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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rove Indictment

Perjury, obstruction of justice, and stupidity.

Resignation imminent. [Eyewitness corroborates: Truthout Hat Tip/Eye Witness ]

Rumors from 2005 [ Click ]

Rove and Coopers testimony contradict [ Click ]

Think back to the forecasts based on the rumors . . . [ Click ]

Remember what O'Reilly said, "It would be bad for the country." Well, the country hasn't fallen apart -- yet -- so it looks like it's a good thing.

Come on, you can't be joking.

One week he gets demoted, Rove "volunteers" to go before the Grand Jury.

It all goes back to that e-mail. Rove didn’t make consistent statements. He’s toast.

It's as plain as the Oval Office war crimes: Rove's about to get indicted.

* * *

Think back to the timeline:

1. Bolten shows up, makes announcement;

2. Rove is demoted;

3. Bolten announces 5 point plan, focusing on the issues which Rove was supposed to be taken care of;

4. Judge threatens gag order on the case;

5. Tony Snow starts discussions;

6. Rove's attorney gets some sort of notification;

7. Rove's appears before the grand jury.

8. Rove’s attorneys deny anything specific, thereby complying with the Judge’s gag order.

It's likely that Fitzgerald had discussed the issues with the White House many days ago, and this is what precipitated the demotion.

Also, given the Fitzgerald revelations – that someone inside the DoJ leaked information to the NYT about the raid -- it’s likely that there are poodles inside DoJ who are feeding information to the White House. It looks like the White House thinks Rove’s days are numbered as non-indicted person.

Today's grand jury testimony may have sealed Rove's fate.

* * *

The real question: Who's going to fill in the gap left by Rove?

Move Tony Snow . . . just like Bush did with the Supreme court and Roberts: Get one guy nominated, then slide him into the other position.

Would Snow make a perfect replacement for Rove?

Maybe it's the best the White House can do.

They are in trouble: They have to bring in people who openly despise the President.

The one's who respect the President appear to be facing indictments.

* * *

It's only April 2006 -- six months before the election -- and my bet is that Rove's in big trouble.

He may be joining Libby soon.

Here's what I want to know: Who's going to be the next whipping boy for Cheney?

Well, now that you mention Cheney – actually, I admit it, I mentioned Cheney – Cheney looks like he’s got another “special visit” with Fitzgerald.

All the President’s men keep getting shaken up.

Kind of funny how that keeps happening.