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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Specter shows signs of mental disorder

Update: Iran agrees.

Asking, "Where is the outrage" Specter shows signs that he's delusional, and not in touch with reality.

He just doesn't get it: Here's the outrage

Here's what the House permits, and this is what Specter is unable to comprehend: [ Click ]

Given Specter's stupidity, it's time to seriously discuss lawfully transforming the Senate into something the Senators can actually do.

Here's what the Senate would look like under a New Constitution: [ Senate Transformed Click ]

And here's another surprise for Specter, we can do this without a Constitutional Convention.

* * *

We can arrange for more states proclamations calling for impeachment.

Or is Specter advocating violence as the "necessary outrage"? Specter should not advocate violence in order to get the government to do its job.

The American people are outraged, and they are peacefully doing what this failed leadership refuses to do: Lawfully take steps to assert the rule of law.

If Congress doesn't wake up, they will not have to go back to DC. They'll be voted out of office.

No need to wake up Specter, he's not fit to be a Senator.

* * *

Specter appears to be in denial, delusional, disconnected from reality, incapable of leading, and appears to advocate violence. This is not appropriate.

Specter's comments and assessments should not be taken serously. Rather, he needs to explain to the public why he should be believed. He has the burden of proof.

We need not waste time with Congress. The public has all the information it needs. The "leader" of the Judiciary Committee is unwilling or incapable of facing reality.

Americans needs to discuss a New Constitution that will force the leadership to face reality, do their jobs, and uphold the rule of law.