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Monday, November 14, 2005

Patriot Act: With this many lies in DC, what's the rush?

Congress is getting ready to rubber stamp a 10 year extension to the Patriot Act.

Update Conyers has some details, and they're likely to review the Act Thursday 17 Nov 2005, in just a few hours.

But they're also expanding it.

Based on what I've seen, Congress needs to do some explaining before they vote on more legislation.

Conyers offers a handy form to outline your concerns with the Patriot Act.

I'm all for prudent legislation, but lately DC has made me wonder. They appear to be out of touch, denying people rights, and then making up excuses.

As far as I can tell, this war on terror is really about a war on American values both at home and abroad.

FBI agents are not reliable; they use 30,000 National Security Letters to go after people in Las Vegas who just happened to be traveling there.

That's 1M records of people, and they found nothing.

* * *

"We don't need judicial oversight" is a good rule of thumb when impeaching Presidents.

Why can't we deny the President the same rights he denies Americans?

He's in deep trouble, and obviously needs all the advantage he can get.

* * *

It's been four years since 9-11, and all we hear are excuses, "It's different this time."

I don't think so: It's the same as under the Nazis -- people detained without being told; denied access to the courts; and a legislature willing to rubber stamp tyranny.

The only thing that is different is that this is the 21st Century, in America, but it's still fascism.

* * *

America is run by idiots. They need to be impeached.

Let's get some straight answers from the White House.

Then, after that is completed, maybe we'll think about giving the goons in the FBI the power to hold Cheney and Bush at Guantanamo with a real Patriotic Act.