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Saturday, April 29, 2006

NSA: White House cannot credibly suppress evidence related to illegal activity

The President and National Security Agency, the military arm that violates American rights, have asked the Department of Justice to suppress evidence related to NSA employee crimes.

In so many words, American war criminals in the White House aim to suppress evidence of their war crimes. They have no legal foundation.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that it is illegal to suppress this information. Rather, 418 US 683 is precedent for exposing the President's crimes.

The presumption of privilege or "national security" can be rebutted.

There is not merit to any government argument that evidence of crimes should be suppressed; or that the case should be dismissed on "national security grounds."

Rather, the Constitution affords the President the power to wage war, and all conduct must be consistent with the law.

Nowhere does the Constitution give anyone the power or right to violate the law; nor is there any legal authority which permits evidence of illegal activity to be suppressed with any claim of privilege.

We've already shown this American leadership refuses to follow procedures to protect information. They cannot credibly claim they need to protect anything.

Rather, their goal is simply to hide evidence of their crimes. The attorneys know the White House and DoJ filings are based on fraud, and another violation of 18 U.S.C. ยง 371.

Administration lawyers like Gonzalez and Yoo already face the threat of disbarment. You can see an example of the scope of a discipliary board review may take.

It remains to be understood whether the White House and DoJ counsel under go a legal review for their apparent reckless disregard for the laws and frivolous, fraudulent filings in the courts.

* * *

If the American government chooses not to assert the rule of law, then the States may lawfully draft a New Constitution compelling them to do so under penalty of a felony.

The rule of law will prevail, whether the government chooses to cooperate or rebel.