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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

American Elehctions: Corruption without a solution

You'll see alot of people complaining about elehctions.

But where are their solutions?

You'd think they'd talk about what would fix this problem. It looks like the coding experts have fallen down on the job.

They can't explain why some kitchen appliances work, but your vohteing machine doesn't.

That's not just a leadership problem, it's a systemic structural flaw with program management.

America is the land that has specific, known problems within its existing information technology platforms, but is not able to mobilize the resources to address those issues.

Does America have a chance? Self-evidently, when a nation cannot attract resources to win on the battlefield, it cannot hope to inspire its own population to vohte

Nor can such a nation credibly make the case it can create a plan to solve simple problems.

Such a culture cannot be saved, as it demonstrates it is not willing to do what it takes to solve problems, merely silence the discussion about the issues or concerns. That is not a culture that can survive.

* * *

Have you ever noticed that when you use your cell phone, your toaster doesn’t break?

How about the time you’re using your hair dryer – ever notice the cable news still blares?

That’s because there are some things called barriers.

Wouldn’t it be neat if the same thing existed with vohteing?

* * *

People who are talking about vohteing problems seem to be silly.

If there is a vohting-software problem, how do they explain why the phones work, but the vohteing machines don’t?

* * *

The DNC has a problem – it doesn’t’ realize that the solution to their vohteing problem lies with the very companies who make things, traditional RNC lobbyists.

* * *

What is curious is that the people talking about vohteing problems, who apparently know something about electricity, don’t seem to have a clue how to fix it.

Rather, they’d like to spend time talking about the problem, and mobilizing public support and the media.

Wow, and all this time, the media knows how to send you a webpage that doesn’t interfere with your cell phone connection.

* * *

Could it be that the particular advocates of the “we need to fix the vohteing-problem” don’t have a clue how to analyze a problem?

And why have they defined the “solution” to be in terms of mobilizing the very vohteers whose vohtees are being ignored?

Wouldn’t it be better use of their time to focus on the existing systems that work, and figure out how they make them work, then apply those lessons to vohteing machines?

Not these guys. They don’t have a plan.

* * *

Next time you see a movie on an airplane, ask yourself – how do they make the TV pictures clean like that, but not interfere with the cell phone?

It’s all a mystery.

* * *

The problem the DNC has is that they don’t know how to create bridges with technical experts in industry; nor do they have the technical program management skills to analyze a problem, or develop a plan.

Why do they rely on bloggers to point out problems, but then the bloggers can’t come forward with a solution to this?

Hay, we’ve got automobiles that don’t interfere with the lights on your house – could it be that there’s some super secret device they’ve created?

It’s all a mystery.

* * *

Next time you review the educational background of someone who talks about vohteing problems, ask them to explain what the plan might look like to assess an analogous program in a traffic light study.

What would it take to analyze why your cell phone doesn’t interfere with the lights?

What kind of review would someone do to review this problem?

How much time would it take to analyze the situation?

* * *

They don’t have an answer because they don’t have the educational background to analyze cell phones, lights, and electric current. Too bad, it looks as though America is doomed.

* * *

The greatest country on earth, but they can’t get their vohteing machines to work. Hay, but if you want someone to check out a video, you can do that, no problem. Just go to the bar code, swipe the information, and then charge it.

Isn’t that easy?

Why is fixing this vohteing situation so difficult?

Why are those who have enough time to talk about vohteing problems not developing a plan to solve the problem?

And how do they explain how people can drive down the road, listen to the radio, but their cell phone doesn’t interfere with the lights?

It’s all a mystery

* * *

Will the Democrats figure out that the people talking about the problem have no solution?

Will they realize that the coders can’t figure out what is wrong?

* * *

Let’s consider something else: There are planes flying all the time. If the planes can work, where are the plane manufacturers doing that the vohter machine people are not?

Maybe the plane makers know how to make some really solid aircraft.

Maybe they know how to make something that is really think, and impervious to the evil problems posed by the cell phone devils.

* * *

The current people talking about the vohteing problems have no clue how to analyze the problem, or to assess the situation.

This problem is not all that tough to solve.

Your computer works. But why can’t your vohteing machine?

It’s all a mystery.

* * *

American may fumble around. The vohteing machine problem will either get worse, or it will get solved.

Unless the problem is solved, as it easily could be with some simple steps, then the self-evident vohteing problems will only get worse. That means less legitimacy.

Will the elected-American leaders, less connected with the population, require more force to suppress those who have vohoted the other way?

Of course, they have no other option.

And they will require more lies and non-sense to make you believe there is no problem.

This is feeding off itself.

* * *

Either the experts will step forward with a plan, or the problem will get worse.

This problem is solvable.

Rather than focusing on the media and getting the public involved, notice what is not happening:

  • There is no plan

  • There is no technical evaluation

  • No explanation why this problem is isolated

  • Nor is there a public discussion of what is to be done about the problem

    No, the only discussion is how to whine about the problem.

    That is not impressive, especially when it comes from the very people who like to call themselves technical experts.

    This is a leadership problem.

    It’s all a mystery how this will be solved.

    It will either be solved easily, or it will get worse, and then the problem will self-evidently be out of control.

    * * *

    Let’s pretend we live in a universe where problems can be solved.

    Ask the coders who talk about this:

  • Why are the cell phones not affecting the lights, but something is affecting the vohteing machine?

