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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

US Government Respects Insurgents More Than Americans

When will Americans grow tired of being treated like dogs?

It's a problem when your government defies the laws. It's a bigger problem when the government breaks the laws to wage war on you. But it's even more outrageous when your government talks peace with the enemy, but tells you to put up with the violations of the law.

This is absurd: The American government respects the laws of the Taliban more than it respect the laws of America; it talks with insurgents, but refuses to talk with Americans about the rule of law at home; and the NSA shows us that Congress does not recognize separated powers.

Game over! We need not recognize Congress as legitimate. Time for a New Constitution. Who's with me?

* * *

This one has a curious comment:
"When it comes to matters related to war and intelligence gathering, I believe that's an executive branch function," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican who sits on the Judiciary Committee.

Stunning: Congress is deferring all Article 1 Section 8 powers to the Executive. Yet, there is no "exclusive Executive branch function"; rather there's a Congress and an Executive. To state the obvious -- and the core problem this Congress fails to comprehend -- we have a separation of powers.

Congress's job is to pass laws. The Executive is supposed to follow them. This President defies the laws. Whether the Congress does or does not understand that is not the issue. It's clearly promulgated in the Constitution. The issue is: What is to be done when Congress refuses to assert itself and the Executive violates the law?

We have three options:

  • Option A: Write a new Constitution that compels Congress to check the President -- using very serious, lawful consequences for failing to do so;

  • Option B: We can "sit around" and "talk" and "wait for" Congress to "get around to" maybe "thinking about" something; or

  • Option C: Blindly deferring all powers to the President, and assent to the destruction of this Constitution.

    Guess which this Congress is doing? C.

    What is the public doing? B.

    What's needed? A credible threat of A.

    Until this Congress realizes that We the People are serious about lawfully revoking their power -- with a New Constitution -- this President is going to violate the law, and Congress will continue to do C.

    That is outrageous.

    It's been Six Calendar Months since the NYT revelations.

    * * *

    The issue of the violation is irrelevant. IT doesn't matter "which" violation we have or focus on. None of the excuses are credible defenses.

    Until you -- yes, I mean you as a reader of this blog -- are willing to go into new areas and say, "Time is up, we need to discuss new rules," this Congress in May 2006 is not serious about anything.

    That's the point. We've "sat around" and "waited for" Congress to "get around" to looking at this. Look at the Calendar: It's May 2006. That's Six Calendar Months after the NYT first revealed what was going five years ago: December, January, February, March, April, May.

    Do you see what's happening? At this rate, Congress will "get around to" doing nothing and it will be "after the election." Six Months. Get with the program people.

    * * *

    Here's what we know:

  • A. This NSA knows full well who placed the explosives in side the three WTC towers;

  • B. This White House and Congress have agreed to continue funding illegal programs that violate our Constitution;

  • C. This Government has ignored its oath of office.

    So who's with me? Are we going to tell them: "Here's the New Constitution" or are you going to "let them" maybe "get around to possibly" looking at this. . . [wait for it] never.

    * * *

    Number one agenda needs to be: Constitution, and getting a New one on the table.

    The Arrogant White House is negotiating with the Insurgents in Iraq, and "doesn't have the Taliban" on the terror watch list. But what are they doing about Americans:

  • A. Not talking -- treating the Iraqi insurgents better

  • B. Not recognizing -- treating the Taliban's right to "exist" as superior to the US Constitution.

    * * *

    Get it through your heads, people:

  • 1. This government looks at you as though you are worse than the Taliban; and that your documents and laws should be given less respect that the "big scary laws" which supposedly "drove America" to invade Afghanistan; and

  • 2. This government looks at Americans with less respect than the Iraqi insurgents it is willing, and eager to discuss issues with.

    Where is Gonzalez? "We don't have time to talk to Congress, but plenty of time to talk to the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents."

    US Government to American Civilians: "Taliban aren't terrorists, Americans are. Americans have to put up with US Govt violations of American laws. The American Government respects the Taliban more than it respects Americans."

    US talks to insurgents, not to Americans: Americans must put up with abuses. Insurgents in Iraq are able to negotiate. Americans have no say. Insurgents in Iraq get listened to. If you have a law, the American Government will only respect your culture if you are "over there," but not at home.

    Outrage When a President violates the Constitution, Congress yawns. When a Comedian tells the truth that's "crossing the line."

    That is outrageous!

    * * *

    Does anyone think this "Constitutional problem" is just going to go away if the "same Americans" are up to bat next?. . .

    What alternative do you have: Are you advocating a foreign invasion to replace the government that doesn't work; or do you want a new system that address these issues: One that is responsive to the rule of law; and willing to solve problems?

    We the People have to solve this problem at home!

    * * *

    We need to quit messing around with these War Criminals. This is what a New Constitution needs to consider: [ Click ]

    Tell your friends, we need to let them know in May 2006 -- six months before the election -- do your job now. Otherwise, you're going to have a New Set of rules and laws from We the People.

    This is what the Senate needs to read, experience, and feel: Click -- unless the Senators assert their power and end this non-sense, the Senate shall lose its power. [Details ]

    This can be done outside Article V. Who's with me?