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Sunday, November 20, 2005

RNC Propaganda: Sample checklists they use -- Tools to save you time

Tired of reading through the RNC blog drivel?

Here's a handy checklist you can use to dig through their non-sense.

Feel free to re-arrange the order.

Applying the Methodology

Machiavelli's likely suggestions in re Iraq.

Applying this checklist: To Cheney's AEI speech; Commentary on another Cheney Speech.

Evaluating letters to the editor.

Joint Staff planning guide for domestic propaganda in America.

RNC Strategies to distract attention from alleged criminal matters.

Generic Checklist

How to use this:

A. Find an RNC blog talking about Iraq, WMD, US troops, War Crimes, Impeachment
B. Review the blog
C. Get a sense of what the writer is saying
D. Compare their structure to this list

1. Have they left anything out?
2. Are they using this pattern
3. How do your observations compare with the below pattern?
4. Share your results with others
5. Are they doing the same thing in other blogs?

Review this material:

6. Did they miss something?
7. If you were in the RNC, what would you have written?
8. Would you believe it?

* * *

Here is the list of items the RNC likes to use to spew out non-sense.
This is a checklist. They use this checklist to accomplish the following objectives.

Think of it as a template for how the RNC leadership and members are forced to "debate." They would rather focus on the illusion of debate, than actually have their words examined.

Their goal is to create the illusion of structure and arguments, without ensuring that the arguments are valid.

This list shows you how they spew forth non-sense, or what is commonly referred to as spin or propaganda.

[ ]Checklist item
Spaces imply paragraph breaks
This checklist appears to be used when writing "letters to the editor" or "this is my blog". It's actually a standard template. They add stuff and make it their own.

It is designed to swamp you with volume, not credible arguments.

The Generic RNC Spin List

[ ] Affirm knowledge of what everyone is talking about

[ ] Assert it is obvious
[ ] State the person has affirmed statements, but do not cite
[ ] Indicate repetition, but do not provide specifics or other views

[ ] Make smear about alternative media
[ ] Use label
[ ] Imply ignorance about information
[ ] Imply understanding something they had not argued, or is wrong
[ ] Change argument from previous obvious points
[ ] Deny knowledge of the wrong point

[ ] Affirm positive image
[ ] Affirm desired outcome, provide no specifics

[ ] Feign exhaustion at repetition
[ ] Imply leadership is cordial and planning
[ ] Site authoritative sounding source

[ ] Emphasize complexity
[ ] Emphasize movement, time, or other factors we cannot measure
[ ] Restate phrases
[ ] Repeat phrases
[ ] Repeat the themes, but make no mention of actual statute
[ ] Restate desired themes prevailing over undesired themes; provide nothing specific why this should be believed

[ ] Assert opposition is affirming an absurd comment
[ ] Assert implausibility
[ ] Fail to prove the affirmation is real or linked to opponent
[ ] Assert if-then statement of evil and doom
[ ] Imply failed action, if it were to happen, would bring doom
[ ] Make more images of doom.
[ ] Spread the doom.
[ ] Use insults, more doom.
[ ] Imply spreading doom, doom, doom!

[ ] Arrive at absurd outcome
[ ] State it is propaganda
[ ] Affirm it is a basis for all logical action
[ ] Introduce irrelevant point
[ ] Imply victory for principles
[ ] Imply change is improvement
[ ] Imply change is a risk
[ ] Imply the opposition is a threat to the good guys.

[ ] Contrast favorable image with unfavorable
[ ] Desired outcomes equal bad outcomes
[ ] Therefore desirable outcomes are not desirable.
[ ] Imply closeness of threat
[ ] Imply threat is in our refrigerators, closets, and shoes

[ ] Pause, defer to government
[ ] Point to non-sense, imply it has meaning, without proof
[ ] Assert reality, but ignore the above non-sense
[ ] Use logical construct that is illogical
[ ] Use desirable image and word with failed leadership
[ ] Fail to make case that favorable term is consistent with failed leadership
[ ] Use more logical words, it sounds logical
[ ] Restate words, but provide no evidence
[ ] Imply failed leadership is competent, provide no evidence
[ ] Imply failed leadership is in harmony with others who are also failing
[ ] Assert this is proof of the opposite: That they are winning.

