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Thursday, April 27, 2006

9-11 Classified Exercises: Let's share

It is illegal to classify something that is related to illegal activity.

Any agreement to remain silent about American deaths on Sept 2001 is not enforceable.

Authority: 18 USC 371 former US Atty

Before the team placed the explosives inside the three World Trade Center, teams within the DoD, NSA, and the DoJ were actively working with other allied nations to conduct exercises.

* * *


This isn't simply to outline a discovery plan, but to design an oversight mechanism so that this doesn't happen again. Also, needed are improvements in checking the Senate Intelligence Committee.

* * *

Discovery Plan

There are four known areas to look for:

  • A. Checklists used in WTC7

  • B. Purchases of C4, storage, and shipment

  • C. Contract for a DSL/internet/cabling system upgrade in the WTC towers

  • D. Planning documents to speculate on this scenario.

    We judge the following type of analysis was done on a "speculative future attack," but the "speculation" was intended to be used as a blueprint for the operational plan for Sept 2001.


    Single product was moved through the development, testing, and delivery system under different names and designations. The contractors were told many stories, ranging from a dummy program, test bed, and a building detonation system.

  • Design Team: Team members were told to speculate on what type of systems "might be used" in such a scenario. This formed the blueprints.

  • Fabrication Team: These plans were then provided to a contractor to "reverse engineer" and speculate

  • Testing Team: This team was asked to develop a decoy or trainer simulator to develop as a prototype what others would have to do.

  • Deployment Team: This team was told the end product was a dummy for drilling, testing, and exercise.

  • Handoff Team: This is the connection to the WTC7.

  • WTC Operations Team: Those actually running the scenario had contact with the delivery team, and confidence n the system, and had ensured there were no problems. This team had no idea how the system was created, developed; all they knew is that they had an end item.

    Avionics Team: [ Click ]


    The most vulnerable and dynamic portion of the scenario is the handoff. This is where you'll find the overlap between the contracted effort, and the final operation team. There were meetings and communications on the details.


    One approach is to include within the upgraded cabling system the explosives. It remains to be understood where one would create a braodband-like-cable that was made of explosive material; how it was stored; and how the explosive-cable system inside the WTC was tested if at all.

    The issue is where is the fabrication facility for this cabling. We judge there is a central storage area within 300 miles of ground zero. This facility is secure, can house C4 explosives. Leases are discoverable.

    The question is how much cable -- in physical size -- would be required to equate to 1T of C4-equivalent explosive power. Then we can get an idea of what types of physical object was created, loaded, stored, shipped, and then unpackaged.

    The issue to be understood is whether it is feasible to install 1-ton equivalent explosives within a broadband upgrade over a single weekend.

    Regardless whether there was a transshipment point within 20 miles in New Jersey, the explosive-placement team had to make many trips from where the explosives were contained, to the final fabrication point.

    Personnel are aware of who ordered the entry/exit logs destroyed.

    Also, a DoD contractor is most likely involved in the C4 transshipment, well connected with Army ground transportation. In 2001, this was known as Military Traffic Management Command MTMC which is now called the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.


    In the early 1990s, a black program was created. The Program manager integrated a system that included missile housing, flight dynamics. This system was tested under various black operation scenarios.

    All people involved were born after 1874; Max Age: 124 years Click ]

    Likely in the late 1960's senior personnel involved were in training. We judge they were 30 years old at this time, and make their approximate age today to be 70 years old, or born in 1930.

    Program management have been to and are aware of Ft. Belvoir.


    The objective was never consistent across all personnel. It's likely that the overall scenario -- the "Justification" for the 9-11 events may have had to do with oil, but in the end the real objective was one thing: Power. You'll notice the "concern for oil in Afghanistan" evaporated as soon as difficulties mounted; and the "concern for Israel" is illusory given the US has rebuffed Iranian requests to meet with the US to recognize Israel.

    * * *

    The 9-11 related activities were organized as "classified training exercises", "war games" and "exercises." Although they may not realize it, NICB is one of the means through which the "exercises" were coordinated, planned, and executed.

    It is well known in DoD that specific personnel were tasked with specific roles. They were led to believe this was part of a national war gaming and exercise.

    The plan was very thorough and they anticipated questions, and the team and element leaders were provided guidelines on how to reassure people. For example, within DoJ the FBI agents in the NY Office we specifically led to believe that despite any problems, the buildings were not supposed to fall down. They were not told about the other teams who placed the explosives inside the buildings.

    Specifically, look in the July and August 2001 archived files in GCHQ and also the foreign intelligence intercepts related to Intel Link. [ Click ] This system was developed in the mid to late 1990s, and will show you the message traffic between such organizations as NSA and DIA.

