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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Missing Blog Posts: Awards, impeachment, war crimes, torture, corruption and coverups

Resolved: Not an issue, ignore this. The problem has been fixed.


I may or may not keep this published. At this point, it is more of a distraction . . . but then again, someone may wonder, "Why did you delete . . . "

Maybe if I leave this up for a while, people will get the answer.

Orignial Blog

You'll notice there are some gaps in the weblogs: All the blog spots between 3 Dec - 7 Dec are missing. I have no idea why. They're reporting as published.

Here's a list of the ones that are available, but not showing in blogger . . .

  • A. Efforts to trouble shoot so you can see it all


    The blog had two errors which cancelled eachother out; by "not including two commands" [but leaving one out in one blog, and a second command out in another], blogger assumed "remove all content between the two." By adding the missing commands back to each blog, I have now made "the blogs that were already there" now visible.

    This relats to the "read more" command; in effect, blogger was still posting the results, but the embedded "missing commands" were hiding the content between the two blogspots that had the missing command.

    Initial trouble shooting

    It appears the problem is related to the blog: "Rice's Double Talk on Torture" -- probably tehre is a link with an incorrect HTML. Also, there's a problem with the LAX blogspot. If you can't reach either of those, not to worry, I'm exploring the HTML link . . .

    I am blog-by-blog removing each single blog, then reposting it -- to see if I can isolate the apparent HTML problem. So, if you click on a link below, and "can't find it" it will be back up shortly.

    Something happened after I unpublished the LAX-related blog . . . still reviewing . . . will republish to test again.

    I can pinpoint the time when the change over occurred: 8 hours ago, everything was fine. Curiously, it is possible there is a specific reason for this blocking based on content. Will be interesting to see if others have had content on this subject blocked. Still examining . . . there may be an embedded code, or HTML problem.

    It remains to be seen whether, 8 hours ago, this post triggered a problem: Is it content or HTML? Still exploring . . . all the links in that post are fine.

    If it is "content based" then it would have to be related to "someone being upset about discussion about an ongoing investigation": In re LAX, a grand jury, or Miami. Problem: All the discussion is based on open sources. I'm more inclinced to believe it has to do with an HTML coding error . . . but where . . .

    One thing that is done . . . interfere with things to "see what happens" . . . Echelon! They do this.

    * * *

    One thing you'll notice; The "missing blogs" are available in the list of "previous posts" for to the lower right. However, this doesn't occur in November.

    You'll notice the missing content appears in the blogger feed: So it's not clear if the "masking" is because of an incorrect-embedded code [which I have to find/remove]; or because Blogger has censored/blocked access to the content based on topics.

    It's unclear why some content is or isn't showing up.

  • B. The list of missing blogspots

    Until I figure it out, here are the missing blogs:


    Reed nominates Constant for Weblog Award -- Thanks!

    Rule of Law: Which forum will impose discipline -- court or battle?

    Decision time: If America refuses to assert the rule of law, or subject itself to international treaties, the world may decide to wage war on America. Is this what the leadership in DC wants?

    Conyers sets the stage for impeachment -- how to extract some useful nuggets to tighten the noose around the White House.


    CIA detainees movement: From Europe to Africa -- how to use the information to better understand the original assumptions about Europe.


    Lebanese Prime Minister Assassination: Chief Investigator likely to resign in Jan 2006; apparent credibility problems and the US unable to pull another Iraq.

    Miami Airport Shooting: Credibility problems for the Air Marshalls.

    LAX Missile: Analysis of possible launch points.

    Exploding pens: What's up with that?


    Understanding DC Funding Corruption: It's not that hard to understand. The issue is enforcement.

    American Culture: Is it really a wasteland?

    American Septic Tanks: What Asia really thinks of Americans who ignore the rule of law.