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Sunday, November 06, 2005

European Torture: Was the fruit of torture used to mislead Congress?

Crossing the line once means the fruits of that illegality are used to justify more illegal acts.

How the fruits of CIA torture in Europe may have been used to mislead the Congress and launch an unlawful invasion of Iraq.

* * *

Something to keep in mind when we consider the "big benefits" of European Torture: Not only is it illegal and "gives a green light to others to violate the same laws of war because the US doesn't follow it," but there's something more fundamental:

  • When you torture someone, you're decreasing the chances that the information is reliable.

    * * *

    Prissy had this: The issue becomes has the United States, in setting up torture cells in Eastern Europe, created the very evidence used to mislead Congress to unlawfully grant the President the unlawfully authority to choose when to wage war, without adequate Congressional oversight?

    Put another way, isn't the White House on the slippery slope: It violates the laws of war in torturing; then using bogus information, it violates the US laws and misleads the Congress; then using that corruptly obtained permission, then violates the laws of armed conflict?

    The answer appears to be simply, "Yes."

    * * *

    Once you start down that slippery slope, the "next logical step" is to simply engage in more violations of the law.

    This is circular reasoning to defer judgment to the White House, rather than a special prosecutor.

    Put this in your "impeachment for war crimes" folder.