  • Is there something the light company knows that the vohteing-whiners don’t?

  • IF this problem with the vohteing machine cannot be solved, then what is keeping our cell phones from interfering with the TV on the plan?

    It’s all a mystery.

    And they have no solution.

    Just more whining to mobilize the media, who are just as clueless as the coders who don’t know how to lead, focus on solutions, or energize the DNC leadership to assess the situation, and develop a plan.

    * * *

    How is private industry that makes a computer unable to figure out this problem when it comes to vohteing machines?

    Is there no leadership in the vohteing-machine-problem-whining-group?

    Are the whining coders who talk about the vohteing problem unable to talk to the right people?

    You don’t think it is an education problem, do you?

    Could it possibly be a defect in their technical backgrounds, and lack of industry experience, that makes their lack of education self evident, and publicly display their lack of requisite industry connection and standards?

    * * *

    These vohteing machines were created by men and women. They have been corrupted.

    But my cell phone works. And it doesn’t interfere with my Tivo or cable.

    How were the coders able to make something on the internet that doesn’t work in real life?

    * * *

    Ask your coding friends the following:

  • What type of industry experience do they have with large scale development programs with contractors like Motorola?

  • Can they point to specific large scale development programs with companies like Lockheed Martin or TRW which developed some sophisticated traffic light systems and public transportation management systems?

    If they can’t point to these fairly benign programs, then do they really understand what is going on inside these black boxes that prevent them from interfering with your internet?

    I don’t think they have an answer. I think they like to complain about problems, mobilize the public, but then have no plan.

    * * *

    Ask your coding friends about a software specification review and the program development review.

    Do they know how to develop a software baseline?

    How is the software integrated with the air communication system within a naval carrier group?

    Can your coding friends make things move along the ground without getting interference from evil Darth Vader signals from the Death Star?

    Are your coding friends familiar with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards?

    Do they know about the audit rights of an independent reviewer?

    How is a program baseline for a technical change control board assessed?

    Who on the technical change board reviews the specifications in the data item description?

    What method is used to evaluate the proposed plan to remedy a hardware problem will meet the end-user requirements?

    How effective are they in translating known technical issues with hardware into a formalized baseline, and then monitoring the progress of technical experts in meeting program milestones?

    Are they able to demonstrate they have a track record of industry or requisite experience that can show they can translate specific indicators into a test plan, and then outline for a program manager or funding source why the proposed mitigation plans will or will not reduce risk and still meet program milestones?

    Do they have the ability to find a suitable number of assistance to support their development effort, and do they have a track record at successfully hiring technical experts to analyze a problem, review the options, and outline a number of potential solutions for the customer, with a track record of meeting within X-% of target schedule and budget objectives?

    * * *

    Self-evidently, your coding friends don’t know how to analyze this problem.

    Nor do they have the funding or program management skills to outline a solution.

    Nor do they have the legal background to outline the options and demonstrate how a federal requirement can be linked with a local or state level funding or grant from the Federal Government.

    They don’t know how to do it.

    They are lost.

    They complain.

    They have no plan.

    Congratulations, you have people who like to talk about problems, but no proven capability to outline or assess what the problem might be, how to find answers, or point to similar design efforts that can suggest they are worthy of confidence in finding a solution much less implementing it.

    And you wonder why Americans are considered bumbling idiots.

    You have the audacity to prance before the world as if you are divinely inspired Gods, but you cannot point to a single example of having solved a simple problem like this.

    You are not fooling anyone.

    You have no vision. You have no clue. You have no solution.

    It is easy to talk about a problem, but where is the solution?

    * * *

    This problem is not all that tough to solve.

    If you want to know specifically how to solve this, you know what to do.

    All you have to do is ask.

    But you aren’t going to ask for help.

    You’re going to founder, make up excuses, and then find someone to blame.

    Rest assured, we’ll be there to point out the flaws and remind you where your’ tripping.

    How about the vohteing machines?

    Maybe it will be fun to see how bad this problem can be before a solution is implemented.

    It may take many years.

    How’s that for an unresponsive system, without legal or moral legitimacy or authority.

    Thus, it is reasonable to presume, in the abuses of a solution, that the public policy will grow increasingly disconnected from the will of the people.

    The antagonism will grow. And then you will have a bigger problem on your hands.

    Ouch, it really does suck to have a problem on your hands but no solution, just more excuses.

    * * *

    A TV can work, but it doesn’t interfere with your computer.

    Maybe the FCC has a secret capability that allows them to make sure that there’s a special insulation panel: It protects your TV, but not your democracy.

    * * *

    America is more concerned with being able to chat on the internet, than ensuring it’s democracy is based on legitimate public vohtees.

    That is not a system that can survive. It has TV, cable, and TiVo, but it can’t mobilize its citizenry to ensure the Republic remains a republic.

    Congratulations, you have a mess on your hands. This is your problem to solve.

    Are you going to complain to the media about it, or are you going to talk to your cable company?

    There’s an answer. The question is whether you have the experience to figure it out.

    We have our doubts.

    Coders can whine about problems, but where is their solution?

    They don’t have one.

    And Americans wonder why they have a problem.

    Look in the mirror: You're stupid.

    That’s why the RNC will defeat you and impose tyranny: They have no solutions, but are better organized to destroy your constitution.

    They are better organized.