    As you can see there are many organizations within this network. Here is a list of the organizations. [ Click ] Here you will find the Intel-link organizations that are part of the problem: Each of these organizations has a vested interest in stopping anyone from reviewing the pre Sept 2001 data. [ Click ]

    What is outlined below is general detail is how they used the Intel Link system do organize for Sept 2001. Most of the planning was organized in terms of "operational plans" and "exercises." Some had no idea they were actually planning for a real attack; some were led to believe that this was a simulation, and that the findings and conclusions would then be fed into the NSA and other war fighters’ operational plans.

    The issue with respect to 9-11 and the post-event cover-up is that they have mixed the databases. This means that the original objective of the database has been corrupted; and they've loaded data that is from the NSA as "investigative leads". This information is then used by local law enforcement and provided to informants. Now, they've got a second layer of information: Not actual-bonafide "threat" information, but information related solely to attempted penetration of the original planning; and subsequent efforts to discover what else is going on with the cover-up.

    * * *

    Foreign nationals inside the US have collected and retain information related to these illegal war games.

    The problem is that for them to reveal what they know they will compromise their sources, methods, and fact that they exist.

    Also, the NSA Q2 has been tasked to identify any personnel who may be discussing these issues, and find out where there are compromises.

    * * *

    It is well known that there were two broad scenarios: One was the "phony exercise scenario" and the second was the actual destruction event.

    There was a team that was led to believe that the actual events were merely the exercise. This was the active involvement team; or the group that actually was behind the operation. They do not realize how they were used.

    At the same time, there was a second group which fully knew well what was going on. Yet, these elements were disconnected.

  • 1. Element One: This was the ordinance team. This team was responsible for the placement of the explosives. This element had several sub compartments which placed the explosives in the various separate buildings. The other team members in these sub elements do not appear to be known to each other.

  • 2. Element Two: Was the flight dynamics team. This was the team that created the airborne missile system. If you look closely at the towers you'll see that this team was successful in creating a large hole, permitting the aircraft to enter the WTC. Had the missile not been fired, the hole inside the WTC would not have been large enough, nor would the fuel have spread as quickly as it had done. The missile system was not required to destroy the building; rather, it was required to punch a hole into the side to create the illusion that the subsequent fire was out of control

  • 3. Element Three: This team was assigned the operational role of coordinating the exercises.

  • 4. Element Four: Security and Communications. This team was the core knowledge team. This team is well positioned to know who was involved. This element was actively monitoring the NSA intercepts and exploring whether the operation was or was not compromised. Their job was to conduct dry runs of the approach, and develop an organization structure that would not only evade detection, but still support the overall objectives.

  • 5. Element Five: This was the dry run team. This team was tasked to create and identify various threat scenarios. They were tasked to outline what the "enemy" might do. In short, what they were actually doing was creating a blue print for the US. However, what they were told they ere doing was creating a list of indicators that NSA would then detect. This was how they were used. NSA then took that list of indicators and then flagged that information to be "only exercise" during the actual operations.

  • 6. Element Six: This is the command and control function. This was where the Exercise and Real Scenario was managed. In our view this is where WTC tower 7 comes in. You can confirm that this element is real in that they communicated to the NYC Mayor prior to WTC7 destruction that the command center would have to move.

  • 7. Element Seven: This was the ground diversion. This included the physical injection of personnel, training, and operations. This was the cover team. They would take the fall.

    * * *

    In early July 2001, the elements were well in place. They had the operational plan, and NSA had already listed the indicators and warning.

    By late August, the explosives team had confirmed that the buildings were wired. Their error is that their communications -- required to support their operations -- are not consistently on or off net. Rather, they have blackout spots. You'll see the spikes of their communications, then they’ll disappear. It appears as though they were using some sort of non-official communication methods; and using a system which the NSA was told was a training and exercise.

    It appears as though special forces units familiar with OPSEC and demolitions were used. They appear to be a group of retired military personnel working under contract for the American government. It is unclear at this point whether the funding went through Canada and how these funds were or were not related to various telecommunications contracts. It appears as though the team was using the cover of some sort of cabling or DSL system installation throughout the entire three networks.

    * * *

    German intelligence among many others has confirmed the intercept of transmissions and training related to World Trade Center 7. What is unclear is why the Germans -- despite this knowledge -- then supported the very illegal, groundless actions in Iraq. Keep in mind the Germans knew full well what was going on in Sept 2001; so it unclear why they would cooperate with the Americans by staying in Iraq.

    It is our view that the American government has transferred funds and other valuable consideration and benefits to various intelligence agencies known to operate in the US.

    Following the Sept 2001 events, it appears the NSA then broadened the already illegal interceptions, and targeted specific players in the scenario. It was assumed that if the compartmentalization was sufficient, that there would be no understanding of what happened.

