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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

War crimes: Every soldier's dilemma

The Geneva Conventions and UN Charter against abuse are clear.

What do you do if you're ordered to violate the law?

Thanks to Prissy, yes, this is the right question:
What does a soldier do when he discovers that the rationale for the war he has been sent to fight bears no relationship to what is happening on the ground?

The answer to the first question: Gather evidence, know what is going on, and get out of the war crimes conspiracy. If your leaders aren't willing to follow the laws, then you shouldn't follow their orders.

However, this is the irrelevant question:
How can current cadets best prepare for their roles as officers in an unconventional environment?

The real answer to the second one: You're on your own. People lie to you, and you have to figure it all out yourself -- reading the regulations, enforce them, and then decide what to do when your commanders lie to you.

You will not have enough resources to prevail; your only goal is to survive.

* * *

Yes, the current tyrants have jailed those who refuse to follow unlawful orders.

Some, preferring the freedom of illegal war, would rather kill others than be deprived of their liberty.

This is barbaric.

* * *

America has failed its military: Giving them no guidance what to do when, inter alia

  • A. their Secretary of Defense and President order them to wage unlawful war;

  • B. their peers succumb to the barbarism of war crimes; and

  • C. they are alone in standing up to tyranny.

    Your country has failed to ensure you were supported in honoring your oath and preserving the Constitutution.

    This is fascism and this is America.

    You're on your own.

    * * *

    The war crimes tribunals are starting.

    You have no defense.

    Thousands have been killed in this illegal war of aggression.

    Even Americans.

    * * *

    They have no defense.

    Their only option is to create smokescreens.

    To wage more wars of distraction in Syria and Iran.

    What's going on in Eastern Europe can happen in the United States.

    This wasn't supposed to happen, but it already has despite the lessons of history.

    * * *

    If America's military will not refuse to follow illegal orders abroad, will America's citizens stand up to tyranny at home?

    Self-evidently, they prefer the security of tyranny that being deprived of their Constitution, rights, and liberties.

    You were warned.

    The non-sense will get worse, deeper, and the RNC leadership will find more scapegoats, if not in Iraq, Syria, or Iran, but within their own ranks, and in the households of America.

    They are in trouble. They have committed war crimes. They do not intend to be held accountable.

    Ever. And they plan to blame as many others as they can, even threatening loss of life, liberty, and happiness.

    They have no real bunker, no legal foundation, and could jeopardize all.

    It is a shame that the destruction and carnage may have to be more pervasive and obvious before this Tyrant is brought to justice.

    Self-evidently, America requires the full force of tyranny before it will stand up to it.

    If that is what it takes, ask yourself when you will stand up.

    You will have to soon make that choice.

    Be ready.

    The time is approaching, and it will be unpleasant.

    But remain strong, and know we outnumber them.

    Yes, a civil war and/or military coup may occur in the United States.

    We do not advocate that or wish for it, but this is how things appear to be going.

    * * *

    Trust that the rule of law will prevail, however absurd and tyrannical events may unfold.

    Good luck, we'll see you from time to time and wish you well.

    Your Constitution rests in the balance.

    You have one chance to get this right.

    Your opponent is desperate, and will make many mistakes.

    Use that to your advantage.

    Let their use of force, and fear be the word and image which inspires you to assert your rights and remain free.

    Keep a clear mind.

    Alas, another warning.

    You are not alone.