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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

American media admits it loves White House war criminals

American propagandists inside the White House and media continue throwing stones at eachother.

This should be fun.

Media: Notice how their whining sounds like the RNC


The media has a credibility problem. Like the RNC with in house problems, 70% of the media in a survey reported unethical behavior in the newsrooms.

No wonder the media loves the war criminals in the White House: They are a match made in heaven.

As you read the article, you'll notice a number of RNC-like excuses the media offers. They blame "the public" for the "bad perception"; and they "blame the messenger" [politicians] for spreading a view about the media.

Rather than resolve the media's ethical problems, the media jumps in bed with war criminals in the White House.

What will save the American media? The truth. Start talking about the corruption in the media -- and solve your problem -- then Americans might take your seriously.

Until then, you are no better than the shill war criminals in the White House.

The Americans have no time to report on in-house corruption. Only on more excuses not to assert the rule of law.

Americans are not civilized because the American media refuses to report the consequences of the barbarity in the newsroom.

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