    Yet, they though of that as well.

    However, what the NSA did not count on was that the physical evidence would contradict the cover story. Namely despite seizing tapes, evidence, and other records of what was really gong on, the public still knows the following:

  • A. There were missiles fired into the WTC

  • B. Explosives were placed

  • C. The holes inside the Pentagon are not consistent with the aircraft

  • D. The impact craters are not consistent with the stated crashes

    * * *

    Here's the problem the NSA has:

  • 1. It can no longer be assumed that the elements working inside the US -- those teams which captured the NSA activities before, during, and after 9-11 -- will remain silent;

  • 2. There continues to be a mad rush to destroy evidence; but the problem is that there is now evidence of that subsequent destruction -- the circle of "people in the know" is widening, and you are making more mistakes;

  • 3. NSA and GCHQ archiving system shave too many holes in them at the very time that the President had already ordered an increase in illegal monitoring -- not only does this pose a problem for the Telephone companies that permitted the illegal monitoring, but for the subsequent illegal NSA activity. In other words, by destroying the evidence related to 9-11, they've also destroyed the evidence related to the illegal NSA activities. This is at the heart of the concern the White House general counsel and the DOJ attorneys have: If they actually produce the evidence of what has been destroyed, they’re in trouble; and

  • 4. Teams have already secured the evidence of the initial activities, and the subsequent cover-up. What they're waiting for is a specific commitment before the Grand Jury over what did or did not happen; and what happened to the NSA evidence. No matter what is said, the teams will then direct the Grand Jury and special prosecutor where to find the backup files which the NSA and GCHQ thought were destroyed. This information will also then be provided to the civil litigators in re the NARUS and the AT&T litigation.

    * * *

    Time to face reality. It is April 2006. There are six months to go before the election. This means that it’s only going to get worse. We can find out which specific teams were working under which install contracts inside the WTC; and we also know how to trace the funds.

    If the records have been tampered, we know how to find out who did the damage, and what personnel ordered the destruction. Although the evidence itself may not exist, we can look at the pattern of evidence destruction and make adverse inferences.

    Here's the bottom line for the personnel inside DoD, DoJ and the other support teams. You're in trouble. We know where you are. And the monitoring continues. Here's what you're betting: That those who really know what happened will not talk; and that foreign intelligence working inside the US will never intercept anything or have a reason to speak out.

    These are bad assumptions. Iran has already dispatched word to other nations to begin active preparations for ground combat in America. These units are already in place. At the same time, the information they have about the real events of 2001 is being sent back through those channels to secure locations.

    Also keep in mind what the US proposes to do in Iran: Anyone who sees the real risk to the US -- namely real risk of Iranian/world lawful retaliation against the US for the war crimes -- is well primed to provide their information over what they know bout Sept 2001.

    At this point, they're not going to tip their hat. They don't have to. America is digging itself into a hole.

    Here are your options:

  • 1. You need to fill out an affidavit and get it to the US Attorney;

  • 2. You can do nothing;

  • 3. You can wait for the US to be lawfully attacked in response to an illegal invasion of Iran; or

  • 4. You can wait for the world -- that now has nothing to lose by revealing its sources – to provide the information that you said was not available.

    Either way, you're going to lose. Again, remember the timeline: It is April 2006, six months before the election. I expect you to make a speedy decision about this. Within several minutes. You will be tracked after You will make a mistake to believe that nobody will find out. We already know.

    US military personnel are already poised to stand down and not participate in the illegal combat. At the same time, US personnel are already choosing to speak out and refuse to cooperate with this President.

    You have to decide whether you want the game to end; or whether you want the world to find out more. It will be very easy to find out. Here's what can be done within minutes: [ Click ]

    We have six months, but you have run out of time.

    * * *

    * * *

    But why was time with generalities? You can look into the DoJ records at the IG office which would account for their July 2001 meetings related to the POTOMAC GOLF ASSOCIATION [ Click ]. These were visits associated with the DOJ personnel, and you can confirm whether they visited the locations by reviewing the DoJ access logs to the website, and the subsequent NSA and GCHQ intercepts of the DoJ personnel who were involved with these meetings. This was two months prior to the final stages outlined below.

    In case you missed the obvious, the link above is well connected to the people who are currently under gag orders to be quiet about the Sept 2001 planning. Did you miss his:
    the common thread to PGA membership has been current or past participation in the mysterious inner workings of the national intelligence community -- military, civilian, government, contractors, active duty, retired, and/or friends, acquaintances, and loved ones of all the above.

    You can ask them about their unusual conversations in July and August with the DoJ personnel. Now you have to ask, "Which of the PGA members is now talking to reveal this?"

