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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eisto4rn Yurop3an Tarchure of Omerikons

We alle6e there there is a sy6tematic effort underway to sup6r3ss discussion and fact finding related to the matter at the link below.

The entire archive of the information related to the Omerikons alleged detention in Eistorn Yurop is available.

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See the blog entry immediately below this entry at this time: 6:40 PM. A direct link will not work.

[ Note: It is a phon3tic sp3lling with 3rrors introduc3d to g3t around the possible c3nsors and appar3nt scr33ning ]

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We initially posted the above blogspot [ Eisto4rn Yurop3an Tarchure of Omerikons ] without any content, and are adding this later, after it posts to blogger.

We have duplicated the following "error" -- Blog Entries which contain in the title the words Eastern European Torture are not appearing in the blogger index.

We believe this is something that may be deliberately screened. For example, we have seen this occur before with not just blogher and goo4gle, but also other search engines, and we report the details here.

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We believe the screened-key-words are related to the title, not the content. The apparent-target-screened words were in the following sample, but the title was spelled phonetically. This posted without any problems.

At this juncture, we are unclear whether this is a random error related to geography, or specific content. But it appears as though it is related to content and information that aggregates information and discussion related to this issue.

Some of the content is not posting, but it is not clear why the target words on this particular subject are problematic across multiple search engines.

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If you compare the blog index, you will see that there are some items which do not match the actual content listed at the blog.

We have observed the following posted items which appear in the blog, but have have been excluded from blogher-index:

  • Link: Torture in Eastern Europe Archive

  • Link: Eastern Europe Torture: Suppressing information, questions on American detentions?

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    Feel free to duplicate what we have here and see if you get different results.

    As an experiement, we encourage you to discuss this with your friends in other locations and websites and chatroom and message boards other than those linked with blogher to determine if the screening is related to Google, Blogher, or whether there is something else going on.

    If you have comments [either confirming or contrary], feel free to use this word [ Omerikons ], after you remove the brackets, in your blogpost. Do not include a link to this site, as it appears as though the blogs which link here are also getting blocked as well.

    Good luck.

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    Keep in mind, the real questions related to this issue are related here.

    This is the archive of the information that generates the questions.