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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Expert Cops help make CSI realistic -- Then Cops blame CSI for being realistic


Cops like to be advisors to TV shows.

If the "big leaders" in law enforcement have a problem with "police officers" communication with the media -- to provide advice on how to make TV worth watching -- then the national law enforcement leadership needs to decide:

  • You want people at home watching realistic shows; or

  • You want lazy cops taking bribes because they can't get paid to provide consulting services?

    Don't blame "those who use their rights to engage in commerce" for your defective leadership problem. If you don't like cops communicating with the media, then stop using the media as your propaganda-informant tool.

    You can't have it both ways, but you'll sure try. This could easily be solved with having more public oversight boards and better NSA-like technology pointed at law enforcement to monitor your misconduct per 42 USC 1983.

    * * *

    If Congress had an NSA-like monitoring system pointed at the Executive Branch, Congress could find out who was violating the rules. There would be on reason to leak -- or have witch hunts Click -- Congress would already know about the reckless covert operations.

    Don't ask the CIA the contracts from Ft. Meade and Quantico related to the JTTF training provided to DoD during the Operation Falcon. The world will never find out about the President's domestic program to training DoD personnel in house-to-house searches while tagging along on DoJ business; and they'll never find out how the President's "other program" violates the Posse Comitatus act in coordinating DoD resources to support domestic law enforcement activities and intelligence gathering.

    Other Programs in the President's Program

  • Domestic transfer of US persons to Eastern Europe under the "domestic rendition program", in violation of right to speedy trial

  • Domestic access, entry, and opening of personal mail, private belongings, and personal effects based on no clear standard, and relying on data from unreliable sources

  • Transfer of NSA data to local JTTF officials for intelligence gathering, targeting, and harassing, in violation of the law against using NSA for domestic law enforcement or unlawful purposes

  • Using contractor database and media sources to fill in holes in law enforcement databases, in violation of FISA

  • How pretextual stops are used to fill in holes in law enforcement and NSA databases, in violation of Terry

  • How the media and local businesses are used to collect information, engage domestic targets, and provoke unlawful conduct, in violation of laws against encouraging unlawful conduct

  • How national security letter requirements are bypassed by using personal relationships, "errors" and "random meetings" to gather intelligence, identify targets, and direct NSA surveillance at Americans, in violation of the 4th Amendment

  • Use of NSA-gathered data from US citizens to create media messages for consumption and creating commercial-quality products for domestic media consumption, in violation of the Smith Act

  • Contracts with local officials to support forecasted detention centers

  • Orders to shut down/ignore NSA-monitoring of operations designed to target specific government facilities -- for purposes of provoking local reaction and/or blame other personnel

    How you liking them leaks?

    * * *

    There's the "ticking time bomb argument" used to "justify" torture. Small problem: There's a key question they haven't gotten you to consider.

    The ethics issue is merely a test: Will you ignore the law, and engage in abuse?

    There is one right answer.

    Read carefully. [ Click ]

    Anyone who argues "what about the ticking time bomb," has missed a critical point. And they need to have their head examined to explain, "What are you thinking, if at all?"

    Those who do not ask questions are unfit to lead; those who lead will ask questions before action; those who act without thinking are a threat to the Constitution.

    There are many idiots in the government. They are on the side of the Rebellion against the Constitution.


    * * *

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