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Sunday, October 16, 2005

CIA Torture Stateside

This is the story of how stupid people are jostled with non-sense to embrace the threat of death.

The McCain Amendment on Torture would give a green light for the CIA to commit torture.

* * *

Small problem.

With the new reorganization of duties, the CIA now conducts domestic intelligence gathering.

For those of you who need to be told: If the McCain amendment is approved, and the CIA continues to have an expanded domestic role, how are you going to feel knowing US citizens are tortured stateside?

They said, "Oh that will never happen" under the Geneva Conventions. It did.

Time to smell the coffee: They argued that the "CIA could have domestic access because there will be strict controls."

The McCain Amendment would remove the very restrictions assumed to be available, thus the "expanded role for the CIA" was give a green light.

* * *

Indeed, your Congress is seriously considering granting the CIA, which now lawfully engages in domestic operations, a green light to commit torture.

That means American citizens could lawfully be targeted with threats of death in order to secure information or other consideration. I fail to see how this could either be human, lawful, or legally sound.

But your Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has convinced itself, they know better and your Constitutional protection mean nothing.

Enjoy your torture. The toilet plunger will only offer slight discomfort. Are you ready to sign away your Constitutional rights?

Congress is.

* * *

This is how the game is played.

First, they have a crisis and admit that the "Existing systems don't work," but claim that the abuses which occurred under the old days, "Wont occur" because of the oversight.

OK. That sounds fair.

Then, comes the distraction. They create a threat with bogus press releases, as they did with the NYC alerts.

Congress gets started, and doesn't think.

This "big tensions" stays with the Congress, and they pass legislation.

The next move is to then remove the very protections which they told us would exist; and then say "They're not needed, because the threat is there."

After there was a problem, they'll say, "Hay you had your chance with Congress and it's lawful for the CIA to torture small children in Iraq; so why not at home?"

You like the idea of CIA agents going into your nurseries at night, taking your children, and making kiddie porn?

Congress says, "No problem."

* * *

Remember those nice ones you got at your children's baby shower. The first photos. All placed in the specially made photo album.

You even went to a special class to learn how to make your photoalbums.

Maybe if you're lucky the CIA will be nice enough to send you back the garments from your children.

As a remembrance. Just because "they really care."

* * *

If the CIA is really nice, they'll give you a copy of them having fun with your children. At your favorite neighborhood playground.

Pouring alcohol in your kids threats as they gag, screaming, "Mommy..." then slapped by your favorite CIA agent.

* * *

Imagine, you're at the office, and the CIA might do something with your kids, and twist your arm a little to do some nasty things to your colleagues at work.

It's your chance to "freely become a domestic CIA agent." And if you find out something, they'll ignore you.

Don't forget your kids.

* * *

What's it going to be: Kids become alcoholics before the learn how to walk; or you going to cooperate with the CIA?

They do it overseas. Not a problem. CIA likes to take pictures of them playing with children. You've seen the photos.

Or how about the ones that the White House doesn't want you to know about that exist?

* * *

Congress wants to make it legal for the CIA to do nasty things to your children. Then slap you for comparing America to the Nazis.

Wake up: It's worse. The fact that they're actually considering this should tell you how far this country has slipped into fascism.

And the fact that, despite the pictures from Abu Ghraib and Guantanmo, nothings being done to stop this should make you wonder.

Is this really the kind of country you want to raise your kids?

* * *

There's nothing stopping the CIA from committing torture stateside.

Pre-school as well? Hay, maybe they'll post the pictures of your kids on the internet, just for kicks.

Congress says "It's no problem!"

* * *

Well, now they can't answer:

A. Why should we believe you don't torture American Citizens? The Geneva convention wasn't sufficient to stop that; so why should "less oversight" in this era of Able Danger and JTTF abuse be believed?

B. Why should we believe that the "close association without the FBI domestically" will never be used as a gateway to threaten American citizens with torture in order to get them to sign away their constitutional rights?

This is black mail.

Are we to think of the days when some might say,

"Tis more loverly
To assert ones power
Stand up to tyrants,
Even doth that might risk
A slight whiff of fowl air;
Otherwise, young loverly,
We dare risk living
Far worse than slaves."

You can either end this non-sense and tell Congress to shove it, or ask the CIA to remove the plunger after they've done their business on you.

Either way, both Congress and the CIA are not listening very well.

Act now to tell Congress to shove it.

Don't say you weren't warned after you grow tired of that fowl air related to wearing a colostomy bag.