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Monday, November 14, 2005

Oath of Office: Congress fails to preserve Constitution, debating to give up Habeas Corpus

The American leadership shows further evidence of having lost its way.

It now seriously debates issues which are contrary to the rule of law.

This Congress remains a threat to the Constitution and Rights of all: They want to "give up the rights" which are enshrined in our Constitution.

This is lawlessness, celebrated as something else, and unfit for acclaim.

Magna Carta is the document that outlined rights for people. It is the basis for the US Constitution.

It seems strange that the US Congress would ask the world to "celebrate democracy" when the fundamentals within the Magna Carta are ignored.

* * *

Can anyone seriously assert they are following their oath of office when they debate "giving up" the fundamental rights in the US Constitution?

Those rights are inalienable, and no one can argue that any argument would justify giving up those rights.

These are not rights for Congress to bargain over; rather, they are right rights of all free people to enjoy.

It may be noteworthy that we have leaders who are bargaining over the rights that are not theirs to give up.

* * *

Who are these arrogant people in Congress? They may have been voted into office, but their office does not give them the right to deny others their inalienable rights.

Congress and America cannot credibly wave the wave of freedom, liberty, and rule of law when its membership "isn't sure" whether the fundamental rights are to be preserved or given away.

Indeed, it is a far better thing to debate the issue, than to rubber stamp legislation after 9-11.

But it is appropriate to question the mindset of the leaders when they are willing to discuss something that is not their right or ability to give up.

Yes, they may pass laws that ignore the Magna Carta, but let us recall what happened when a central government voted to deprive others of their rights without regard to the rule of law: There was the American Revolution.

* * *

How many transgressions will it take?

Or are we to defer to these "leaders" the power to debate whether it is proper to require us to give up our rights?

They are not their rights to bargain with.

Surely, if they choose to give up that right we enjoy, let these "leaders" be the first to suffer under a regime that does not recognize the right to appear before the court.

Let us pass laws that require Congressional "leaders" to make all statements under penalty of perjury. "Oh, but we do not have to do that, we are above the law."

* * *

It seems odd that the nation’s leaders would believe they could banter around as if they were above the law, and in so doing they would deprive the citizenry the freedoms and rights others have enjoyed.

Are we a nation that respects the rule of law?

If we are, then all people, even the accused, should be afforded the right to appear, be charged, and afforded a fair trial.

But if this nation says that the founding principles in the Magna Carta "do not apply," why should any rule which affords legislative immunity apply?

Indeed, it is the "immunity to oversight" which Congress really wants. They delay action on important matters because they want the nation to grovel and forget what hasn't been done.

Yet, what is to be said of those same leaders who prance around and ask the world to believe we are a nation of laws? If we are, then let us enforce and execute those laws, not ignore them.

* * *

To win a war, one must have something they have that is wroth fighting for. Even those under tyranny believe their battle is just.

But there is only one victor, not two.

If a battle is to be waged, then ask yourselves: What is America fighting for?

It isn't fighting for the rule of law, or its history. It has already ignored that, trodden upon the founding documents, and thrown the Magna Carta to the wind.

Who are these people who stand before us, parading themselves as if they were on the debate team, and worthy of respect. Those who bargain with things they cannot bargain are offering up the rights of others for something that is lost: Life, liberty, happiness.

How can these leaders ask anyone to believe that their work in Washington is important when they do nothing but bargain and debate over issues long decided?

They cannot do what they are doing. They have no power to deprive you, me, us, or anyone of any right. Those rights are ours, and cannot be taken away unless we remain silent.

What good is it to have a document and "rule of law" when that notion is chipped away at every excuse?

America isn't fighting for the rule of law. It is fighting for non-sense, the power to ignore the rule of law, and the right to make excuses for ignoring the rule of law.

That is not inspiring. That is not worth fighting for.

No, America in 2005 is not worth fighting for.

The Constitution is worth fighting for, as it was in 1789.

* * *

It's been four long years since the non-sense of 9-11. All we've heard are more lies, excuses, and made up stories.

At every turn this leadership has failed. They've not reviewed what needed to be reviewed. They have thwarted lawful investigations. They have invoked the name of laws not followed.

And what do we have? A trashed constitution. Not something that is recognizable.

* * *

How many more abuses are required?

These people in Washington have lost their minds, lost their way, and are in need of careful oversight.

This system of checks and balances, self-evidently failed. Where is the check on this absurd debate; where is the red light that says this is inappropriate.

But they vote to give up rights which are not theirs to give up.

Let these "leaders" enjoy the system they have created: Let them be hauled to the dark dungeons of Eastern Europe, let them disappear, let them plead for help, and let their echoes bounce off the dark walls.

* * *

Why should any nation or citizen of the world care when these leaders banter about?

Because the powerful do have the power to deprive others, who use their minds, of their liberty, whether they are at home or abroad.

These leaders are reckless. They dream of new excuses. They imagine ghosts and plead then compel their fellow citizens to march to battle.

For what? What objective, purpose, or lawful outcome are they fighting for?

Self-evidently, they fight for the right to ignore the laws; to trash the Magna Carta; and then pretend it isn't happen.

* * *

These leaders in Congress are delusional. They are unresponsive. They are not to be trusted.

The words that spill off their tongues is the sniveling gruel of stupidity.

Which nation of citizens put these people there?

The ebb and flow of the tides affects their minds; the gathering storms and gusting winds do not awaken them to their foolishness.

* * *

What is it going to take?

What self-evident disaster is it going to require?

We've already have Katrina.

We've already had Libby indicted.

We've already had Judith Miller sent backing form the NYT.

What will it take to awaken the citizenry to the non-sense of this leadership?

They are not to be trusted. They refuse to assert their oaths. They continue to debate.

Why is there not a filibuster to demand an end to this non-sense?

* * *

Do not wonder why a free citizenry no longer cared when Rome collapsed, or the Empire broke apart.

Romans no longer cared because their leaders were no longer effectual. They failed to inspire. The discipline broke down. The leaders talked of things which failed to motivate the people.

The dream died. Then, so did the Empire.

Another dream is dying, and it will only survive if you are willing to bring it alive. To live it. To challenge others to end the "debates over given up rights" and start the debates over "why these rights must be advanced" and "how we will strengthen the rule of law and checks and balances."

A free people, if left to their own devices, can choose to create new things. They can also be manipulated to not only destroy all that they've built, but to applaud when the dust rises to the heavens.