    In case you happen to run across the White House staff information, you can remind them that this is now a federal investigation and 418 U.S. 683 means they can't claim privilege.

    or those of you who missed the obvious, did you notice on the right hand side of this page specific dollar amounts? That's right: Guess whose names show up on the wire transfers? Bingo, they link back to the Columbus payroll databases.

    Again, your job is to come up with a really good story as to why your attorney’s communications have been intercepted, and why you are "suddenly worried" about something "nobody was supposed to find out about." Shocked! Who inside the NSA would "dare" work with the US Attorney to provide the intercepts of your contacts with private counsel?

    But not to make any mistake about this, in case think this isn't an "equal opportunity", here's what can be done within minutes based on the IP data and ability to penetrate the Columbus Database: An entire profile about you, where you live, and anything needed to do this behind your back. [ Click ]

    Did you check the time? It's still April 2006. How you liking this?

    "Dear 'Big Scary' People who are idiot 9-11 planners: It was dumb to use as a cover the cabling program running through Halifax, Canada. Hope you did not run into too many seals in the Atlantic." Ouch! Stub your toe?

    Let's keep in mind the big picture: In July 2001, DoJ, DoD, and other intelligence personnel were already coordinating with NY personnel on this issue. The IP data matches, shows interactions, and planning. This is two months prior to Sept 2001. How do you explain the "big insight" to meet in DC-area, but discuss issues that were not going to be known for two more months; and how do you explain the interactions with the NY City personnel in DC?

    Holy moly, what are we thinking. The put options on the CBOE, meeting with DoJ and NY personnel in DC two months prior, and "nobody knows anything." Isn't is strange that despite the "big order" to get rid of the records, there are now "records of that order" to get rid of that? Let's check something: "Oh 8-ball . . . is there a statute of limitations on murder?'

    . . . [Rotating the 8-ball] -- says, "Doubtful." Hmmm....that kind of puts a damper on things.

    * * *

    Exercise Names: [ CLick ]

    Amalgam Virgo [ Click ] [ CLick ]

    Confirmed Link between the Intel Community, the databases, and NYC two months prior [ Click ]

    Bandwidth upgrade

    WTC Security

    Steel testing

    Grand Jury

    Keep in mind one thing as we go through this, Libby has been indicted for perjury. Consider this:
    Libby, sees the television images briefly, but turns off the television so as not to be distracted from a conversation on another topic. [Newsweek, 1/31/2002] Click

    Why should we believe that Libby "turned off" the screen; or that his telling of events is credible? It makes no sense.

    Nor does Cheney’s retelling of it: He would have us believe that he was "confused that someone on a clear day collided with the WTC." Why, if Libby turned off the TV, wasn't there a discussion: "Hay, let's watch this. . .!"

    If we look at Libby-Cheney's story in the context of the indictment over Plame, we have to ask: Why should we believe the Vice President was "confused"; but "not so confused" that he said nothing after "Libby turned off the television"?

    Answer: It makes no sense to be confused, then say nothing as the "source of that confusion" vanishes. Given what we know about Libby and that he's been indicted for perjury, we've just found the evidence needed to re-open the entire 9-11, and focus it on one person: Cheney and his relationship with the 9-11 Exercises.

    Also, keep in mind these OSD notes Eric Ruff left in Starbucks in 2004 [ Click ]; now that we know about the faked WMD/9-11 stuff and NSA illegal activity . . what new insights do we have?

    Note: NSPD on page 3 of 7. NSPD of 4 Sept: The "signed date" in the written comments [4 Sept] doesn’t match the actual signed date of 25 October 2001. Questions; Which NSPD; or who signed something else not listed here?

    How much did the [a] distraction of the pre-9-11-planning/cover-up get in the way of [b] the actual planning for Afghanistan, and vice versa?

    But going into NSPD-1 further . . .

    Despite Intel Link, there was a known communication problem which the 9-11 planners have not anticipated would be compared: Namely, taking the different data streams -- that were never consistent -- and then putting them side by side to show how each of the elements were led to believe completely inconsistent things about the exercises.

    NSPD-1 was to funnel all the intelligence through a single point -- so how does this square with the information flow related to the pre 9-11 coordination? Someone must have thought thee was an issue -- with lack of coordination -- and the planners must have included this problem/defect in communication in their planning during pre 9-11. In other words, this is the source of the evidence: They assumed there would be no integration; therefore the two stovepipes sending information in would have inconsistent information in the still archived databases related to pre 9-ll planning and exercises.

    * * *

    FPC 66 (Test, Training & Exercises), 4/2001 [ Ref ]

    This document appears in 3 places: [ Click Florida 2005 GSA networks.

    The "network security" was the cover operation used for the explosives install inside the WTC three towers: WTC 1/2/7.]