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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recognized rights of the people

We the People may inspect anything at any time in government and change this Constitution peacefully.

No court may infer any right or power listed below is greater or lesser than any other. That a power or right is first or last is of no meaning, nor may any court find that one right trumps another. The objective is to ensure that rights are protected from the government and that government power is not abused.

We the People have the recognized right and power to discuss illegal things; and what is to be done to prevent illegal things from happening.

We the People have the recognized right to discuss illegal things the government is doing, could do, or may attempt to do to violate the Constitution.

We the People have the recognized right to discuss the methods government uses to violate the law or illegally confer power to itself that it abuses.

We the People have no responsibility to provide witnesses or victims; rather, senators who pass illegal legislation have committed an attack against the state.

We the People have the recognized right to share their concerns with statutes

We the People have the recognized right to share our concerns about loopholes in the laws

We the People have are allowed to discuss the range of infinite possibilities that government abuse is possible

We the people may make adverse inferences about matters which the Senate refuses to cooperate

We the people may look at sample behavior, anecdotes showing government abuse of power, and conclude the conduct is occurring in other cases and situations.

We the People may choose to find that all actions of the senate start from an assumption of illegality, and that it is the burden of proof on the Senate to prove the proposed legislation is Constitutional. Until they prove that, we the People may choose to find the Senate in unlawful rebellion against the Constitution.

Congress has already been told that it may make no law abridging freedom of speech. That means just that: You shall make no law. Any Senator who proposes legislation that support doing just that -- prohibiting the free discussion of illegal government behavior -- shall have committed a felony. No Senator may sponsor, support, or speak on a matter or rebellion against the Constitution. Just as it is illegal to make threats against protected citizens; so too is it a felony to attack protected documents.