotions of the day. Clearly, this Senate is at odds with that.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. Rather, the issue before Congress is that despite the inevitable impeachment, the leadership in both parties refuses to put their oath before the rule of law.

* * *

Some argue that delaying actions will prevent the RNC from losing the Senate, and this will protect the President.

Yet, the evidence before us is clear. American citizens realize they are powerful. They are openly defying the President, as any criminal should be.

The problem for the RNC is simple. They have no hope. Their only hope is to make others lose hope. That is not leadership. We can do better.

The way forward is to remind the Senate of their oath. They need to be forced to vote on the Bush articles of Impeachment. Then We the People may decide whether they are failing to do their jobs. Again, we do not have to wait until an election.

We already know in advance that their loyalty is not to the oath or the rule of law. They have one loyalty: That of rebellion.

* * *

It doesn’t matter what the excuse of the Senate is. Nor does it matter what they hope can be gained by inaction.

Rather, we in the people can make adverse inferences. We have already mobilized discussions. There is nothing the RNC can do to stop this process.

Rather, what will happen is that as the RNC slow rolls the process, the nation’s States will see that they have an opportunity. The RNC non-sense will not inspire anyone to back down. Rather, it will simply embolden then citizens to continue to pass more resolutions calling for impeachment.

This will percolate. More states will join in. Each time the House refuses to act, the citizens will see they need to change their faith in the RNC.

The issue isn’t whether the President will be lawfully be removed from office. The issue is whether the Senate is going to cooperate, or whether we have to force them with a lawful New Constitution.

* * *

Just consider what has been accomplished in a few short weeks by one voice. A single voice has mobilized a nation to have new hope. Inspired the hope that the citizenry can do something. They can speak out. They can vote on a resolution. And they can wake up Congress.

That’s just one voice.

Multiply that by 300 million. You have no hope.

The problem the Senate has is that it too shows it has no respect for the rule of law. Listen to the arguments the Senators give for inaction. They rewrite the laws. They have us believe non-sense.

Yet, a single voice can call this what it is: A failure of the RNC to lead and assert the rule of law.

The RNC and the Senate are on the wrong side of the law.

* * *

What will the nation think in the next hours as it sinks in: The RNC has no hope, they know they’re going to lose, yet the refuse to lead. IT is only going to get worse over the next few hours. This sinking feeling is going to permeate the country. It is not a sinking feeling of dread, rather it is a rude realization: The RNC despite knowing it has no hope, refuses to do what Statesmen do: And rise to the occasion.

It would be fitting if the RNC leaders in the Senate recognized what is inevitable. They will face more than one round of impeachment and convictions. There will not simply be one. This is not a one off.

We can at any time draft a New Constitution to compel you to assent to the rule of law, and end your rebellion.

It is not that hard. New rules will be needed. What is to be done when a leadership refuses to put the rule of law first, and continues to appropriate funds for illegal wars; when they continue to refuse to find facts.

These are not matters of politics. These are matters of criminal law.

The Senate refuses to face its obligations. Rather, it talks of the rule of law and order it was going to bring to Iraq, but it fails to promise that for America.

Let’s put aside the question of whether there was or was not any evidence to justify what was or wasn’t done in Iraq. Simply look at the goal: American wanted to act to do the right thing.

Today, the right thing is the same at home: To bring order and stability. Americans talked about helping the Iraqis. It is clear this was an admirable goal. Again, the issue is not whether or not this goal was possible; the issue was that it was a goal America wanted for Iraq. So why isn’t this goal also good for Americans?

That’s the issue for the RNC leadership in the Senate. They cannot explain why they talk about principles for others, but do not embrace that principle in the Senate, much less America.

The voters know. The voters can see.

* * *

One voice is all it took. Now there are others. Each of you who read this will know that you are part of something that has changed the world. You have touched power. You have touched your soul. How? You simply did what was always in your power: To notice what was going on, and do what you can.

Every one of you is important. Each and every one of you has a valid perspective. And the perspective is based on one thing: Reason, logic, order, and patterns. That is all that the rule of law is. Nothing more. Yet it is everything. It separates us from barbarians. It makes us be who we are capable. It is a choice.

* * *

The dark days are over. Yes, there will be work ahead. But you know one thing: It pays off. It does change things. And we can make things better.

Just by you speaking out. Simply choosing to notice that things could be better. Then expecting nothing less.

America is about the rule of law. It is built on reason. It inspires those who see that we are capable of great things. We simply need to choose to rise to what we are capable.

