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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Senate Judiciary refuses to cut off illegal funds to NSA

Specter is waffling. If he was serious, he wouldn't threaten anything -- he'd simply tell the White House, "This isn't getting out of committee."

Since he hasn't done that, Specter isn't serious with his -- oooh, aren't you scared -- "big threat."

It's one thing to whine about the rule of law, and say the White House should enforce it. It's quite another to refuse to do what is in your power: To refuse to provide funds to an illegal operation.

It's disgusting what the American "leadership" is doing. They would have us believe that they are for the rule of law. They must be joking.

if they were serious, the wouldn’t threaten anything -- they would simply do it: Cut off the money without discussion.

This White House has already shown it refuses to answer questions.

We already know the program is illegal.

There should be no "bargaining" over the issue: It's ridiculous to say, "If you tell us about the illegal activities, then we might fund it."

That's a total abrogation of power.

What's to say the answers -- how absurd they might be -- are going to be credible?

It's time to quit wasting time with this Senate. Tell them we have a plan in place to transform the Senate.

Unless the Senate starts actually refusing to fund illegal activity, then the Senate is part of the problem.

We've seen enough. There is no reason to get "more information" about what we already know. Rather, it's time to tell the Senate: Either cut off the funds, or we cut off your power.

Here's what the Senate can be forced to face: [ Click ]

Tell your friends. The Senate and Senator Specter are not serious.

Tell the nation: Until you cut off the funds, your threats are meaningless. We do not need "more information". We already know the activity is illegal. We've already seen the Senate waste time on Phase II.

Americans are in a position to make adverse inferences. It is April 2006. It is six months before the November 2006 election.

Either lead, or we'll force you to lead with a new system that strips you of the power you refuse to assert.