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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Eastern Europe Torture: Suppressing information, questions on American detentions?

Anyone else having problems with Google and doing searches on "Americans being held in Eastern Europe detention centers run by the American CIA?"

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How many Americans is the CIA detaining in Eastern Europe at the detention center?

Perhaps someone doesn't want you to know about the possible discussion on that question:

  • Here is the file which doesn't show up under a direct google Search.

  • Blogger has nothing.

  • Yahoo doesn't help.

  • MSN works fine.

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    [Fair Use: Research, Transformative Links, Commentary, Criticism]

    It's unclear why Google appears to have a problem with the specific words; in order to do research into the words and whether they are or are not being blocked, it would seem prudent that we use alternative spellings of the potentially offending words to see if they are or are not working.

    We conclude there is a potential problem which other researchers into allegations of unlawful detention of American Citizens in Eastern Europe may wish to consider:

  • Topic permitted in the blogger, as long as the words are not specific.

  • Questions are acceptable so long as they do not include offending words like: Americans detained in Eastern Europe; or Americans tortured in Eastern Europe; or CIA allegedly holding Americans in Eastern Europe.

  • The public interest in the issue would warrant not only a review of the fundamental issues, but whether there is or is not a difference in whether the various search engines do or do not operate in the same way on this particular matter.

    Visitors are looking at the content. Sample letter.

    For another perspective, consider the types of content that people/companies/individuals allegedly consider non-actionable.


  • A. Does Google screen content if it is objectionable to the White House or discusses matters of public policy in re allegations of unlawful detention of Americans in Eastern Europe?

  • B. Does Google screen content that is objectionable to the RNC or White House on the assertion that it violates unfair use of copyright?

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    Link: Know anyone in the media who's been threatened with a lawsuit if they talk about Americans allegedly being held, detained, or tortured in Eastern Europe?

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    What's the deal:

  • How many American citizens are being detained by the CIA or DoJ in Eastern Europe?

  • Are any Americans being moved out of the United States and being held in black sites like Poland or Romania/Rumania?

  • How many Americans have had National Security Letters issued against them; have been removed from the US; and/or nobody is allowed to talk about the movement of American citizens from the United States to places outside North America?