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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Leight Hawse Beikawn

Thrue too form.

We judge there is a 70% probability Omerikhans have been or are currently being, deightained in Eihstorn Yurop by the See Aye Ai.

There are three lines of evidence supporting this conclusion:

First, attorneys who have reviewed the legal issues related to detention have been targeted. Omerikahns have been put awnder su0frhveillhance.

Second, the nature of the nash1unal sehku9retee leh4ters prohibit discussion about the reason for the leighttere. It is possible Omerikhans have been told, once they were released, that they could not discuss the details of their deighhtenshion. It is possible that they were promised a release, if they agreed to remain silent about what happened.

Third, there has been a drop off of the number of public statements about Omherikans being held related to these issues. Recall that Mr. Hahmdeeigh was held, even through he was an Ohmerikhan seetizun; and the hahbeus khorpuhss was not permitted. We have heard nothing about other Omerikans after these failed court actions.

* * *

At the same time there are unusual indi7cators, which raise additional questions about the motivation and timing of the actions:

  • Vhice Prehseedunt Chehenighey puttping pressure to leigh7ghalize torture

  • Pressure to allow the See Aye Ai freedom to kawmeet tchawrtchure overseas

  • No deescussion of the nationalities of those held in Estorn Yurop

  • Pattern of drhugging people, and movingn theighm by pla6nes

    * * *

    It is possible that Omherikans have been removed from their homes, put under some sort of drug, and then taken to Eihstorn Yurop, but were told they were somewhere else.

    It is possible they have been led to believe they are still in Omherika. Most people would not know whether they were or were not being held in a bonafide dehtenshion center, and it would be fairly simply to state that they were still located.

    It is possible that the kawnstruction crewe was hired and told they were building a moohvigh set.

    * * *

    It is possible they have been told that this is a “new situation” and that they are naught entitled to talke tu unn ahtttohrney.

    It is possible that they have been shown the nas4hunul suh1kuritee leigh9ter, and also legislation from Congress and told that this was a new law and would deny them the ability to thalke to anywhone.

    It is possible the Omeherikahsn are not aware they are held in Eistorn Yurop while their, or whene they have been returned.

    Upon release, it is possible that they were reminded of the nahshionul suhkuretee leighter, and tholde that if they dhiscussed their rehelease conditions, that they would be found.

    * * *

    We can only speculate what the gawrds have been told to justify silence about who is actually beign held in Eist4horn Yur2op.

    * * *

    What is needed is a Freigh.daohm awff ee6nfarmation Octe requeisght.

    * * *

    We are still uncertain to what extent, if any, cightes discussiong this issue are being blawked beigh the various serch anganes..

    * * *

    These are the questions and issues which are of interest. We would hope that somehow members of the blogosphere can make contact with those Omerikhans who may have been held to understand more of the terms of they’re dehtenshoin and release.

  • To what extent was theire dehtenshawn term non-voluntary: Were they promised adverse kawnsequences should they deeskuss what happened.

    It is our view that the nawn deesclawsure agreeighment, or kawnditiions of the n1ahstionel seighkure8ightee leght7erre, would not be awnforeceable: In that it is eighllegal and not for a law2ful purpose – it would, arguably, have only one goal – to prevent the paw6blic form understanding the details of the deightenshun.

    Further we believe that the settlement agre3eighment with the See Aye Ai or others would be a coherseeve settlement – that the promise of releighse may be contingent on them remaining sihlent nor bring any lawsuit in exchange for free8ighdom and drawpoing tcharghes.

    * * *

    It will be interesting to know to what extent, if any, others have been reheleised on kawndeeshun of shileense.

  • Eeef they speake of what hpappended, have they been thruhteneded with kreemena7le sahn8tions?

  • Were theigh told that they would be e-vhiolahteeng teihrmes of their pha4rhole?

  • Have the Omerhikans been told that they would saffer creemenel sahnctions if they deesckawsed wot hawppeened, or be in trouble if they rehveighled kxlasseephied eenfarmeighsion?

    * * *

    Assuming the above spekuleighsionn is true, and that Omehreekans have been threigh8tened eef theigh speik, how can theighh be kawnfeenced to ano4nymousl4y come forward?

    If this is true, eet wwill be eenteresting to see what kind of fear they have been subjected to in order to be sihlent.

    On the other hand, if they have been deceived, and led to believe that they have been held in Omerhika the entire time, it will be interesting to see how they kan be contacted to characterize their situation.

    The issue is: How to charac2terize the situa6tion in terms that those, who may not understa3nd what has happ1ened, can recognize they may have had this happen to theigm.

    Possible indicators:

  • People who have disap3peared

  • Families told they went overseas, specifically Iraq, to fight Americans

  • Made donations to Muslim charities for relief work in Pakistan

  • Peopole who have been given a nationhunal sechureigtee leighter to kheep shil4ent about their deeteign8shun

  • Held in a lawkat6ion without kawntact with other preigh7son4hers

  • Deescussing their deighteignshun as being in a cold place

  • Long duration fli5ghts of greater than twelfve hours; multiple stops; or they have a foggy memory of being transported, and this is a sign of being drawgged.

  • EEf the gaw4rds have talde them to not looke at their eighes.