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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Eastern European Torture: What the DoJ Already Knows -- DoD is involved

The Joint Staff is behind the effort to obstruct a lawful inquiry into how the CIA created and constructed the detention centers in Eastern Europe.

There are planning documents showing the link between the CIA and DoD.

DoD personnel are well aware of what is occurring in Eastern Europe.

They're called planning cells. These are groups under the Joint Staff organized to implement a covert action. A similar structure is used within the intelligence community.

You'll notice that there are summary checklists, tables, and a schedule outlining how all the elements are brought together.

Also notice that the General Counsel is involved.

The message is clear: DoJ is already in receipt of the detailed meeting minutes, budget documents, personnel lists, and signed policy memos used to establish the CIA torture chambers in Eastern Europe.

* * *

What you can do is review the Joint Information Operations Planning Handbook.

Please note two things: This is a DoD document; it is from 2003; it has been archived; and others have copies of it.

Personnel within DoD who have worked with the NSA and CIA in various support capacities are already known by name to DoJ, what assignments you held, and what your status was.

Your goal in your official cover was to prevent the enemy from detecting what was going on in the United States.

* * *

Now it is time for you to make a choice: Is the enemy in the White House; has your commander in chief violated the laws of war; and is your loyalty to your oath of office to protect the Constitution?

To be a free nation that allows you to do your job, this nation must know that when the laws of war are violated, there are those who know when to speak out and come forward.

Nobody is asking you to violate the laws of war, but your commander in Chief wants you to remain silent about those violations.

Nobody is asking you to reveal state secrets, but your commander in chief is willing to use secrecy to suppress facts to make decisions about who is or is not correctly reporting information to a grand jury.

* * *

The planning document have is an open source analogy for what the CIA and MI6 do on a regular basis: Engage in operations to deceive not only the enemy abroad, but those domestically.

It is an admirable goal to engage in deception, to surprise the opponent, and protect the nation’s resources and our freedoms.

The problem we have now is the opposite. The nation's leadership is leaning on these secret organizations to wage war against the Constitution, and protect them from accountability for war crimes.

* * *

As you review this document compare it to the Nuremburg Trials and to the US Attorney Manual.

Let's be clear: Those who were involved in War Crimes during WWII lost their naturalization.

* * *

It remains to be understood what the ultimate sanctions will be for these alleged war crimes. Congress cannot make a law to sanction war crimes; nor can there be any defense to war crimes.

* * *

Here is the specific reference in the US Attorney's manual related to torture and war crimes:
§2441 CTS (202) 514-0849
(war crimes)
(consultation with DSS/CTS is required before
instituting any criminal process under torture,
war crimes, or genocide)
(possible death penalty when death results
from the offense)

Make no mistake, the CIA is in big trouble.

And anyone in DoJ who refuses to investigate these matters also has a problem.

* * *

It remains to be understood which planning cell within the DoD Joint Staff was involved in the movement of personnel from Iraq to Eastern Europe.

We can get travel orders from DFAS in Columbus.

There can also be transcripts and copies of the fax-archives where the data was sent through classified fax machines.

You're going to be caught.

* * *

This document outlines in plain English the Joint Staff role in organizing a disinformation campaign related to illegal torture in Eastern Europe.

Either the manual is being used, or it is not. If the manual is not being used, then the problem for the Joint Staff and CIA is why is the effort in Eastern Europe occurring without adequate coordination.

At this juncture, it appears the opposite is true: That personnel, with full knowledge of the Joint Staff, were moved from Iraq to Eastern Europe. This cannot happen in isolation. These are alleged war crimes. And this means that there is an alleged conspiracy to commit war crimes; then avoid their detection.

* * *

We've already seen the bungled "investigations" in re 9-11 and the Iraq WMD. On top of this, we've seen how the Joint Staff will claim ignorance about what is going on in Guantanamo.

Small problem: The 170th Military Company, which Marion E. "Spike" Bowman is fully aware, has a responsibility to make their reports known through the 6th Group to the Joint Staff. Either Bowman signed off on the Guantanamo investigation knowing about this, or he signed off without looking into the matter.

* * *

This document is the template for DoD and the CIA to develop a program schedule for a domestic propaganda cover.

It appears, given the latest press releases and Presidential speech, that DoD is planning this public relations effort.

It appears to have one goal: To dissuade a lawful investigation into alleged DoD and CIA involvement in war crimes in Eastern Europe.

As you review this document consider what DoJ already can do:

  • It can identify what information is needed to convict someone for war crimes -- this information can be gathered by the same FBI agents who like to make people disappear in Gulfstreams. Do you want that to happen to you?

  • The FBI can also get copies of the information; and independent agencies outside the American's control also have copies of this information. They like to ask questions. The EU is conducting a separate investigation. The investigation is outside the American's control.

  • The document also creates the framework to ask questions on the details of this alleged conspiracy by the Joint Staff to maintain secrecy about these alleged war crimes.

    * * *

    It is possible to use this document as a framework to satisfy the burdens of proof in this structure at Nuremburg.

    The planning themes in this document can be understood: They are clear, they are readable, and are admissible to a grand jury. Grand juries like to ask questions. They like to see patterns. And, as Libby found out the hard way, Grand Juries are not stupid -- they know when they are being lied to, and can see a pattern of conduct.

    It is possible to use this document as a framework to trace documents, names, and attendance at meetings. In short, the fact that this document exists is reasonable basis to question what is going on: Why are we being told "Nobody knows," when it is clear that the press releases are well orchestrated?