The RNC, on the other hand, despite the rich legacy of Lincoln would have us believe something else. That the world is not related to reason, and it cannot be understood. Rather, the problem is that the RNC does not understand: It is in power, and it still has no plan or vision.

The plan and vision is simple: What will the RNC do to ensure the rule of law prevails. It has no plan. And it has no plan to get a plan.

This is not a problem simply for the RNC and the membership. Rather, it is one that contractors and lobbyists continue to parrot. You know better. Your contracts are based on the law. Your lawyers make language and contract terms. You have the expectation that the law is enforced.

Yet, when it comes to matters of the nation’s highest standard – the Constitution – the standard should be no less.

Perhaps you may solicit funds based on non-sense. Perhaps you are rewarded for making ads that support a talking point. Ask yourself if you would rather be paid to really say what you think, and ensure the rule of law prevailed.

It is curious that Americans will be paid for what they do. Some will lie. Others will simply parrot. And there are a few who will simply tell you the truth, and honestly give you what you most desire: A real reason for hope, and an example of what can be done if you simply choose to say, “Yes, there is a better way.”

Ask yourself: What is America if it is not for the law. Indeed, you can attract money based on hype, but that will not last forever. All money must do one thing: Create a profit. That means you must effectively manage money. It simply means you have to ensure the capital allocation is linked with one thing: Sound ideas and plans.

But look at the RNC. It has no ideas, and they are not sound. Clearly, the RNC knows the impeachment is near if not imminent. Would it not be prudent – in a system of free enterprise – to let the markets speak, and ensure the money goes to the sound ideas and plans.

* * *

There’s only one idea you really need to remember: the Constitution. That’s what this entire system is built on. That’s where the money needs to go.

Look around you, the RNC leadership is already throwing in the towel, but they offer no guidance to its membership. Again, the RNC leadership is not acting like leaders. They continue to support rebellion, all the while knowing the rebellion is not sustainable.

Look at the RNC members. Do they honestly believe they can do the impossible? They have been manipulated, abused, and they are angry. The trap for the DNC is to treat your fellow members with the same disdain as the RNC leadership shows America.

Rather, you must rise above this. Recognize what is happening. Americans are feeling safe to speak. But the problem with the DNC leadership is they are not preparing the DNC members to cross the aisle and work with all Americans.

This is what must be done. You must learn to wait and simply listen. Your RNC peers are afraid – because all that they have hoed for has suddenly collapsed. This is where the DNC must reach out.

This does not mean compromise your standards. Rather, it means to reach out and listen and really work on solving problems that the RNC will embrace as their own.

You may be outraged at those who speak non-sense. You may be upset that they are spending time doing what they do. But their actions do not cause you to do anything. Rather, you choose to react to their reaction.

You are not ready to lead. Rather, you are becoming leaders. With time, you will see that you can lead others simply by listening to them. They will tell you what is on their mind. All you have to do is listen.

The problem with America is that it wants to win. The real way forward is to transform America. That is victory.

* * *

We will get better. It is inevitable. There may be setbacks, but that is to be expected. The way forward is simply that: Forward.

It is time to change the approach with Congress. They need not be considered serious players. It is time to tell them – not ask them – but tell them to start acting like Statesmen.

Americans are ready for that. American citizens are capable of doing that. American candidates are capable Statesmen.

You must choose. Whether you are going to act like statesmen, and listen; or whether you are going to act like children and do otherwise.

The way forward is on a path that is in harmony with the laws of the land. Today, it is clear that the RNC knows it has no chance of victory.

Rather, the issue is when the RNC will start acting like statesmen, not children.

* * *

The Senate has a difficult job. It must assert the rule of law and comply with its oath.

The issue is whether the Senate will freely choose to do this, or whether the Senate requires a New Constitution to compel them to do what they refuse: To act like statesmen.

Statesmen do one thing: They assert the rule of law and ensure the State is preserved. This RNC leadership does neither, and they destroy the law, and destroy the State.

This is their choice.

But the Constitution and the State are two different things.

As is power and rights.

And as are We the People and the Constitution.

We the People crafted this Constitution as a guide to government. The issue is what new guides does the Government need.

It is well within the scope of possibility that a single voice can recraft an entire system of government, transform America, and leave the RNC sitting in the dust.

That has already happened.

The issue is whether the RNC wants to have it happen again, but more quickly and with less tolerance for non-sense.

That is about to happen.

* * *

The American people know what is possible. A single voice can ignite a nation, touch the souls, and spark a new hope.

