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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Impeachment: Exploiting desperation within White House Staff

As we move closer to impeachment, the White House staff shows signs of greater desperation.

This can be exploited by Fitzgerald and the new Grand Jury.

* * *

Note: This site and its contents are not affiliated with, and are not necessarily endorsed by, either the Department of Justice or US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

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There is growing distrust within the RNC ranks, not just the White House staff. This can be used to effectively bargain with individual members. The White House and RNC messages are what the leadership does not have the moral authority to say directly to those they have failed within the RNC membership.

The individual members are looking for an outlet to voice their frustration. The RNC membership knows, in theory, it has other leadership options, but cannot point to specific individuals or policies.

Many intelligent people within the White House have excellent ideas, but have been ignored. They are looking for an ear to intelligently consider their perspective and unique perspective. The White House leadership mentions those without a plan, yet the Vice President says this while speaking to those he has kept in the dark: His own party.

The staff recognizes the desperation and want a way to effectively contribute. The White House leadership is unable to explain why “self-evident problems” in the DNC cannot speak for themselves. Curiously, the RNC leadership provides free consulting to the DNC leadership, but has a poor track record of effectively translating that sage wisdom into results.

Those in the know realize there are far more effective ways to conduct matters of State. The White House ineffectively interacts with domestic and international players. Rather than forging a clear vision of common issues all nations have an interest in, the White House focuses on a narrow set of American problems many nations handle at arms length.

In short, the members of the White House are looking for a place to talk about what has been occurring. The White House Staff fails to effectively engage with others to solve problems based on reality. American power has not been effectively used to address global issues, but shrinking, narrow political interests. The White House fails to effectively listen to how all the players, both abroad and within the RNC, do or do not have a stake in the issues.

* * *

The Staff feels isolated. Their skills and talents have been ineffectively utilized and nurtured.

We judge recent White House statements from the President and Vice President are specifically designed to speak to the disaffected RNC membership. The Vice President’s approval rating, roughly 19%, translates to, at best, approximately a 63% disapproval rate within the RNC membership.

We judge the White House leadership has waning confidence in private meetings and information channels to disseminate information.

We judge White House statements have four underlying themes. The statements and staff:

  • A. Make accusations without evidence;
  • B. Are related to what they are unable to get others to blindly believe;
  • C. Assume others within the RNC will no longer blindly follow their plans.
  • D. No longer have confidence the media will support the results or parrot a message without comment; and
  • E. Are masking messages intended for the RNC membership as attacks on the DNC.

    * * *

    There is a sense of crisis. Outside investigators can provide a sense of stability. The White House knows that everybody knows the RNC and White House staff have lost control of the agenda.

    The matters appear confusing. Confident investigators can provide the reassurance that the issues can be effectively understood through discovery. The issues are much broader political issues of confidence and legitimacy, but matters of criminal law. In this nexus, the White House privately accepts the public is shifting their perspective from politics to criminal law, but publicly asserts the opposite.

    The White House staff is uncertain. The individual members have a sense of confusion over how long this will continue. Effective investigators will signal that there are reasonable limits and boundaries within the rule of law. The White House is no longer able to spin its way out of a criminal investigation. Rove and Libby’s public relations efforts have run their course.

    The staff seeks something solid they can grab onto. We judge the White House and Staff, despite this constraint, fails to understand the fundamental problem -- There is a perception that the information is not reliable:

  • Initial investigations [Cursory]
  • Follow-ups [Incomplete]
  • Other views [Ignored]

    * * *

    The staff wants the assurance that the problems will be addressed. Investigators can send the signal that, with the right discovery, the facts and problems can be understood.

    It remains to be understood to what extent policy-driven fact-finding and assessments have undermined the intelligence community’s ability to attract and retain experienced analysts.

    We judge the situation is desperate: Combat operations are contemplated which, like Iraq, are of choice but with insufficient resources.

    Unlike launching combat strikes from Kuwait, which was at peace, Iraq if used as a lunching pad remains at war. This will complicate the American plans.

    We judge the causal factors driving the misleading and unreliable assumptions about the Iraq invasion will recur.

    * * *

    The staff looks for confirmation that there will be improvements. How the White House publicly speaks is an indication of how the Senior Staff have privately interacted with CIA analysts.

    We judge the Vice President defines “responsible” CIA analysts in terms that are inherently irresponsible, inter alia:

  • Support policy, and provide assessments to solve problems;
  • Encouraging analysts to let conclusions and conclusory assessments about the enemy shape analysis;
  • Support unlawful stateside Joint Staff public relations efforts;
  • Accept without question the premise this is a new war, while ignoring the UN Charter against abuse;
  • No tolerance for any disagreement with predetermined outcomes; and
  • Asserting incomplete investigations fully support conclusions

    Careful, patient fact finding and well-written indictments will contribute to this foundation.