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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Iraq: How much money will America offer GIs to lie?

American mercenaries paid to spew forth propaganda.

The Army is offering $1,000 bounties to American GIs who can convince others to join them in an unlawful war and occupation in Iraq.

Yes, there's an incentive behind the propaganda: To sell the war, and attract recruits. No surprise why many GIs are taking to the airwaves and blogosphere to "talk up" the occupation.

The purpose of the war in Iraq has changed from action against WMD, to nation building. Perhaps if they change the mission again, they'll offer $4,000 bounties.

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Don't let the Republican fascists, self-evidently on the wrong side of the rule of law, distract you. The issue isn't between victory and defeat abroad, but between the rule of law and tyranny at home.