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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Syria: Mehlis, UN investigator into Hariri assassination, reportedly intends to resign

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Mehlis resignation.

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Mehlis Melis

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    Possibly to resign after the 12 Dec 2005 presentation to the Security Council.

    Transition period means a delay until January 2006. [ Ref ]

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    "No official announcement about the resignation" typically indicates that the event, personnel action, promotion, or change of station has been decided, but they haven't decided to let the public know, or publicly state affirmatively.

    Note: They didn't emphatically deny it, when a reasonable person, if it were untrue, would have said, "No way!"

    Why would the UUS urge Annan to "convince" Mehlis to stay, unless Mehlis had planned to leave? [Ref]

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    It's unclear whether the resignation is related to a discredited witness; or whether Mehlis conduct was the catalyst.

    Hehlis had been leading the investigation into the former Lebanese Primer Minister Hiriri assassination, some speculating the Syrians were being set-up as a pretext for an American invasion.

    Operationg Steel Curtain failed to produce evidence of Syrian support, and subsequent reports by the UK independent confirmed US Army commanders found no outside fighters in Iraq.

    It is believed Mehlis' investigation had a number of problems, and the US was using the report as a pretext to put pressure on Syria.

    However, it appears as though the ruse has been revealed. It remains unclear why the Americans, if they "know so much through Echelon" are not in a position to provide specific information about the Assassination.

    America's Rice, as she looks for excuses for "mistakes" in rendition, is walking on thinner political ice: She's condonting misconduct, and looking for excuses to blame others, not only in the Middle East, but in Washington.

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    After Iraq, there's little sympathy for crocodile tears -- if there's a real crisis, its the west's short memory.

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    Where have we heard this before: Has the Syrian opposition pushed too hard, and are they going down the same path of Iraq -- demand unreasonable conclusions based on illusions?

    You can always count on Rice to make some absurd accuasations -- she's got plenty of personal experience dealing with absurdity, being so close to the President, and running the NSC dogs.