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Monday, May 01, 2006

Iran: Congress going down the same route as with Iraq

If at first you don't succeed, try next door.

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    F. Any memoranda from supervisors related to training, updates, or other legal notes they would have received and reviewed showing they were fully aware of the statutes, but allegedly failed to adequately oversee.

    Describe the interactions in your own words, as if it were a story. Your job is to be truthful and do not "try to make" the case. Rather, let the trained investigators determine who/what is or is not credible. Simply present what you know and let the system adjudicate what the lawful remedy should be.

    Be professional, polite, and encourage others to come forward if they are aware of any other trexxing/allegedly illegal use of the University of Georgia resources.

    Again, carefully review [ 1512(d)] and seek advice of competent legal counsel to advise whether you need to take precautions, or believe you may be under any sort of intimidation, threat, or other alleged misconduct with the hopes of interfering with your truthful reports to law enforcement.

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    Why is this Congress giving the President "more green lights" to violate the laws he's already ignoring?

    All this whining about, "Weren't we fooled about Iraq," and they've proceeded to jump down the same slide into Iran.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

    What, are we going to learn -- boo-hoo -- that someone "lied" to us about Iran?

    Hay, we haven't solved the mess with Iraq; who is going to have any credibility talking about "democracy" in Iran.

    What specifically is wrong with what the Iranians are doing -- they have a government, that hopes to recognize Israel, but this American government refuses to discuss this.

    What about the mess in Iraq -- why should we expect anything different in Iran?

    How does the US actually propose to pay for this?

    Wasn't the "big lesson" from Iraq was that "the desire for democracy" should not overshadow what the White House says. Again, the RNC is going to point to this resolution on Iran as "proof" that Iran has to "meet" some externally-imposed standard. That non-sense argument was "supposedly" discredited over Iraq.

    Before Congress lectures the world about "democracy" maybe the US Congress can have some Democracy at home. What is the Congress going to show that it is serious about American democracy before preaching to the world, "We want Iran to do what we refuse to do at home"?

    * * *

    Despite the lessons of Iraq, this Congress and "leadership" have shown they are utter hypocrites. Whining about Iraq, but willing to engage in the same long-line of "precedent" to spread the same disaster to Iran.

    * * *

    All this whining in Dec 2005 about illegal NSA activity; then this Congress ignores the laws, precedent, and recent history in Iraq and wants to continue the Nazi march into Teheran.

    Arrogant Americans!