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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The RNC sugar cookie

Why does the RNC maintain power? Because it is built upon many layers of lies.

And the RNC membership enjoys embracing the lies -- it keeps them from having to face reality.

One question that's surfaced: "Why are the RNC members still loyal?"

The answer is simple: They have not personally experienced the risks of blindly deferring to authority.

* * *

Here's a checklist you can use to wade through the RNC propaganda.

* * *

Why face reality when . . .

  • your military refuses to stay out of political issues?

  • your law enforcement will monitor those who speak about reality; and

  • your leadership will mobilize the military against those who dare exercise their rights.

    The RNC wants the Americans to believe, know, trumpet, and go to battle to fight for these principles: "Information is misinformation" and "Reality is unreal." [ More ]

    * * *

    Why are the RNC members still loyal . . .

    They have not realized the consequences of manipulation. They enjoy manipulation because it keeps them from having to think about reality.

    They have not realized the consequences of loss of freedom. They enjoy having their personal lives exposed for no relevant reason; to be denied jobs for irrelevant factors. They embrace the intrusions because it keeps them free.

    They have not realized the consequences of having their personal lives intruded upon. The leadership justifies the torture as for their safety; and the bogus threats are used to keep them safe; more arrests frighten people to scare them into silence. They are afraid of being free.

    They have not realized the consequences of malfeasance. Despite the inaction after 9-11, the masses have been convinced to rally around the flag, and look overseas, than to the failures at home.

    They have not been forced to clean up the mess of others. Yet, the mess in Iraq has been costly, but the masses embrace the debt as if it were a long lost lover.

    They have not realized the consequences of being led astray. Yet, how far astray from the rule of law must we travel? War crimes, secret detentions. The masses want more.

    They have no realized the consequences of unreliable information. Surely, the torture of people who give unreliable information would be a cause for alarm. But the RNC simply makes up new lies to distract attention from the original abuses and bogus information. The masses love the distractions.

    They have not realized the consequences of worthless leadership or service. Despite the failed leadership, the population says nothing as its fellow citizens are killed. Rather, the leadership uses the killings as more justification to spew forth lies, distract attention from the failures, and point fingers. The masses love to act without accountability.

    * * *

    Yet, all of the above is occurring.

    What is going on? After the initial abuse and failures, they've been fed more non-sense to dissuade them from realizing what is going on.

    The only thing that is keeping the RNC alive is more non-sense.

    The RNC is non-sense.

    Have another cookie.

    * * *

    This is not a nation of laws, but fantasy.

    The baker does not have an infinite supply of sugar cookies.

    The RNC cannot be simply put on a diet. It must be starved, then forever barred from the bakery.

    * * *

    If you have no privacy, liberty, rights, or boundaries you are not free.

    You are a slave.

    If your privacy, liberty, rights, and boundaries are "up to someone else" to respect, then you are not free.

    You are still a slave.

    But one that is well fed on sugar cookies.

    If your privacy, liberty, rights, and boundaries when asserted subject you to being treated as a slave, then you have already assented to slavery without a fight, simply out of fear of being a human.

    You have the right to sugar cookies.

    And to slavery.

    You are not human, nor fit to act on the behalf of anyone much less yourself.Ref

    * * *

    The free are now oppressed. Where are the liberators of the Special Forces?

    "De oppresso liber"

    (To free the oppressed)

    US Army Special Forces

    * * *

    It is already clear those who dare stand of for the rule of law, within your ranks, or dare come forward are targeted.

    How can you work in a place that selectively ignores the rule of law, and punishes those who dare stand up for what is right?

    What kind of nation are you "acting on behalf overseas" when you assent to this non-sense at home?

    You act "on behalf" of others, but when will you assert that right and duty when it is most needed?

    Who are you to assert, "This is a new war" when our existing laws and freedoms are ignored?

    Who are you to act "on our behalf" when you fail to adhere to those principles?

    Who are you to "take action to defend freedom" when that freedom is destroyed at home?

    Where are you when the orders come down, and they order you to destroy the freedoms?

    Who are you to rely on the Constitution as your source of power, but do nothing when that document is destroyed?

    How can you say you are "doing your duty" when you follow unlawful orders?

    How can your orders be "lawful" when they have one goal -- to destroy freedom, deny rights, and undermine the document you derive your power?

    Who will be there to "stand for your rights" when your rights are taken away?

    * * *

    Your rights only mean something if you are free to use them, not if you are fearful of them.

    If you fail to assert your rights and the rule of law, you've already chosen: Tyranny.

    You are the enemy, and unfit to govern at home or abroad.

    You shall lose.