[ ] Refer back to authoritative source
[ ] Misquote them, ignore other views
[ ] Use favorable comments
[ ] Use nice words
[ ] Ignore fact that conclusion is consistent with opposition
[ ] Paint plan as being formal, good, and divine.
[ ] Imply special connection with failed leaders.
[ ] Imply immediacy and harmony of this action with all of eternity.
[ ] Point to coincidences as proof of something. Be vague.
[ ] The audience will assume you are a God, angel, or Saint.

[ ] Use if-then statement.
[ ] Ignore implications
[ ] Focus on the irrelevant factors
[ ] Imply action by one will create a solution in the other
[ ] Provide no proof the failings to date will magically be solved
[ ] Focus on movement, ignore reasonable questions
[ ] Imply outcome, however absurd will solve things
[ ] Point to desired outcomes
[ ] Imply the action, however unrelated will achieve that end
[ ] Provide no proof
[ ] Ignore the progress and results to date
[ ] Feign specificity
[ ] Use a complicated sentence
[ ] Use multiple measures, even though they are irrelevant
[ ] Use a favorable word like freedom, and nurturing
[ ] Maybe something like trust, honor, patriotism.

[ ] Begin another irrelevant point
[ ] Be vague with source
[ ] Use a quote
[ ] Imply harmony
[ ] Assert a reasonable conclusion, without reasons
[ ] Use multiple desirable images

[ ] Assert a desired road, but do not point to a road.
[ ] Use short sentences
[ ] Affirm your side is doing it
[ ] Ignore the opposition’s calls for the same
[ ] Imply the approach is good
[ ] Use short sentences.
[ ] Restate phrases.
[ ] Refer to generic English words used when making a draft speech.
[ ] Ignore the words, point to the structure.
[ ] Mix the words to imply order.
[ ] It doesn’t matter if it makes sense.
[ ] It will sound good.
[ ] Assume: Nobody will bother to analyze it.

[ ] Point to opposition.
[ ] Assert they have nothing.
[ ] Restate the vacuum.
[ ] Make short sentences.
[ ] Emphasize negatives.
[ ] Ignore the calls that your reaction is to their original point.
[ ] Restate negative, wanting aspects.
[ ] Use derogatory descriptions: Limiting, upset.
[ ] Affirm solutions are problems.
[ ] Affirm criticism of failed leadership is hate, fear, loathing, and drooling.

[ ] Be specific with a name.
[ ] Imply standard of conduct your own party cannot meet.
[ ] Restate negative aspects
[ ] Ignore benefits of proposed options
[ ] Deny they exist
[ ] Use a word the blogs will like
[ ] Restate negative
[ ] Imply limitation of opposition, but ignore the benefits of the other view

[ ] Challenge nation to rise to debate
[ ] But label all other views as negative
[ ] Ignore calls that such an approach is a dishonest debate

[ ] Use if-then statement
[ ] Contrast negative with limitation
[ ] Imply others have greater burden to respond then failed leadership
[ ] Imply the ones who have other views have a greater duty to be honest
[ ] Ignore fact that opposition is simply being honest with their observations
[ ] Argue irrelevant point
[ ] Imply a deviation against a standard that is irrelevant
[ ] Ask a question
[ ] Answer it using negative words, but fail to mention the reality
[ ] Imply all are evil.
[ ] Use specific names.
[ ] Assume: The world will believe it.
[ ] Assume: They will never fact check.
[ ] Assume: Nobody will write poems about the stupidity.

[ ] Assert fantasy
[ ] Assert delusion
[ ] Assert a solution, but point to nothing that the opposition has said.
[ ] Make a list
[ ] Assert the outcome will happen
[ ] Provide no basis to believe
[ ] Use circular reasoning: We will win when we win
[ ] Use nice words
[ ] Make your plan Saintly by associating your words with nice words.
[ ] The world will gobble it up.
[ ] Assume: Nobody will notice.
[ ] Assume: Nobody will make a checklist
[ ] Assume: Nobody will see through it.