With one voice. That’s all it takes. That’s all it took.

American is about to be transformed. You are ready. The RNC is not.

The way forward is to ask what will the Senate look like once it is transformed. It will not look like what we see today: It will be far lovelier. It will truly be a Senate we can be proud of.

That’s what the RNC doesn’t know how to do. They shirk from this possibility.. rather, they hide from what it inevitable.

The Senate must now choose: Whether you are going to remain loyal to something that has failed, or accept what has already happened – Your legacy has ended, you have no hope, and America is ready to provide the leadership where you have failed.

You have not done your jobs.

Americans are ready – as they have always been, except when they were convinced to believe otherwise by those in the RNC who remain something other than Statesmen.

The way forward is to assert the rule of law. The time is now. If you fail to act now, America is willing to do that. It is ready. It is well led. And it can easily sift through the rubble called the RNC and find the few gems worth polishing.

There are many gems in the RNC. The trick will be to polish them faster than they bury themselves with shame and non-sense.

America is about one thing: Reason. The law commands us to do one thing: Assert the rule of law. Anything else is non-sense. The way forward will be to accept what has or hasn’t happened; and to decide what is to be done.

We can do that. Whether the Senate does or does not with to cooperate is irrelevant. You have no choice. Rather, our choice is to decide when and where we lawfully transform you into something that forces you to do what you refuse to do: Asser the rule of law.

IT can be done. It is possible. The process has already started. There is nothing you can do to stop this. The rule of law shall prevail

Your choice is to ask whether you want to transform the Senate, or require We the People to lawfully transform it for you.

It is our Senate. You are merely passing icons. The Senate belongs to We the People. We can change the Senate to do what it refuses to do; and we can compel the Senate to be something that it refuses to be: Statesmen.

The choice is, for now, yours.

You are going to imminently realize that the choice is no longer one you can control. Rather, We the People will simply do what we’ve always been able to do: Transform you.

* * *

American knows what the Senate refuses to face: That the rule of law has prevailed. The Senators still have not embraced that fact.

You can either freely choose to deny what is inevitable, or you can embrace the rule of law. Either way, the rule of law shall prevail. It will triumph, as it always has.

The issue is whether you will be welcomed as Statesmen, or scorned as something you know you are capable of rising above.

It is within the power of the Senate to do or not do something. But we the People have something you cannot do: We can transform you outside the rule of law; and we need not wait for you to “get around” to doing what you’ve always promised to do.

We the People may craft a New Constitution, one that will make your jobs more difficult; and one that will lawfully strip the Members of the Senate of the power they refuse to assert. The States are well positioned to do something lawful, and transformative.

This nation will not descend into lawlessness, especially under the watch of the Senate. Rather, it will transform, and We the People can reasonably expect the Senate to impose the rule of law on a rebel against our Constitution.

If you fail, America will have plenty of time to discuss this, as we have always done and will continue to do. What is to be done to make you do what you refuse.

There are plenty of ideas. You are running out of time. We outnumber you. But most of all, we are far more willing to assert the rule of law – and act like Statesmen – than you currently choose.

An unwise choice.

* * *

The RNC leadership and membership know impeachment is inevitable. The right thing to do would be for the RNC to get on with the job in April 2006 and force this to happen. The sooner we start, the faster we’ll get it done with.

Until the RNC chooses to embrace the rule of law and do what must be done, they show America they are not leaders.

The issue is more than impeachment or who Controls the Congress. The issue is whether you will use your time to show you might soon be given another chance.

With each passing minute, the Senate shows it is incapable.

We the People can reasonably expect more – we’ve been shown what is possible with a single voice. There are many other voices far more capable, far more Statesmanlike who can easily do what you promised to do: Assert your oath, and assert the rule of law.

It’s always been the time to lead. What’s changed is that unless you lead, We the People are fully prepared to make you. Otherwise, you will be found to be in rebellion.

Time to lead. Assert the rule of law. There is no reason to wait. You know what is going to happen. If you fail, then Americans will know that you tried to avoid what was inevitable. That is not what a Statesman does. It is what a rebel and a coward do.

You are better than that. Rise up to the principles you hoped to inspire when you invaded Iraq. Commit to do that at home: Show Americans that you are willing to put as much energy into doing the right thing at home as you are in Iraq.

We do not expect miracles. We merely expect you to be Statesmen. Your example – when put to the test – can inspire a nation to mobilize. We saw what you were willing to do to do the right thing in Iraq.

It’s time to do the right thing at home, in America.

You wished this.