    Personnel also travel on Temporary Duty [TDY] for training. They attend Joint Staff Officer training. They are enrolled in classes. The completion of that training is document. We can find out by name which specific officers on the American Joint Staff have had access to this document, when they took a course on the document, and how the auditors reviewed whether the guidelines were or were not being implemented.

    Indeed, there are secret records related to internal audits and management reports on how to develop this system within the Joint Staff. These records, although secret, can be washed of the sensitive information, and identify by name who was involved, which names are on which travel orders, and which funds were expended to support these planning meetings.

    * * *

    The problem DoD and CIA have is they don't know how many people have already gone to the investigators and DoJ in re alleged war crimes.

  • Which of the travel documents have already been reviewed by the Grand Jury?

  • How are the officer statements in writing in contravention to what is already history?

    The facts are known. History cannot change. The camps exist.

    * * *

    We also can introduce the sworn statement by the DoD Senior Staff when they appeared before Congress: Which of the construction money was or was not appropriately used.

    There are also funding and budgeting documents provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee Staff attesting to what the valid requirements.

    It is problematic when that funding is used for illegal war crimes.

    * * *

    There are other records including press statements, and reports by "non-government" entities that are actually part of the system to persuade. These organizations also recieve, in some cases, federal money and are not allowed to spend money for unlawful purposes.

    It remains to be understood to what extent the General Counsel on this planning cell was informed, or failed to stop, what amounted to an unlawful conspiracy to commit and cover up war crimes in Eastern Europe.

    We also know about the Vice President's visits to the CIA. IT remains to be understood to what extent, during these planning meetings, the Vice President was briefed on the status of the detention centers; who was aware of the construction contracts; and how the money moved, either directly or indirectly, from Congress into Eastern Europe.

    It also appears as though the European Union is doing their own investigation. They are not bound by the same laws. The Italians have already subpoenaed CIA agents for their alleged involvement in unlawful detention and kidnapping of Italian nationals for transport to the Middle East.

    If you have violated international laws, there is nothing that will prevent other nations from taking action.

    Either the United States will or will not take action.

    * * *

    Nuremburg was about holding people accountable. The Germans had knowledge. Many of the defendants, if not all, continued to believe they were doing the right thing.

    Belief and the law are not the same. One cannot believe in the divine right of the US to exert power, but do so in an unlawful manner.

    * * *

    The defendants at Nuremburg were not just military. There were also civilians. You will see in the indictment against Goering that there was a common purpose and plan.

    The guilt didn't necessarily apply to those who directly committed the acts, but also those who were involved in the planning and advice.

    This document shows that something like setting up illegal torture chambers in Eastern Europe is well known. Many are involved. The responsibility is wide.

    It remains to be understood how many people in Eastern Europe were either promised something of value for silence; or threatened with consequences for speaking out.

    If there have been unlawful torture chambers built in specific cities, it is up to the EU to investigate.

    * * *

    The Joint Staff, civilians, and employees in the American government have three problems:

  • They cannot change history

  • The EU data, when compared to the United States evidence, may show inconsistencies which are admissible

  • The planning documents are known

    The longer you delay, obstruct, or rewrite history, the worse it is going to get.

    No matter how many documents you shred, the camps exist. Your name is on the travel order. You attended the meetings. You were involved.

    Others have already come forward. More will surface.

    You are hoping that nobody will speak. You are too late.

    * * *

    There is another problem the Joint Staff has. It is that they are not above the law. Resigning does not give one the power to remain immune to war crimes.

    You also have to explain how the money was justified to Congress. That requires documents in the form of Descriptive Summaries for 3020 Construction funding.

    It remains to be understood whether Congress was asked to fund torture chambers;

    Or whether Congress was no informed of the funds expended;

    Or whether DoD, CIA, or other personnel constructed facilities for US personnel to engage in work, but failed to property report that expenditure as required by law;

    Or whether the United States has unlawfully contracted with third parties to fabricate these detention facilities.

    Regardless, the facts can be understood: What happened, who was involved, how the money flowed.

    * * *

    The Patriot Act allows the Department of Justice to get access to related to funds transfers. This permits DoJ and the FBI to follow to the penny, where the money came from to create these torture chambers.

    The Patriot Act also allows the American Government to detain people who are violating the American laws. Some of them have disappeared in Guantanamo. There are images of what can happen.

    * * *

    The laws of war are important. They are the standards of conduct that maintain civility despite the barbarity.

    The nation has treaties against torture. And we have signed agreements under the United Nations.

    You may not care about the United Nations or treaties. But remember why you took your oath, and what you are really finding for: The American way of life.

    It is UnAmerican to commit torture. Your actions bring discredit upon your service to the nation and materially undermine public confidence in the existing government.

    The Constitution remains in place. That is the document you swore an oath to.

    This document is the basis to issue subpoenas. Congress will ask many questions. The US Attorney knows how to find answers. They have capable FBI agents. They have learned well at Guantanamo.

    The pictures show us what they are capable of doing to those who violate the laws.

    * * *

    It will not end there. We will, sooner or later, find out what happened in the wake of Iraq and WMD.

    Some would have us believe that its all a mystery. That the facts cannot be understood.

    Strange, here we are, in 2005, being asked to believe that the case for war was "clear" and the country "knew" what was going on.

    What could possibly explain this apparent swing from certainty to ambiguity, then back to blurriness?

    We see no evidence before us to suggest that the Congress has a reading or vision problem. They are well paid. They have medical benefits. They can afford eye glasses.