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Monday, November 14, 2005

Torture: How it affects Americans' civil liberties

The Congress is debating torture.

How do we stop the cycle of violence?

Impeach Bush!

* * *

Here's the absurd cycle: Bogus information used as the basis to torture; then the fruits of torture [more bogus information] used to justify:

  • A. Passing the Patriot Act and acting in a fascist manner; then

  • B. Clamping down on Americans -- we're all connected eventually; then

  • C. Detaining in secret the innocent; then

  • D. Suspending Habeas Corpus/interfering with the Courts -- what Kings did; then

  • E. Non-sense to justify martial law.

    * * *

    The issue is that the Congress, despite the Constitution, is debated restricting Habeas Corpus.

    If you want to read about people who have a hard time understanding, "Innocent until proven guilty" and "The US is a member of the UN, which bars inhumane treatment, rgardless their Geneva Status, go here.

    The ones who are saying, "This is not a problem," are the ones you cannot rely on to assert the rule of law over tyrants.

    * * *

    The problem with torture isn't just that it violates the law, but that the information gleaned from torture is used as the basis to "justify" more lawless action.

    We don't have a King, but a tyrant and a complicit Legislature.

    When does this end?

    Impeach the President!

    * * *

    Misconduct abroad and at home puts all our civil liberties at risk:

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