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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Exploding pens

Maybe someone's mom said, "If someone dropped it, leave it."

LA Times talks about the exploding pens.

It's not clear if it is local prank, or something that is more organized.

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In battle, the enemy will sometimes go out of its way to create weapons that maim, but not kill. Not only are incapable of doing their work, but they become an immediate burden to those who have to take care of them: Carry them, care for them, as opposed to simply leaving them for dead.

During WWII there were various effort to alert the UK public about German aircraft which would drop toys and other goods. The idea was to target the children in London.

Also, the Russians did the same thing in Afghanistan, dropping children's toys that would explode. The goal was to annoy, maim, frighten and not kill.

* * *

An exploding pen sounds like something that may be the same. However, because we haven't heard of any "widespread reports" I'm not clear that this is something part of a larger strategy.

I'm more inclined to believe it is something local.

We'll have to see if this becomes something organized; or is "merely" a prank. Either way, it's amazing what young people may have to think about besides the normal stresses of school.

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