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Friday, November 11, 2005

Jordan: Doubts about the official story

Just as we saw with the NYPD, it's curious that at a time when AlQueda had strong support, the organization did the most convenient thing to drive a wedge in the Jordanian support for Syria and others who oppose the United States.

Far too convenient. It remains to be understood who knew in advance, and what other details will not add up, but be explained away with non-sense.

* * *

Jordan was the site of an attack.

We've been told that "Iraqi suicide bombers" who were "linked to AlQueda" were behind the bombing at the Hotel, killing more than fifty [50] people.

* * *

The initial story was that the surviving bomber changed her mind and left.

Then the new story was that her bomb did not detonate.

* * *

Also, notice her image during the interviews: She's, the alleged bomber, is not in shackles; and has a body-wrap in the shape of explosives. That seems odd to have a prisoner free to move around.

* * *

Some suggest the Jordanian support for AlQueda, prior to the bombing, was about 65%.

* * *

It seems odd and unlikely that AlQueda would attack a region where the support was so high.

* * *

The public version of the incident was that AlQueda:

  • Was behind the attack on a country that supported AlQueda

  • Admitted being behind the attack

  • Did not consider the support it already had

  • Did not consider the potential loss of support with the bombing

  • Ignored the potential for a backlash

    * * *

    Let's consider [a] the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister; and [b] 9-11 in the United States.

    The events in Jordan seem curious on light of the Lebanese assassination and 9-11:

  • A group is able to move without detection

  • A capable intelligence community misses the details

  • The organization that is supposedly behind the operation suffers a setback or backlash

    * * *

    What seems more likely is whoever was behind the attack in Jordan, Lebanon, and 9-11 took the action to provoke a reaction:

  • Bait a country

  • Generate a backlash

  • Change public opinion

  • Get the leadership to focus on something

  • Shift attention from one problem to another

    * * *

    The London Bombings had the same flavor, especially curious given the Israeli officials were reported to have a heads up; and the London Bombings occurred at the same time of a "major exercise," as was the case with 9-11.

    * * *

    I have yet to put my finger on it: But the situation in Jordan doesn't sound right.

    I suspect that someone wants to shift the Jordanian's support away from AlQueda; and this comes at the same time that the US is not convincingly mobilizing world opposition to the Syrians.

    Perhaps this is a wedge action. It sounds more like the convenient "AlQueda terror alerts" which DHS and NYPD dream up at the very time the White House needs another diversion.

    In the end, I would not be surprised if, even if AlQueda was behind it, the Americans and Israelis knew or had some involvement in the deception to allow an attack.

    * * *

    I sense there is something not adding up with the official story; and that there are more details that will surface shortly.

    I expect the issues and details to be argued; and that there will be some inconsistencies which the US will gloss over as it beats the drums for war against Syria.

    * * *

    Beware the story which doesn't add up as it will require louder trumpets and distractions to keep the skeptical citizenry focused elsewhere.

    The answer is in the other direction.

    * * *

    One argument goes like this: "Because someone has been detained after the bombing [and didn't blow herself up], al-Zarqawi will send in others for revenge."

    This is absurd, because it implies "no matter what happens, there will be attacks" -- an attack out of the blue on Amman; and then if that fails, then more attacks; but if the rule of law is imposed, then it means more attacks.


    These arguments are created to manipulate stupid people.

    America: Land of the stupid.

    * * *

    al-Zarqawi is a product of AMerican preening, and said to be behind the attacks.

    It doesn't make sense for him to attack Amman which, at the time, was 70% in support of AlQueda.