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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Coming War in America's Heartland

The world sees that America is not serious about the rule of law.

The world prepares to invade and tame the American bully.

War is coming.

The nation went to war in 2003. Prior to that decision, we learn there were already combat operations on the ground.

Regardless what the nation did, it was well known within the NSA and CIA that the case for WMD was very weak.

The United States illegally invaded Iraq.

In 2006, the investigation into these war crimes continues to wind its way through an ever lengthening maze.

The issue for America is to discuss what is to be done -- three years after an illegal war has started -- to bring the leadership back into compliance.

Yet, the real issue is: Despite what failed in 2002, what lessons can we apply to the same illegal activity in Iran.

* * *

The "facts and investigations" are not being credibly reviewed. We can make adverse judgments. Moreover, when a nation continues to appropriate funds for an illegal war, and takes no timely action to resolve who is responsible for that illegal war, there is a major problem.

The issue before us: What is to be done when the facts do not support an illegal war? This leadership has chosen to blame others, fire those who reported the facts, and then get Congress to assent to this rebellion against the rule of law.

* * *

America has a problem. Its combat forces are overstretched, and it is well known in the National Security Council that the proposed Iran plan is as equally flawed as that used in Iran. But to make matters worse, the plan is being used for an entirely different objective than what it was originally designed: An illegal regime change, and an effort to rid the country of still-not-understood civilian nuclear weapons program.

A bad plan, a flawed mission, and an illegal objective. Supposedly, we learned the lessons from Iraq. But we plan to repeat the same crimes in Iran.

Yet unlike Iraq and 2003, the world is not going to wait for the US to "get around" to reviewing "what went wrong" with Iran.

The issue confronting America: What is to be done when war criminals refuse to assent to the rule of law; and is the American civilian population safe from a lawful counter attack from America's opposition?

It may be true that Americans were subjected to horrific scenes in Sept 2001, yet the available information from the NSA -- on who placed the explosives inside the three towers -- has not been forthcoming.

The world slowly comes to the conclusion these excuses for illegal war have been manufactured. Not only does America wage illegal war, but the entire phony argument at the foundation of that war is disconnected from reality.

The entire post-Sept 2001 timeline is at odds with what is defendable. This nation has squandered its resources and prestige; defied the rule of law; and refused to find or face facts.

The problem American war planners face is: What happens when the American public realizes they -- their lives and safety -- have been bargained with by someone promising to do the opposite?

War planners continue orchestrating illegal operations inside Iran; this recklessness is at odds with prudence. Illegal war can bring lawful retaliation. This imprudence exposes America to insecurity not safety.

To reiterate, America's illegal wars lawfully exposes the American civilian population to lawful counter attacks.

The issue is: How many American civilian deaths is this President willing to face. This is not a threat, but a real calculus which the war planners know well.

Iran does not plan to roll over. Unlike the Iraqis who had been under sanctions, Iran is fully engaged, and ready to wage war not just in the Gulf but worldwide. So are the rest of the nations of the world. America has few allies, and the world looks at America has an outlaw nation.

* * *

On the eve of America's entry into WWII, Japan and Germany had few friends; rather, they had conquered many nations.

Today, America has no similar standing army, but more people around the globe willing to sacrifice their lives to destroy what they view to be a threat to world order: America, for it does not wish to assent to the rule of law.

The American people have two options: Force the rule of law to prevail from within; or have that rule of law imposed form without.

Americans must decide whether they let this war criminal -- and his enabling staff -- wage more illegal war, and defer to the sham investigations of the Senate intelligence committee; or whether they will impose new rules to tame this rebellion; or whether the needed discipline will come from without.

Regardless what America chooses, the current path is not sustainable. America will either ignite the wrath of the world; or Americans will freely choose to create a new system which prevents this abuse of power to occur again. Yet, Americans are not inclined to solve what they have long ignored.

We see and hear nothing specific which warrants confidence there is a new reason to believe otherwise – just vague appeals to hope, and meaningless statements about the soul of America.

America's soul is lifeless, uninspired, and pathetic.

It is likely the only real check on American power and abuse may be war on America's streets. This won't be a civil war, rather it will be a war supported from abroad with one goal: To defeat America, impose order, and compel it to be civilized.

Yet, despite this threat, America embraces barbarism.

Americans have no claim to sovereignty. You refuse to assert it at home; there is no reason the world should recognize your right to self-government. Your self-government does not exist.

It is not clear when this war will start, or how long it will last. Many American civilians will likely die, and America has few allies willing to come to its aid.

The world no longer cares.

You wished this.