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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Constant Responds to Al Franken

Since you asked, Al.

Al Franken in an interview with Brattlerouser of Vermont's Green Mountain Daily, asked about rule 603 and Jefferson's Manual. The House rule recognizes the state legislature's authority to file a state proclamation asking the Congress to investigate and impeach the President and Vice President of the United States.

Franken: "Who knew about that? I didn’t know about that!"

[Days later. . .]

Constant: "Me -- I knew that."

* * *

Constant and Al Franken have a short history going back to 2004. When Bill O'Reilly allegedly said that dark forces would harm Al Franken, the Providence Journal's Sheila Leeson showcased Constant's comments.

If you're wondering why the idea make sense, you're in for a surprise. Constant is the author of this quote which Barbra Streisand was kind enough to share with many of you. [Details about the quote's origins are [Click ]

* * *

The idea of the State Proclamation for impeachment using Jefferson's Manual in 2006 was originally outlined 17 Jan 2006, and subsequent research outlined the Swayne Precedent which would bypass the House Judiciary Committee and force the House to vote on an investigation.

Arbortender picked up the information, then KargoX and many others have been discussing this approach.

The real work and success of this idea belongs to people like Arbortendor of Kos, Bulldog of ImpeachBushCoalition, Kagro X of Kos, Katharine from Cut to the Chase, Odum of Green Mountain Daily, Karl Nyberg of Kos and Illinois, countless others at this link who worked behind the scenes to make this happen.

Our work has just begun and there are many others who are working to make this happen. Each American is potentially a source of assistance against the war criminals inside the White House and RNC, who remain a threat to our system of self-governance and Constitution.

* * *

The objective of this approach is to force the House of Representatives to commit on the rule of law -- well before the 2006 election -- so that voters will have to time to digest what they have done. Then we may make informed decisions.

Yes, a first vote on a state proclamation may be defeated. But that's not the point. The point is that the House members will have committed -- with a vote -- whether they want to govern on the basis of facts or fantasy.

Then the voters will have the information they need to make an informed vote.

By refusing to investigate, this Congress shows it is at odds with our Constitution. We do not need more investigations to tell us that. The voters already know the President has committed high crimes.

The issue is whether Congress is going to join him or join the Constitution.

They have no real choice. Either they do their job, or we'll do their job for them.

Some believe the Congress will never impeach. That may be true. But We the People have the power to also change the Constitution and start a new one. This can be done outside Article V and without a Constitutional Convention.

Yes, another surprise.

If the American government does not assent to the rule of law, We the People must make it. If We the People do not do this from within, then other nations around the globe -- as was done against the Japanese and Germans -- may choose to join forces and invade America.

That is the choice Americans have to make: Whether we are going to self-govern under our system of laws; or whether we are going to require others to impose their system of laws on us.

* * *

The idea of the State impeachment effort is simply to remind the world that free people can self govern and we will use all lawful, non-violent means to ensure the rule of law, fact finding, and justice prevails over the forces of lawlessness.

This government chooses violence and defiance of the Constitution. That cannot stand. We the People and The States are prepared to act where this Congress and White House have failed.

We make no claim that the rule of law will prevail in the short run. But in the long run, the world will know that where the American government failed, free people did what they could -- by using a State proclamation calling for impeachment -- to compel the government to assent to the rule of law.

If this government fails or does not respond, we shall move with the next phase: That of a New Constitution. That has already been written. It shall lawfully strip the Senate of all powers it refuses to assert.

In short, the world should know that there are active forces, well prepared, and capable that are fully coordinating to support the rule of law, and this is being done without the NSA's knowledge.

They have chosen the wrong enemy to attempt to defeat: Free Americans who shall ensure this government assents to the rule of law.

The rule of law shall prevail on the North American continent. We have a Constitution. If you are not with the rule of law, then the rule of law shall be imposed upon you.

It makes no difference whether you are in the White House or on foreign shores: We are civilized people and we shall remain civilized. If we fail, then we have lost the right to self-govern.

Thank you for asking your question.

* * *

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