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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

France: A model of what can go wrong as well as right

Spreading chaos and mindlessness. But what stopped the birthday?

There's talk that the Americans and Canadians have predicted this war in France.

STEYN writes as if the riots in Europe should be a wakeup call for what can happen if you're not tough on crime.

Well, the apologists for fascism have it backwards: Despite the lawless, arrogant use of power in Iraq, America already exploded in the wake of Katrina: Louisiana.

Despite having a fascist system in place, that system proves unresponsive, as evidenced by the self-evident outburst across France.

Is it a civil war when youths take to the streets? If that is so, no wonder the NeoCons panicked when the RNC protestors spoke out in NYC about unlawful war in Iraq.

The civil war analogy is overplayed. A civil war requires two sides. The French government doesn't appear to be cooperating, nor does the French countryside appear to be rising up to put down the insurrection.

Then again, perhaps there's been a financial crisis, and we haven't been told. For there to be a full-scale civil war, the government will have had to crackdown and that crackdown fail. We haven't had the crackdown, so the youths aren't emboldened by violence or repression, but the lack of discipline on both sides.

* * *

Should America and Canada take note? Sure, if the "not assimilated" and estranged-arguments explain the violence in France, surely this undercurrent in America and Canada would give the leadership something to ponder.

But they've already moved against the "evil outspoken ones" calling for law and order. The best way, as the Americans and British have demonstrated, to get rid of a civil war is to get rid of civil rights, thank you Patriot Act.

* * *

It's disingenuous to ignore NeoCon-inspired frosty relations between Europe and the Americans. Europeans like the rule of law; Americans like the rule of tyrants. Why would Europe be warm to tyrants after being liberated from them?

Not one to inflame the tensions, it seems incredible that people will say there's been an under current of "French Arab dissent" all the while ignoring the similar forces in Quebec and the Deep South Detroit. Would our friends in America and Canada prefer torture in Paris to keep the rascals from swimming across the Atlantic?

* * *

Rather than focus on what's going on in 2005, the author does a number when they go back to the early 700s for a comparison. Indeed, the parallels are striking, and please forget all the modern advances since then. Truly, we're at the edge of the dark ages: A dark age of thinking.

NATO, Canada, and the Americans have enough trouble mobilizing forces in Iraq to put down some insurgents; please don't remind us that the crusades from the 700s are going to go unchecked. Not across Europe. A mass frothing campaign of chaos just upsets our reality TV watching.

The author does a great job at painting pictures of doom; but does little to discuss how the mass of chaos will sustain itself across Europe. It may, but then again, why would something unorganized take off, but the organized stay grounded?

We've been around on the internet for long enough that calling someone a "scum" isn't the same thing as spitting in their face. I'd rather they were shouting than in quietly mobilizing for war. Or are we to believe the outrageous conduct is going to fuel more sophisticated organization, armaments, and forces which the infantry will not realize? This asks that we believe that Echelon will not discover it, yet it knows enough to watch Americans wipe their noses and summon the FBI goons to inquire as to the details.

It's time for America, Canada, and Europe to really ask the question: Are they serious about preserving the rule of law, or do they want to spread more fear, rumors, and innuendo?

MARK STEYN paints a bleak picture, but this is stuff that the NFL commentators talk about during pre-game, and says nothing of the actual show.

Or are we to presume that the mighty Armies of Europe cannot stand up to youths with bottles of gasoline?

If so, then surely we were sold a mountain of lies over "what would possibly defend Europe" form the mighty Russian Army.

If the violence spreads, and grows more bold despite efforts to prevent it, and the government's crackdown inspires more violence, then you have a civil war.

But, then what are you going to call "the fine democracy in Iraq", a French tea hat party?

Please, if you're going to claim America, Canada, and Europe are on the brink of chaos, then Iraq has already entered the dark Ages with Louisiana. If that's true, then the White House is on the brink of history, not just the rule of law.

MARK STEYN might be right, but that would make the NEOCONS very wrong not just in Baghdad but also DC. Don't expect there to be balance in the arguments or the application of the use of force or arguments.

We've got a Republic to save, even if the leaders in the White House, Number 10, and Paris destroy the very institutions and values they seek to protect.

Now we will see how quickly the world will embrace fascism all in the name of protecting us from evil.

Look in the mirror and you've got the first glimpse.

France may be wrong, but the US and UK could not have been more wrong on the issues of law, order, and power.

* * *

The US and UK, by comparison with France, are not vindicated merely distracting the needed oversight and accountability.

The rioting in France is just a sideshow to the looming legal battles in DC and London.

Fitzgerald continues to get closer to Cheney and the RNC is imploding. There's the real victory for the West, and we see no rioting but cheers within the ranks of the RNC disaffected.

Thankfully, America does have an independent judiciary, just as France has an independent foreign policy.

Both can be preserved, not withstanding the ebb and flow of history.